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Flights from Hanoi to Paris currently are supplied by many reputable airlines. Book flights to Paris and experience unforgettable memories.

This place is not only known as a luxury capital but also a cultural capital of Europe. Considered capital light of France, Paris annually attracts millions of tourists, is a destination not to be missed when traveling in Europe. Up to present, there are many flights from Hanoi to Paris to satisfy the increasing demands of many tourists.

Tourism attractions in Paris

Louvre Museum

Louvre is an art and history museum, is one of the most famous museums in the world, where displays artifacts of ancient civilization, Islamic art and European art from 13th century until the middle of 19th century. This museum kept a lot of valuable cultural artifacts, from paintings, graphic arts, decorative arts to sculptures. Louvre Museum also is a cultural center, demonstrating of French history in particular and the world in general.

Luxembourg Garden

Luxembourg Garden is a collection of gardens with different styles, designed in traditional classical French style. This is a favorite rendezvous of Paris people, especially for students, artists, children. Luxembourg Garden is the most beautiful parks in Paris. With large green trees system, Luxembourg Garden also possesses many statues of famous artists in the world like Beethoven, Paul Verlaine, Georges Sand. This is considered the lung of beautiful capital.

Eiffel Tower

Being one of the most prominent structures in the world, Eiffel Tower is the most amazing scenic place of Paris. With the height of 327 meters, Eiffel Tower is the tallest structures in France and is the symbol of Paris capital. Each year, this famous tower attracts over 7 million tourists to visit. Its design is extremely precise, strict, thoughtful, deserves the greatest feat in the architecture history.

Airport in Paris

Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport

Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle airport, also called Roissy airport is the largest international airport in France. This is one of the main aviation centers in the world. This is commercial airport that serves the needs of local people and all residents in Paris and France. Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle international airport has an important strategic position, and is convenient for many routes. The airport is equipped with full facilities, considered as one of the most civilized and modern airports in the country. On average, there is only 1 flight from Hanoi to Paris every day. Flight time from Hanoi to Paris is more than 12 hours with the distance of flight from Hanoi to Paris is about 13,500km.

Popular airlines in Paris

Air France is the most popular airlines in Paris. Air France is the major airline operating manly international flights from Paris to many cities in France and some countries in Asia, American, Europe and vice versa. Besides, there are many international airlines in Paris such as America Airlines, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Emirate Airlines, Korean Air, Air China, Qatar Airways, China Eastern Airlines,... Getting flight from Hanoi to Paris is easy because there are some direct flights from Hanoi to Paris. To get flight from Hanoi to Paris, tourists must book tickets of Vietnam Airlines. Flight from Hanoi to Paris costs about 600 to 700 USD. Therefore, cheap flight from Hanoi to Paris is perhaps the first choice of tourists.

Useful information

Food and cuisine


Paris is always sweet not only by the famous romantic, poetic landscapes but also thanks to excellent cuisine. Macaron is made from sugar, flour, egg, almond powder, and food coloring. Main ingredient of filling is buttercream or jam. Macaron quickly becomes one of the typical dishes of French cuisine. Beautiful and sweet appearance makes this cake is known and loved throughout the world. Currently, in addition to traditional macaron, there are some amazing versions like ispahan or ice cream sandwich.


Croissant is the most famous bread in France and Europe, often used at breakfast along with a cup of coffee or a warm cup of tea. Croissants are made from wheat flour, yeast, butter, milk and salt. This type of cake is quite simple but it can conquer many gourmets.


Carousel du Louvre

Carrousel du Louvre is one of the most famous commercial centers in Paris with the total area of over 10,000 square meters and opens all 7 days of the week. Carrousel du Louvre is always bustling with a lot of tourists coming to shopping at some fashion stores like Apple Store, Gucci, Sephora, Esprit, Supreme,… Another point creating the difference of this shopping center is La Pyramide Inversée, designed entirely in glass. This unique and modern architecture has created a new highlight for Carrousel du Louvre shopping center.

Night life

Paris at night

With the name of light capital, Paris becomes more beautiful, charming and peaceful in the night. From the remarkable monuments like Eiffel Tower, Seine river, Notre Dame to small street corner, sidewalk cafes are sparkling in the light of romance. Night life in Paris is romantic as the way this city charms many tourists.

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