Cheap flight from Ho Chi Minh to Shanghai

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Flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Shanghai currently are supplied by many airlines. Book flights to Shanghai city and enjoy unforgettable memories.

Shanghai city has the biggest influence of China, Shanghai always displays a busy life with colored lights from the skyscrapers, the beautiful walking stress running along The Bund and ancient temples with many cultural and historical values. Here visitors can see clearly the perfect blend of old and new cultures, East and West cultures. Currently, there are many flights from Ho Chi Minh to Shanghai to meet the demand of many people.

Tourism attractions in Shanghai

The Bund

Being the center of Shanghai from the beginning of the 19th century, The Bund is a famous trading port and today becomes the ideal dating destination. Visitors will have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of ancient buildings with colonial style. Tourists can visit some historical monuments of this city as well as the modern buildings of the 21st century with the length of more than 1km.

Shanghai Museum

Considered as the best museum in China, Shanghai Museum has 11 galleries with more than 120,000 historical artifacts, in which the sculpture room and bronze room were the two most popular locations with some precious collections from the 18th century BC. Shanghai Museum also has special exhibitions which attract many visitors on some occasions.

Oriental Pearl Tower

Oriental Pearl Tower is a highest tower in Shanghai and ranks 3rd in the world. This tower attracts people is not in its height, lies in the unique architecture of tower. Therefore, it becomes the new landmark of Shanghai and is a tourist attraction. Seeing Shanghai from above makes us feel about a bustling and modern city.

Popular airport in Shanghai

Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai (PVG) - ChinaShanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai (SHA) - China


Shanghai Pudong International Terminal Night

In Shanghai, there are 2 international airports, including Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the biggest international airports in Shanghai. This airport is also an important transport hub of the south region in Shanghai. The airport is equipped with full facilities, considered as the most civilized and modern airports in the country. On average, there are 3 ho chi minh to shanghai flights.

Popular airlines flying from Hochiminh City to Shanghai

Cathay Pacific Airways -> 267 USDAir China -> 249 USDMalaysia Airline -> 235 USDVietnam Airlines -> 178 USD
Shanghai Airlines -> 435 USDChina Airlines -> 613 USDSichuan Airlines -> 247 USDThai Airways -> 237 USD
Eva Airways -> 514 USDJapan Airlines -> 2,685 USDHong Kong Airlines -> 193 USDPhilippine Airlines -> 303 USD
Uni Airways Corporation -> 478 USDSingapore Airlines -> 426 USDChina Eastern Airlines -> 203 USDKorean Air -> 540 USD
Asiana Airlines -> 547 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 227 USD

China Southern Airlines

Currently, Shanghai Pudong International Airport has 3 main domestic airlines: China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Air China. Besides, it also has more than 40 other international airlines. Getting flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Shanghai is very easy because there has 3 direct flight from Saigon to Shanghai. Everyday there are 3 flights from hcmc to shanghai which are operated by many reputable airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, China Southern Airlines. Flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Shanghai takes more than 5 hours with the cost of 300 USD. . Therefore, cheap flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Shanghai is perhaps the first choice of tourists.

Useful information

Food and cuisine


Shanghai is one of the most bustling town of China but many people remember this place with a deep impression about the culture of street food. One of the must try in Shanghai is dumpling – the most famous street foods in this city. This type of cake is often served at breakfast, the filling is usually minced pork or sometimes might be bacon. 

Shanghai cold pasta is the great choice for hot days. The essence points of this dish are cool noodles and serve with cilantro, ginger and peanuts. The seller will then add more broth with sugar, vinegar and pepper to make unforgettable taste. Booking flight from Ho Chi Minh city to Shanghai to have chance to enjoy all specialties.


Tianzifang is well-known with shopping center and entertainment activities. The traditional building now has turned into a cafe, restaurant, bars and luxury stores. Tianzifang is a great place for visitors to explore history and culture factors of the city inspire of modern scene. Coming here, tourist will satisfy with diverse beauty shops and souvenir stores.

Night life

Shanghai at night

Nanjing is one of the longest and most vibrant shopping stress in the world, is a place not to be missed by those who love beauty, shopping and fashion. With the length of 6km, this stress is always crowded throughout the day. When night falls, the brilliant light from the restaurants and shops makes neighborhood more splendid.

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