Cheap flight from Hanoi to Guangzhou

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Currently, flight from Hanoi to Guangzhou is supplied by many airlines to meet the increasing demand of tourists. Just a click, tourists can own a cheap ticket to Guangzhou.

Guangzhou is the famous center of commerce, tourism, culture and traffic in southern China. With its favorable geographic position and thousand historical years, Guangzhou is always an ideal destination for domestic and international tourists. At present, there are many cheap flights from Hanoi to Guangzhou offered to meet the demand of tourists.

Tourist attractions in Guangzhou

Sun Yat Sen Memorial

Sun Yat Sen Memorial is one of the most popular attractions that tourist should not ignore when traveling to this beautiful city. This work is to commemorate the great merits of Sun Yat Sen in the famous Xinhai revolution. The Memorial is located on a large plot of land with a large size and beautiful design. The pleasant atmosphere here will help tourists have relaxing moments after tired working days.

Yuexiu Park

Known as the largest park in Guangzhou, Yuexiu Park will make tourists satisfy by the perfect combination of the cultural heritage and the ecology. Every detail of the park is designed meticulously, giving tourists a great experience. Walking the trail, visiting the flower garden or climbing to the top of the mountain to keep the interesting photos will be unforgettable memories on their trip.

Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain is one of the famous attractions in Guangzhou. Visiting this mountain, tourists will take the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, away from the stressful urban life. At the top of the mountain, there is a temple attracting thousands of pilgrims.

Popular airport in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou (CAN) - China


Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the only airport in Guangzhou. Being one of the largest airports in Asia, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is the main gateway of the East Asia and the Asia. This airport has a strategic position and the important traffic hub of Guangzhou. It is equipped fully modern and civilized facilities. On average, there are 4 Hanoi to Guangzhou flights per day.

Popular airlines flying from Hanoi to Guangzhou

Asiana Airlines -> 539 USDMalindo Airways -> 104 USDThai Airways -> 198 USDAir China -> 177 USD
Lao Airlines -> 291 USDEva Airways -> 297 USDMalaysia Airline -> 394 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 105 USD
China Eastern Airlines -> 156 USDVietnam Airlines -> 196 USDShenzhen Airlines -> 78 USDHahn Air <-> 880 USD
Thai Lion Air -> 86 USDCathay Pacific Airways <-> 315 USDDragon Airlines -> 349 USDJetstar Airways -> 75 USD
Korean Air -> 527 USD

China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines is the most popular in Guangzhou, operating flights from Guangzhou to the cities of the Southeast Asia and some countries in Europe, America and vice versa. Besides, there are a plenty of international airlines in Guangzhou including Hong Kong Airlines, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Jetstar Asia Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airway. To book ticket from Hanoi to Guangzhou, tourists can select other airlines such as China Southern Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Airlines. The fare fluctuates from 3.500.000 VND to 5.000.000 VND. Thus, cheapest flight from Hanoi to Guangzhou is always the top choice of tourists.

Useful information


Rice noodle rolls in Guangzhou

Rice noodle rolls in Guangzhou is long-standing dish and also the essence of Chinese cuisine. In Guangzhou, this dish is sold everywhere, from the street stalls to the luxurious restaurants. Its filling is made from various ingredients that suit the taste of many tourists such as beef, pork, shrimp, etc. Also, this is a favorite breakfast of many locals.


Wonton is a popular dish in Guangzhou with the elaborate processing. This is a “must-try” dish for tourists when traveling to this city. The characteristic taste from the ingredients carefully selected and the hygiene in the processing have created a delicious dish.


Shopping paradise in Guangzhou

Located in the favorable position, right in the city center of Guangzhou, Bach Ma Market is an ideal shopping place for tourists. This market sells a lot of items, but the most famous is the clothes with many famous brands in the country. Fashionista will take the opportunity to shop for the latest fashion models and designs, or choose the gifts for friends and relatives.

Night Life

Bar in Quang Chau

Guangzhou at night is always bustling and crowded. The bars open until the night to satisfy the entertainment needs of tourists, especially the young. The vibrant music will bring the best enjoyable moments for tourists. Please book the return flight from Hanoi to Guangzhou to explore these interesting things.

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