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Halong weather

Thu, 24 Jul 2014. Last updated Wed, 24 Sep 2014 10:10

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Halong weather is characterized by features of Northern Vietnam weather with a cold dry winter and hot wet summer. Climate in Halong is also affected by two main monsoons: north-east monsoon and south-west monsoon.


As being a small bay as well as a part of the Gulf of Tokin, Halong Bay borders with Bai Tu Long Bay in the northeast, Cat Ba Island in the southwest, and mainland in the west and northwest. It has a long coastline of 120km stretching from Quang Yen Commune, through Halong City, Cam Pha City to Van Don Island District. To the southeast and south is the Gulf of Tonkin. In an area of 1553 square km including core and buffer zones located at the coordinates of 106 ° 58'-107 ° 22 'East and 20 ° 45'-20 ° 50' North, Halong Bay contains 1969 large and small islands, in which 989 named islands and 980 unnamed ones. Halong Bay weather is influenced by both weather in Red River Delta and weather in Northeast Vietnam.

Halong Bay climate is portrayed by 2 distinct seasons: hot and wet summer with temperature of 27-29°C and dry and cold winter with temperature of 16-18°C. The average temperature fluctuates around 15-25°C. The rainfall in Halong Bay is about 2000-2200mm with over 300mm in the hottest season (from June to August), and under 30mm in the driest season (from December to February) in a year. Tide system in Halong Bay is distinctive at about 3.5-4m per day. The salinity of seawater in the bay ranges from 31 to 34.5MT during dry season, but in rainy season, this level may be lower. The sea level in Halong Bay is quite shallow, with the depth of about 6m to 10m, and islands do not keep the surface water.

Halong Bay weather by month

Visiting Halong Bay, Vietnam

Weather in Halong Bay is of the coastal climate. There are two distinct seasons each year, winter from November to April, summer from May to October. As mentioned above, the annual temperature in Halong Bay is about 23.7°C, fluctuating from 16.7 - 28.6°C. In summer, the average temperature is about 34.9°C, the highest point as recorded is 38°C. In winter, the temperature averages at about 13.7°C, the lowest point as recorded is 5°C. Rainfall in Halong fluctuates according to seasons. In summer, it is rainy from May to October, accounting for 80-85% of total rainfall in a year. It rains mostly in July and August about 350mm.

Halong weather in winter is characterized by dry air and less rain. This period runs from November to April, only comprising about 15-20% of total rainfall in a year. Rainfall reaches the lowest point in December and January, about 4-40mm. Average air humidity is 84% annually. The highest point as recorded in a month mounts to 90%, while the lowest one is 68%. Due to the characteristics of terrain and geographical location, climate in Halong is impacted by two types of monsoon: north-east monsoon in winter and south-west monsoon in summer. The average wind speed is 2.8m per second; the strongest wind direction is south-west wind with speed of 45m per second. Halong Bay is in an enclosed sea, so it is rarely affected by hurricanes. The strongest wind in usual storms is usually at levels 9 or 10. Particularly, there are sometimes hurricanes with wind strength of level 11. 

Best time to travel Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay

In January, weather in Halong is often cold and dry. This is an ideal time to take photos and contemplate the beauty of Halong Bay. Despite in the middle of winter, Halong Bay weather in January is still cold with the average temperature of about 17°C. During this period, the highest temperature is about 20°C, while the lowest one is about 14°C. In Halong, there are many hours of daylight per day (about 11 hours). The best time to visit Halong Bay is in summer with major exciting tourist activities. Summer is also the period of attractive and colorful festivals such as Halong Carnival in May, and other interesting activities.

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