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Sapa weather

Fri, 25 Jul 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:46

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Sapa weather is characterized by the tropical climate. The annual temperature in Sapa is about 15°C. Weather in Sapa is typically portrayed by weather in Northwest Vietnam. Interestingly, it is always cool all year round.


Sapa climate is temperate and subtropical. The annual average temperature of Sapa is 15 °C - 18 °C. Weather in Sapa has four seasons in one day the morning is spring weather. In summer, the town does not have to bear the harsh sun like coastal plains. The temperature is between 13 °C - 15 °C at night and 20 °C - 25 °C during the day. In winter (from December to February), it is usually cloudy and cold. The temperature is below zero; sometimes it is snowy. Average annual rainfall here ranges from 1,800 to 2,200 mm, mostly concentrating in the period from May to August. The wettest months are July and August. From September to November and from March to May, Sapa undergoes a stable weather with sunny days and cold nights. Here is the best time to travel Sapa.


Sapa weather by month


Sapa in snowing days


Located in the Northwest Vietnam, Sapa weather is characterized by sub-tropical climate. However, as the high latitude, weather in Sapa is cool all year round. In summer, weather in this town in one day has all four seasons:  spring in the morning, summer at noon with mild sunny and balmy climate, autumn in the afternoon with clouds and cool air, and winter at night. The average temperature in Sapa is about 15°C. In summer, Sapa does not have to suffer the harsh heat like that in coastal plain area. Temperature in summer fluctuates from 13-15 °C in nighttime and 20-25°C in daytime. In winter, Sapa Town is covered by fog and cold air. Temperature may fall to below zero, sometimes with snowfall. The annual rainfall is Sapa is from 1800-2200mm. The period from May to August is rainy season in Sapa. Sapa Town is one of places in Northwest Vietnam where snow appears. During 1957 - 2013, there are 21 times of snowfall in Sapa. The heaviest snowfall recorded is on February 13 in 1968. Snow fell constantly from 3 a.m to 2 p.m. with the thickness of 20cm.


Best time to travel Sapa


Terrace fields in Sapa


The best time to travel Sapa is from October to March. During this time, Sapa climate is portrayed by cold and less rainy weather like other places impacted by weather in Northwest Vietnam. Specifically, in spring, Sapa in particular and Northwest Vietnam in general will full of colorful flowers and lush green trees, creating wonderful landscapes. Weather of Sapa in winter from October to March will bring you to an absolutely different place with low temperature and snowfall which might not happen in a tropical-climate country like Vietnam. Yet, for tourists coming from tropical countries, this is not an ideal moment to visit Sapa. Climate in Sapa from January to June is described by a dry season. During this time, another best time to visit Sapa is from March to May. Weather in Sapa from March to May is characterized by sunny days and fresh air. However, weather in June is unstable. Sometimes, it is wet in mid-June. Generally, there are two best periods to travel Sapa, March to May and October to March.

Those who intend to visit Sapa usually find out when is the best time to have the most amazing trip in Sapa. In each season, Sapa wears different "cloak". It is hard to compare in which season Sapa is beautiful most. In spring, Sapa is portrayed by colorful blooming peach forest hiding in the mist. Ham Rong Mount is the place where hundreds of flowers gather, especially roses and orchids. Summer will bring a different experience on weather Sapa to avoid the heat in plain area, and enjoy the cool air. Harvest season in about May and October every year is one of the most wonderful periods in Sapa. Visitors will admire golden terraced fields stretching across hillsides. Winter will bring the lowest temperature in Vietnam, and if lucky, you may be watching snow in Sapa town.

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