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Hue weather

Fri, 25 Jul 2014. Last updated Wed, 17 Sep 2014 17:42

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Hue weather is portrayed by features of tropical climate with two main seasons of rainy season and dry season. Rainy season in Hue runs from August to February, while, the dry season lasts for five months from March to July.


Hue is located in Central Vietnam, borders Quang Tri in the north, Da Nang in the south, Quang Nam in the southwest, Truong Son Mountain Range as well as Vietnam - Laos border in the west, and the South China Sea in the east. Climate of Hue is influenced by both the complexity of the atmospheric circulation in monsoon region in Southeast Asia. However, due to differences in geographical location and topographical features, the central barometric pressure at provinces in the north and the south is not exactly the same. Climate of Northern Vietnam is characterized by the tropical monsoon climate with colder winter, while the Southern climate is of the tropical monsoon climate with high temperature, different dry and rainy seasons. Hue weather is affected by climate change between the North and the South. The average temperature is about 25°C. Annual total number of sunshine hours is 2000 hours.


Hue weather by month


Perfume River


Weather in Hue is harsh and different from regions and areas in the province. Coastal and delta regions have two seasons: dry season from March to August with hot and muggy atmosphere, sometimes the temperature reaches up to 39.9°C. From August to February is the rainy season. There are floods and typhoons in this season. The average temperature is 19.7°C, while also lowers to 8.8°C with cold air. In this season, it often rains constantly all the day, sometimes lasting for a week. In the mountainous area, Hue climate is cool with low temperature of 9°C; the temperature ranges from 9-29°C. Hue weather is the combination of weather in North Central Coast and weather in Central Vietnam.

Hue weather is also affected by the Truong Son Mountain Range which brings the moisture to Hue, causing a foggy damp and showery weather. From February to late March, Hue is described with a cold rainy season. The temperature falls low to 8 degrees at night. In the same way, when the sun pops up it reaches to a maximum of 30 degrees in daytime. Normally, in summer weather in Hue is very dry with short summer rains. The rains appear unpredictably but prolong for weeks. “Changeable” would be a right word to depict weathe of Hue.


Best time to travel Hue


Citadel of Hue


The best time to travel Hue is in dry season, as during this seaon, landscapes and seascapes in Hue are at their best. However, the rainy season in Hue also has its own interesting features. Look out for the average of monthly weather to get to know about the Hue climatic condition. The hot and wet climate makes it another favorable climate for tourists to visit Hue. You can walk under the rain and enjoy the sense of emerging in both heaven and earth, and the love poetic life. Otherwise, you can pop in from luxurious restaurants, to popular eatery to enjoy the spicy dishes of Hue cuisine. One of very own special feature of Hue's rain is drizzling and week-prolonging rains. If you want to escape rains in Hue, you just need to travel Da Nang, about 100km to the south from Hue. Here, you can meet warmer air, beautiful sunlight, azure sky and turquoise waters. However, weather in Hue during rainy season is also depicted with beautiful blue skies.

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