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Best time to visit Vietnam

Thu, 12 Jun 2014. Last updated Wed, 17 Sep 2014 17:41

Acknowledging the best time to visit Vietnam is always a wonder of each tourist before coming to the country. By virtue of having good understanding about weather in Vietnam, tourists can arrange a smooth trip and have best moments in the country.

Traveling is always the great time for one to release stress and tiredness. Everyone hopes to have a smooth journey without being interrupted by bad weather. Thus, seeking information about best time to travel is usually put on top priorities in a travel planning, even though it might not be exact as expected. The following article may help tourists have good orientation for their trips to other countries. For Vietnam, any time can be the best time to Vietnam. With an opposing monsoonal season, weather in Vietnam differs from North to South. Yet, this difference will probably create advantageous seasons in each region. Therefore, each month or season in Vietnam will bring interesting experiences to tourists during their journeys.


Vietnam weather from January to March

Morning in Bac Son Rice Valley


Cool and occasional light rains in Northern Vietnam, warm and dry air in Central and Southern Vietnam are typical characteristics of Vietnam weather from January to March. Temperature in Northern provinces like Hanoi and Halong fluctuates from 150C to 220C, while that in central area is between 220C and 320C; meanwhile, temperature in southern Vietnam is about 350C. This period is an ideal time to have a plan on trekking tours to mountainous areas. The period also witnesses the most colorful festivals across the country, especially Vietnamese Tet – the most important festival in Vietnam. Since March, weather in the country gets warmer. From mid-February to mid-March, tourists come less than other period in the year. For those who do not want to see the crowd at the airports or other attractions in Vietnam, this is an ideal period in a year. During this time, some famous places in Vietnam attracting tourists to drop by are Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Sapa, Dalat, and Nha Trang.           


Travel Vietnam in summer

Nha Trang Beach


From April to June, Vietnam climate is in an unpredictable period, as this is the time when spring turns to summer. The Central Vietnam weather is wet and temperate until May, while that in the South and Southern coast is already in hot and dry from March to May. By June, temperature in Vietnam increases along with high humidity. In this period, famous attractions in Vietnam is less crowded than other months, thus, you have space to freely enjoy wonderful time at popular beaches like Nha Trang, Quy Nhon or Halong Bay. This period is one of the best time to visit Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, and from mountains to beaches. From June to early September, you will find a plenty of interesting things in the country. It is seen the most dynamic traveling season in Vietnam. During the time, popular destinations such as Halong Bay, Sapa, Danang, Nha Trang, or Phu Quoc will see a large number of travelers. It is a wet and hot in this period. It is an ideal condition to travel beaches in Vietnam. Here is among the best time to travel Vietnam.


Weather in Vietnam from September to December

The period between September and December is the best time to visit Hanoi, and other provinces Northern Vietnam such as Sapa and Halong Bay. The weather during the time, weather in Hanoi is comfortable with a moderate atmosphere. As time gets closer to December, you cannot imagine that you are in a tropical country. Along with many outstanding colonial architectures, Hanoi will attract you as a romantic capital. From late September to early October, it is also a great time to take a tour to the northwest of Vietnam to contemplate striking scenery of terraced fields.


One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi


Meanwhile, in the south, it is not a suitable time to go to the southern beaches. From October to November, rains occur more often, especially in Nha Trang. Likely, in Central Vietnam, especially Hue and Hoi An, it often rains in November and December, thus, weather in this area is cooler than that in the north. This period will help you avoid the heat of Vietnam summer in Northern Vietnam. Exclusively, the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City where there is no beach is all months in a year. Weather in Ho Chi Minh City is always affected by equator climate; therefore, although from September to December Northern Vietnam undergoes cool even cold season, the weather in Southern Vietnam is still hot but less rainy. Yet, this is a great time for you to enjoy Tet Holiday in sunny atmosphere. To sum up, Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia with tropical climate. However, for those who adore traveling, every time in a year is the great time to visit and do not worry about when to travel Vietnam.

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