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Tuy Hoa – Phu Yen airport is also known as Tuy Hoa airport or Phu Yen airport. Tuy Hoa airport is located away 5km to the South. The construction and development of Tuy Hoa airport contribute to the increasing numbers of tourists come to Phu Yen.

1. General information

Tuy Hoa – Phu Yen airport is also known as Tuy Hoa airport or Phu Yen airport. Tuy Hoa airport is located away 5km to the South. The construction and development of Tuy Hoa airport contribute to the increasing numbers of tourists come to Phu Yen.

Tuy Hoa airport is located in Phu Yen province, built in 1960s with the target military target during the war. In 2012, Tuy Hoa airport has been invested with the residential area construction project. In 2013, Tuy Hoa airport is officially put into operation. This investment has helped Tuy Hoa - Phu Yen airport to change a new look, plays a key part in the economic development strategy of Phu Yen province, especially in exploiting the strengths of tourism. All make the differences for the visitors when arriving to this beautiful coastal city at the first time.

2. Contact information

- International name: Tuy Hoa Airport

- Address: Quarter 4, Phu Thanh ward, Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province

- Tel: 057.3851950

- Fax: 057.3851951

- Airport code: TBB


Tuy Hoa airport

3. General terminal information

Passenger terminal of Tuy Hoa airport has an area of 3835 m2, built to achieve the standard service level C of International Air Transport Association (IATA) with many modern facilities such as: building management systems, communication systems, baggage carousel systems, elevators, escalators, security system, information display system, radio system,… All meet the requirements of high quality passenger and ensure the safe security for aviation activities.

The terminal was designed based on ideas from the iconic cone shells of South China Sea with both modern and unique architecture, situated close to the sea makes passengers experience a feeling of tropical space.

- Airport apron has the measurement of 30400 m2, enough for 3 position of A321 aircraft and equivalent sixe

- Airport level: 4C

- Clearance capacity: 550000 passengers/ year, capable of simultaneously serving 300 passengers and 2 A321 aircraft during rush hour

4. Popular airlines in Tuy Hoa Airport

Deutsche Lufthansa -> 3,521 USDAll Nippon Airways -> 4,990 USDAmerican Airlines -> 3,929 USDAir Canada -> 1,644 USD
Turkish Airlines -> 456 USDAir Macau -> 295 USDHahn Air -> 648 USDVietjet Air -> 32 USD
Korean Air <-> 3,796 USDDelta Airlines <-> 10,785 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 861 USDAir Tahiti Nui -> 4,481 USD
Cathay Pacific Airways -> 896 USDBrussels Airlines <-> 4,385 USDJetstar Airways -> 21 USDAir France <-> 5,263 USD
British Airways -> 2,821 USDIberi <-> 8,751 USDMalaysia Airline -> 384 USDEva Airways -> 908 USD

Currently, there are 2 domestic airlines at Tuy Hoa airport: Vietnam Airlines and Jestar Pacific Airlines. In the near future, Tuy Hoa airport will expand the scope of activities with many domestic flights and exploit some international flights in Southeast Asia region or Asia region.

5. Popular flights from and to Tuy Hoa airport

Tuy Hoa -> Hanoi 39 USDTuy Hoa -> Ho Chi Minh City 21 USD
Hanoi -> Tuy Hoa 37 USDHo Chi Minh City -> Tuy Hoa 24 USD
Tuy Hoa -> Munich 641 USDTuy Hoa -> Manchester 1,345 USD
Tuy Hoa -> Brest 869 USDTuy Hoa <-> Rio De Janeiro 8,918 USD
Tuy Hoa -> Beijing 295 USDTuy Hoa -> Panama City 3,835 USD
Tuy Hoa -> Chiang Mai 250 USDTuy Hoa <-> Kuwait 1,901 USD
Tuy Hoa -> Valencia 686 USDTuy Hoa -> Amman 822 USD
Tuy Hoa -> Muenster 1,652 USDTuy Hoa -> Kaohsiung 200 USD
Tuy Hoa -> Moscow 634 USDTuy Hoa -> Chicago 1,039 USD
Tuy Hoa <-> San Francisco 2,339 USDTuy Hoa -> Penang 252 USD

Up to present, Tuy Hoa airport has 2 airlines operating exclusive flights: Vietnam Airlines with Hanoi – Tuy Hoa round trip flight and Jestar Pacific Airlines with Ho Chi Minh city – Tuy Hoa round trip flight

6. Services and utilities at Tuy Hoa airport

Tuy Hoa airport has many services and utilities that are available to supply and meet the demands of passengers such as:

- Banks and ATMs

- Free wifi, internet

- Tax refund service

- Utilities serving the guest's luggage (baggage custody and packing)

- Medical services

- Tourism information

- Food and beverage

- Taxi, buses

- Parking

7. Transportation to Tuy Hoa airport from Tuy Hoa city and vice versa

Tuy Hoa – Phu Yen airport is only 5km away from Tuy Hoa city to the South. Therefore, the transportation from the airport to the city center is very convenient.

- Taxi: Taxi service at Tuy Hoa airport is developed, passengers can choose this service to save time and be comfortable. Passengers only pay 100,000 VND to move to city center due to near distance.

- Bus: Moving by bus can help passengers save money. However, Tuy Hoa airport does not still have dedicated bus route from airport to city center. passengers will have to move away from the airport to catch the bus. Another disadvantage when moving by this mean is that you will waste time to wait. Tourists can consult some following bus routes:

+ Route 2: Tuy Hoa –Son Hoa

+ Route 3: Tuy Hoa – Chi Thanh – La Hai

+ Route 4: Tuy Hoa – Tay Hoa

 + Route 5: Tuy Hoa – Hinh river

+ Route 6: Tuy Hoa – Chi Thanh – Cau river

- Motorbike: Motorbike is also a mean to help you save money and do not have to wait a long time thanks to the development of motorbike services in Tuy Hoa airport. However, please make sure that you do not have a lot of baggage because it is not convenient and safe for motor vehicles.

Tourists can get more information about airfare and schedule of fight from / to Tuy Hoa airport on the website of AloTrip. With full information flights and helpful and timely support from AloTrip, tourists will have wonderful experience in their journey. 

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