Dien Bien Phu Airport

Thu, 22 Nov 2018. Last updated Mon, 03 Dec 2018 14:52

Currently, Dien Bien Phu Airport is increasingly upgraded and developed to better serve the traveling demand by air of people at home and aboard.

1. General information

The former Dien Bien airport was an important focal point in the Vietnam War of the French colonialists. However, Dien Bien airport has become an important air traffic hub of the northwestern provinces with the function of a civil and military airport. Realizing the importance of this airport, Dien Bien Phu Airport is increasingly upgraded and equipped with many modern facilities to meet better the needs of locals and international visitors as well as the flights for military and political purposes.

2. Contact information

- International name: Dien Bien Phu Airport (DBA)

- Address: No.10 - Thanh Truong Ward - Dien Bien Phu City – Dien Bien province

- Tel: 0230.3824411 - Fax:  0230.3826060

- Email: dienbien@vietnamairport.vn

- IATA code: DIN

- ICAO code: VVDB

passenger terminal - Dien Bien Airport

3. Terminal information

Passenger terminal is fully equipped with facilities serving both aviation and non-aviation operators. At the peak time, the number of passenger reaches 150 passengers/hour and 300.000 passengers/year. The floor scale of the airport is up to 2500 square meters with a total land area of 1846 square meters.

+ The first floor:  check-in counters, canteen

+ The second floor: the restricted area and waiting room for boarding.

- Runway: 1 runway with the length of 1830 meter and the width of 30cm.

- Airport apron: with a total area of 12.000 square meters with 3 parking places

- The airport can received aircrafts as ATR72 and equivalent

- Airport level: 3C

- Service time: 5 hours to 18 hours

4. Popular airlines in Dien Bien Phu Airport

Qatar Airways -> 644 USDLanmei Airlines -> 349 USDHong Kong Airlines <-> 514 USDUnited Airlines <-> 7,142 USD
Asiana Airlines -> 746 USDEva Airways <-> 1,931 USDMalaysia Airline -> 549 USDHahn Air -> 416 USD
Air France -> 1,016 USDLao Airlines -> 402 USDDeutsche Lufthansa <-> 7,092 USDThai Airways -> 383 USD
China Eastern Airlines -> 373 USDKorean Air -> 893 USDAir Canada <-> 2,591 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 508 USD
Vietnam Airlines -> 65 USDAir Macau -> 258 USD

At present, there is only Vietnam Airlines operating flights from Hanoi to Dien Bien and vice versa with the frequency of 4 flights/ day.

5. Popular flights from and to Dien Bien Phu Airport

Dien Bien Phu -> Hanoi 65 USDHanoi -> Dien Bien Phu 66 USD
Dien Bien Phu <-> Amsterdam 804 USDDien Bien Phu <-> Southampton 1,385 USD
Dien Bien Phu -> Vienna 689 USDDien Bien Phu <-> Beijing 620 USD
Dien Bien Phu -> Oslo 1,017 USDDien Bien Phu <-> London 1,566 USD
Dien Bien Phu <-> Entebbe 1,658 USDDien Bien Phu -> Seoul 436 USD
Dien Bien Phu -> Cairo 3,328 USDDien Bien Phu -> Zurich 1,089 USD
Dien Bien Phu <-> Mexico City 2,248 USDDien Bien Phu -> Phnom Penh 287 USD
Dien Bien Phu <-> Dubai 2,859 USDDien Bien Phu -> Macau 258 USD
Dien Bien Phu -> Surat Thani 420 USDDien Bien Phu -> Shanghai 362 USD
Dien Bien Phu -> Manila 627 USDDien Bien Phu <-> Chiang Rai 739 USD

6. Services and utilities in Dien Bien Phu Airport

Dien Bien Phu airport is equipped with modern facilities to serve passengers doing check-in procedures very quickly. In addition, passengers can also withdraw money at the ATMs, or can charge the device free of charge. Also, there is a canteen serving refreshments and fast food on the first floor of the airport .

7. Transportation from Dien Bien City to Dien Bien Phu Airport

To move from airport in Dien Bien to the city center, visitors can choose taxi firms available at the airport. As Dien Bien Phu is a famous tourist destination, visitors can easily to take taxi to attractions where they prefer to visit. Besides, visitors can move by car or motorbike.

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