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Phu Cat airport is the air gateway of Binh Dinh Province, not only holds the strategic position on national security but also plays an important role in the strategy of economy society development of Binh Dinh Province.

1. General information

Phu Cat airport is the air gateway of Binh Dinh Province, not only holds the strategic position on national security but also plays an important role in the strategy of economy society development of Binh Dinh Province in particular and central economic region in general.

Phu Cat airport is situated in Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province, away Quy Nhon city 35km to the Northwest. Phu Cat airport, also called Go Quanh airport is built by American army in 1966 with military purpose. After Independence Day, Phu Car airport was updated and used with both civil and military purpose.

2. Contact information

- International name: Phu Cat Airport (PCA)

- Address: Cat Tan commune, Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province.

- Tel: (056) 3822953

- Email:

- IATA airport code: UIH

- ICAO airport code: VVPC

- Service time: 24/24

3. General terminal information

Terminal at Phu Cat airport is equipped with full of modern facilities such as baggage carousel systems, information desk, electronic scales and many other useful services of foods, drinks, internet. Therefore, it is easy and convenient for passengers to complete the flight procedures and be ready for their flight.

- 1st floor of terminal has an area of 1653m2 including: 1102m2 for departure terminal (departure procedures desk, security check, function rooms and service area), 551m2 for arrival terminal (baggage storage areas and lost luggage handling)

- Mezzanine area of terminal has an area of 1284m2 is isolated area including VIP guest rooms, non-aviation services area, foods, beverages and souvenir stores.

Airport apron has a size of approximately 221m x 117m, enough parking position for 7 aircrafts.

In 2017, Phu Cat airport welcomes 1.5 million passenger with clearance capacity of 600 passengers/ rush hour.

Phu Cat terminal

4. Popular airlines at Phu Cat airport

Asiana Airlines -> 694 USDLao Airlines -> 247 USDFinnair <-> 6,454 USDSichuan Airlines -> 611 USD
Eva Airways -> 946 USDUnited Airlines -> 909 USDHong Kong Airlines -> 851 USDHahn Air -> 268 USD
Air Macau -> 317 USDAir Ivoire -> 39 USDQantas Airways -> 2,536 USDShenzhen Airlines -> 701 USD
China Airlines <-> 1,794 USDKorean Air -> 2,682 USDThai Airways -> 275 USDSilk Air -> 855 USD
Dragon Airlines -> 466 USDGaruda Indonesia -> 752 USDJetstar Airways -> 24 USDLanmei Airlines -> 316 USD

Currently, there are 3 domestic airlines at Phu Cat airport: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstar Pacific Airlines with 2 main round-trip flighs: Hanoi – Quy Nhon and Ho Chi Minh City – Quy Nhon. Beside, Phu Cat airport is also the operation position of some international airlines like Philippines Airlines, ATA, Singapore Airlines

5. Popular flights from and to Phu Cat airport

Qui Nhon -> Hanoi 35 USDQui Nhon -> Haiphong 26 USD
Qui Nhon -> Ho Chi Minh City 24 USDQui Nhon -> Vinh 47 USD
Qui Nhon -> Thanh Hoa 47 USDQui Nhon -> Can Tho 47 USD
Hanoi -> Qui Nhon 38 USDHaiphong -> Qui Nhon 27 USD
Ho Chi Minh City -> Qui Nhon 24 USDVinh -> Qui Nhon 30 USD
Thanh Hoa -> Qui Nhon 45 USDCan Tho -> Qui Nhon 50 USD
Qui Nhon <-> Beirut 4,704 USDQui Nhon -> Las Vegas 3,517 USD
Qui Nhon -> Nanning 370 USDQui Nhon -> Hamburg 919 USD
Qui Nhon <-> Montpellier 2,962 USDQui Nhon -> Djibouti 1,194 USD
Qui Nhon -> Seoul 324 USDQui Nhon -> Sydney 336 USD

6. Domestic and international flights at Phu Cat airport

- Domestic flights: with 2 round-trip flights: Hanoi – Quy Nhon and Ho Chi Minh city – Quy Nhon

- International flights: Phu Cat Airport is also home of some international airlines so passengers can easily fly to some destinations like Singapore, Philippines, Beijing

7. Services and utilities at Phu Cat airport

- Packing luggage

- Banks and ATM

- Tourism information desk

- Internet, wife

- Medical services

- Food and beverage

- Taxi and buses

- Parking

8. Transportation to Phu Cat airport from Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

There are many traffic means to move to this airport suck as, taxi, grab, uber, bus or motorbike.

If tourists move to Phu Cat airport by bus, they can come to No.1 Nguyen That Thanh, Ly Thuong Kiet ward, Quy Nhon city where is shuttle bus pick-up and drop off location to the airport. Going to Phu Cai airport is quite cheap; however, tourists will be time-consuming because of the frequency about 45 minutes/ route.

Passengers can save cost of travel by moving by motorcycle to the airport but on the condition that you do not have much luggage because it is not convenient for motorbike.

Besides, a better choice is moving by taxi. This mean will help you save time and be more comfortable.

Tourists can get more information about airfare and schedule of fight from/to Phu Cat airport on the website of AloTrip. With full information flights and helpful and timely support from AloTrip, tourists will have wonderful experience in their journey

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