Phu Bai International Airport - Hue

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Phu Bai international airport is airport serving Hue city, Thu Thien Hue province, Vietnam.

1. General information

Phu Bai international airport is airport serving Hue city, Thu Thien Hue province, Vietnam. This airport has important geographic position in the economic, cultural and social development strategy of Thua Thien Hue in particular and North Central region in general. Moreover, this airport is important connection between the regions in the country.

Phu Bai airport

Phu Bai airport is built by French colonists in 1940 and was put into operation in our country from 26th, March, 1976. This airport has been invested by government in order to exploit the tourism potential of Hue as well as create favorable conditions for trading activities, attract investment and development plans for potential aspects of province, contribute to the general development of Thua Thien Hue province.

2. Contact information

- International name: Phu Bai international airport (PBIA)

- Address: Phu Bai district, Huong Thuy town, Thua Thien Hue province

- Tel/ Fax: (054) 3861131; (054) 3861131


- Airport code: HUI

3. General terminal information

- Terminal passenger includes 2 floors with the scale of 6.539m2 with the clearance capacity of 1.5 million passengers per year

- Airport code: 4C

- Runway with the length of 2,700 meter and the width of 45 meters

- Apron with the measure of 298m x 103.5m. There are 6 position for A320, A321 aircraft

- Service time: 24/24

Aircraft at Phu Bai international airport

4. Popular airlines at Phu Bai international airport

Cathay Pacific Airways -> 390 USDLao Airlines -> 262 USDHong Kong Airlines -> 585 USDThai Airways -> 280 USD
Deutsche Lufthansa -> 3,356 USDLot Polish Airlines -> 933 USDDelta Airlines -> 492 USDJapan Airlines -> 1,293 USD
Hainan Airlines -> 983 USDAir India -> 734 USDAir France <-> 1,116 USDAsiana Airlines -> 629 USD
United Airlines -> 1,038 USDEva Airways -> 607 USDJetstar Airways -> 23 USDPhilippine Airlines -> 688 USD
Hahn Air -> 256 USDMalaysia Airline -> 328 USDBiman Bangladesh Airlines <-> 741 USDSrilankan Airlines -> 428 USD

Up to present, there are 3 domestic airlines at Phu Bai airport: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jestar Pacific Airlines. Moreover, some international airlines also operate in Phu Bai airport, including: Thai Airway, Singapore airlines, Korean Air, Japan airlines. Passengers can access to website of those airlines to get more information.

5. Popular flights from and to Phu Bai international airport

Hue -> Dalat 31 USDHue -> Hanoi 39 USD
Hue -> Ho Chi Minh City 23 USDHo Chi Minh City -> Hue 23 USD
Hanoi -> Hue 39 USDDalat -> Hue 30 USD
Hue -> Kota Kinabalu 234 USDHue -> Hohhot 614 USD
Hue -> Krasnoyarsk 732 USDHue -> Munich 708 USD
Hue -> Seoul 492 USDHue -> Djibouti 1,075 USD
Hue -> Sihanoukville 983 USDHue <-> Kota Bharu 308 USD
Hue -> Koh Samui 466 USDHue -> Gold Coast 696 USD
Hue -> Astana 1,391 USDHue -> Rennes 768 USD
Hue <-> Asahikawa 1,228 USDHue -> Dallas 887 USD

6. Domestic and international flights at Phu Bai international airport

                    Domestic flights

                          International flights

Hue - Hanoi

Hue - Bangkok

Hue - Vinh

Hue - Singapore

Hue – Phu Quoc

Hue - Tokyo

Hue – Da Lat

Hue - Seoul

Hue – Ho Chi Minh city

Hue - Manila

Hue- Nha Trang

Hue - Dubai

Hue- Thanh Hoa

Hue - Bologna

Hue- Da Nang

Hue - Stockholm

Hue – Cam Ranh

Hue - London

Hue – Buon Ma Thuot

Hue – Beijing

7. Services and utilities at Phu Bai international airport

To get information about Phu Bai airport flight schedule as well as all questions about this airport, passengers can contact to Phu Bai airport hotline (referred at contact information). At the airport, there are full of necessary utilities that travelers can use to meet their demand, specifically including:

- Tourist information desk

- Bank's trading desk, ATM

- VIP rooms

- Medical services

- Losing luggage desk

- Restaurants, beverage stores, fast food stores

8. Transportation to Phu Bai international airport from Hue city

“Where is Hue airport?” is the question that many people wander when having intention to travel to Hue. Phu Bai airport is away Hue center 13 kilometers (about 20 minutes by car) to the southeast. There are many ways to move for passengers going and coming at Phu Bai airport. You can get more information with following reference:

- Public bus: route 02 and route 11 from Hue city to Phu Bai airport with the price from 4,000 to 6,000 VND

- Transit cars of airport with the frequency from 30 to 60 minutes/ route. The price of this route is 50,000 VND/ passenger.

- Taxi: With various qualified and reputable taxi firms, passengers easily choose to move to Phu Bai airport such as: Mai Linh taxi (84-54) 3898989, Thanh Do taxi (84-54) 858585, Thanh Hung taxi (84-54) 863863, Phu Xuan taxi (84-54) 878787, Dong Ba taxi (84-54) 848484 with the price of 250,000 VND/ route.

Tourists can get more information about airfare and schedule of fight from/to Phu Bai international airport on the website of AloTrip. AloTrip – cheap flight ticket will give tourists the important travel information and help them have a cheap and wonderful trip.

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