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Haiphong weather

Thu, 24 Jul 2014. Last updated Wed, 17 Sep 2014 17:42

Haiphong weather is portrayed by the tropical monsoon climate with a cold dry winter and a hot humid summer. The average temperature in Haiphong is about 32°C in summer and 20°C in winter. It is rainy most from May to October.


Located in the tropical belt of Asian monsoon, near the South China Sea, Haiphong is closely influenced by two types of monsoon. Northeast monsoon in winter is dry cold, lasting from November to April of the next year. Southwest humid monsoon in summer runs from May to October. The annual rainfall of Haiphong is abundant, averaging about 1600 - 1800 mm. Hurricanes often occur from June to September. Weather in Haiphong is typified by warm humid subtropical characteristics of weather in Red River Delta in particular and in Northern Vietnam in general: hot, rainy and humid summer, cold and dry winter.

There are four distinct seasons in Haiphong: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The average temperature in summer is around 32.5 °C, 20.3 °C in winter, and above 23.9 °C for annual average temperature. The average humidity is about 86%. However, Haiphong weather has a little different from that in Hanoi in terms of temperature and weather. Due to located near the sea, weather in Haiphong City is 1 °C warmer in winter and 1-2°C cooler in summer. Haiphong climate is quite moderate. The average temperature is about 20-23 °C monthly. The highest temperature sometimes reaches 40°C, while the lowest one falls to 5 °C. The average humidity in a year is from 80% to 85%. The highest humidity (100%) is seen in July, August, and September, while the lowest one is recorded in December and January. There are about 1692.4 hours of sunshine in a year.


Haiphong weather by month


Haiphong Cathedral


As the climate in Haiphong is typified by warm humid subtropical characteristics with a hot, rainy and humid summer and a cold and dry winter, four seasons in Haiphong are quite distinct (spring, summer, autumn and winter). From November to April, weather in Haiphong is dominated by a cold and dry winter. From May to October, it is portrayed by a humid, cool and rainy summer. The average temperature in summer is about 32.5°C. The annual rainfall of Haiphong is abundant, averaging about 1600 - 1800 mm.

In winter, the temperature in Haiphong falls rapidly. In December, the average high temperature is about 23°C, while the average low temperature is about 16°C. Winter in Haiphong is greatly affected by the northeast monsoon, triggering extreme cold winter, but still warmer in Hanoi. In spring (from January to April), the weather in Haiphong City is still cold with the highest temperature of 27°C (in April), and the lowest one on January (20C°C). The average temperature in this season increases steadily from February to April. The gap between the highest temperature and the lowest one in a month is about 5°C at least (in March). The rainfall level in this season is not high with about 30mm per month. Yet, rains in this season last 

In summer (May to July), Haiphong City undergoes a hot, rainy and humid period. The temperature in this season rises gradually from May with the highest temperature of 32°C and the lowest one of 24°C. In June and July, the temperature reaches its highest point. The difference between average high temperature and low temperature is 6°C. The precipitation in this season is quite high, above 150mm per month. It rains most in July with the rainfall of over 170mm. Sometimes, there are hurricanes in this season (especially in June). Haiphong experiences a rainy and hot autumn in August, but cool and less rainy in September and October. The temperature in autumn varies from 20°C-30°C. The gap between temperatures in these months is high (about 7°C). In autumn, the temperature tends to decrease from August to October. This season witnesses heavy rains and strong winds. The average rainfall in Haiphong fluctuates around 200mm, highest in August (about 265mm), and lowest in October (55.3mm).


Best time to travel Haiphong


Beach in Monkey Island, Cat Ba


As there are four distinct seasons in Haiphong, visiting this city in each season will bring different feelings and experiences to tourists. In addition, each season bestows Haiphong various landscapes and seascapes in such tourist attractions as Cat Ba Island. To determine which season is the best time to visit Haiphong, it depends on your travel plans to the city. For instance, if you want to have trekking tours to dense jungles in here, you should pop in Haiphong in late months of a year. As during this time, the temperature and humidity are not too high also less rains. Otherwise, if you adore lazing on beautiful beaches in Haiphong, you should come here in early summer months. During these months, heavy rains do not happen much. Moreover, the beaches are not overcrowded, and the travel expense is less. Generally, for almost holiday plans, springs months of February, March and April are the best times to visit.

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