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Con Dao geography

Wed, 06 Aug 2014. Last updated Wed, 15 Oct 2014 17:17

In terms of Con Dao geography, this is an archipelago in the South Vietnam and a district of Ba Ria Vung Tau. Con Dao has the high biodiversity with 28 species of mammals, 69 types of birds, 1,383 marine species, etc.

Con Dao geographical position

Con Dao District (Ba Ria Vung Tau) is an island of Southeast geography zone located in the South China Sea. The geographic coordinates of the district is from 106°31' to 106°45' east longitude and from 8°34' to 8°49' north latitude. Con Dao is situated far from Vung Tau city 179 km and Hau River 83 km.


Con Dao terrain

A scenery in Con Dao National Park


Con Dao terrain is mainly hilly and mountainous regions, which accounts for 6,328 hectares (88.4% the natural area). Some mountains in this land are Chua Mountain (515m) and Thanh Gia Mountain (577m). The topography of Con Dao contains many natural resources including beautiful islands and forests. Con Dao Island has the total area of 76 km2 with 16 small and big islands (Con Son, Hon Ba, Hon Bay Canh, Hon Bong Lan, Hon Cau, Hon Tai Lon, Hon Tai Nho, Hon Trac Lon, Hon Trac Nho, Hon Tre Lon, Hon Tre Nho, Hon Troc, Hon Trung, Hon Vung, Hon Trung Lon, Hon Trung Nho). The largest island of Con Dao is Con Son. The terrain of the island is hilly area dominated by granites running form the southwest to the northeast protecting the island from strong winds. The highest point of island is Thanh Gia Mountain in Con Son Island (577m). The geology of the island has the high diversity. Thanks to the favor of nature, Con Dao Island is highly appreciated by tourist as paradise to visit and explore forest and sea. The Island has beautiful unspoiled beaches with blue water and long white sands.

Besides, Con Dao National Park is another highlighted geographical feature of this district. The flora and fauna of Con Dao National Park is relatively rich and diverse. There are approximately 882 species of vascular plants, 144 species of animals, and 44 species of plant firstly founded in this place.


Con Dao weather

Turquoise water in Con Dao Island


Con Dao climate has sub-equatorial features with two distinct seasons. Rainy seasons last from May to November and dry seasons last from December to April. The annual average temperature is 26.9°C. In May, the temperature sometimes reaches 34°C. The annual average rainfall is 2,200 mm. The rainfall has the lowest number in January. Con Dao Island is situated in the intersection between the flow of the warm ocean currents from the south and the cold ocean currents from the north. 

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