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Phuot – Journey of love

Wed, 08 Oct 2014 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:52

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In recent years, “Phuot” or backpacking has become a new trend and passion of young people. “Phuot” associated with doing charity work has been widely spread and become a fine movement of the young people, contributing to making a better world.

“Phuot” is to discover new land and to help disadvantaged people in remote areas. With simple motivation and great compassion among the soul-mates, they share the passion for “Phuot” in Vietnam (backpacking in Vietnam) and doing charity work. “Phuot” groups often bring donated books, clothes, tools for daily life to people in the mountainous areas.

A sharing kitchen will bring about more than a meal. It creates a cozy and exciting atmosphere. With a bit more rice, spices, oil and salt bought with charity money, we create a family environment. They will feel that besides parents they have more people who care for them. It is important to grow up in the cozy atmosphere of a community.

Sometimes, I think charity work takes my time and space away. Sometimes, I think I will not join some programs. However, I realize that the feeling when I meet the children there, give them gifts and see how much happy they are. So I and my friends are determined that we will bring the gifts to them on our own.

They have to change many vehicles to reach the place and present the gifts to the children. The more I come to remote and poor areas, the more I feel sorry for them. I am obsessed by children dressed poorly, with bare feet on mud…makeshift school covered with frost whenever winter comes. Supports of “Phuot” groups come from the compassion for the poor and hard life of local residents. It’s the compassion and heartfulness that infuse strengths into the young people to overcome difficulties to reach disadvantaged lands.

Bus just brings them to Yen Bai city. From Hang Chi Mua, they have to carry goods on motorbikes. They cross mountains and streams regardless of time; the road seems to be ever longer. There are a lot of mountain slopes, riprap roads…They have to sleep on the roads at night. However, they reach the destination with many books, candies, clothes as gifts. The S-shaped country seems to be smaller to us.

We act as the bridge between the people in the plains and in the mountains. It’s our right and responsibility. We compensate for the hardship of the children we meet. When seeing them with our own eyes, for me, it is like a right rather than a responsibility. We learn a lot from the trip, the companions and the children.

These photos keep love among the people, helping us to forget about hardship in life. The innocent faces and the hard life they lead are always haunting me. Gifts are just simple things fr daily life but it’s our heart dedicated to them. I feel the happiness of being cared. Introducing them new things that they have never known before seems to me to turn back to my childhood. I teach them drawing skills that I have. Their happiness is our happiness. Some strange is flowing inside me. They are strangers but we share the same root. I am happy to here with them.

When helping the children, we feel the happiness of sharing and the meaning of life. Furthermore, we meet new people who have the same willingness of doing charity work. I love this life more. Finally, what all members expect is the smile of and less difficult life for the mountainous children of Vietnam.

Source: VTC10 - NETVIET

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