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News and cultural events in Vietnam

Thu, 04 Sep 2014 . Last updated Mon, 23 Mar 2015 10:24

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The program brings the update latest news and cultural events in Vietnam such as the founding anniversary of Vietnamese embroidery art, cuisine festival 2014 in Nha Trang, the development of hip hop dance in Vietnam and other events.

A festival was held in the central highland of Dalat to commemorate the founding anniversary of Vietnam art of embroidery. The festival was held in XO embassy of Dalat with the famous brands, around the theme of peace and patriotism. The anniversary is taken place on 12th day of the 6th lunar month to commemorate Le Cong Hanh, a man considered to be father of Vietnamese embroidery. This festival is the chance to honor the beautiful traditional value of the past generation to the future generation and also the love for one’s country. This year, embroider artisans here founded a special way to pass on the value to the future generation. The organization hopes that the inspiration of peace and happiness will be passed on to the next generation. Every single trade, including embroidery in our country shares a common value that is the thirst for peace. So we should promote unity, love and pride by upholding the tradition of embroidery through this festival. The embroidery of Vietnam has contributed the human value of the nation to not only the past and the present but also the future.

The opening ceremony of Vietnamese Cuisine Festival 2014 held in Nha Trang. During the 6 days of festival, 90 professional chefs around the country were competed in a cooking contest featuring the outstanding characteristics of three regions: the South, the North and the Central Vietnam. A market reconstructed a Vietnamese traditional market with more than 80 stalls offering the traditional specialties such as “Cha Ca La Vong” or grilled fish, “Bun Bo Hue” or Beef noodle in Hue and “Banh Xeo” or crispy pancake. The festival honored the value of Vietnam cuisine and promoted tourism in Nha Trang. 

Trip Advisor has recorded name of Vietnamese Women’s Museum among the top three attractions in Hanoi. In 2013, Trip Advisor also included museum in the top 25 most interesting museum in Asia. “Worth visit - touching story” is the massage that Trip Advisor want to send the readers when describing the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. According to readers of Trip Advisor, the Vietnamese Women’s Museum attracts visitors by not only the exhibition but also the great services and creativity. Besides permanent exhibition, the museum often holds the seminars and conversation of the women through the periods of history. Different artifacts of women, even women that are suffered from violence are also captured at museum. The museum was established in 1987 and is run by Vietnam women union. The museum researches, preserves and display tangible and intangible historical and cultural heritages of Vietnamese women and the Vietnam women union. This is also the center of cultural exchange between Vietnamese and international women about equal, development and peace.

Still being in the stage of development, Vietnamese Hip-hop is gaining the attraction around the country. Many contests have been organized for young groups. Among them, Floor Killer is regarded as professional playground for hip-hop lover. This is the fourth time the competition has been held in Vietnam.  Hip-hop is no longer just a form of dancing to many Vietnamese young people; it has become the passion and way of life. Although hip-hop dance was introduced in Vietnam many years ago, it is still considered underground movements. Most hip-hop contests in Vietnam are held spontaneously by amateur artists. The Fool Killer contest was introduced in Vietnam 4 years ago, co-organized by Big Toe crew, the older and leading hip-hop dance crew in Vietnam and the Vietnam recreational electronic sport association. The event is the professional playground for hip-hop dancers in Vietnam and aboard.

This year, the contest was filled with exciting and unique performances by dancers from Vietnam and the champions from Singapore, Germany and the US. They all expected to have fun and find people that share a common passion in this competition. What make this year’s competition more appealing to dancers was jury including world-class dancers from the US, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. Contestants in the final round would have the chance to learn from the members of the jury during workshop on waacking and breaking. Floor Killer attracted an unprecedented large crowd at Hanoi Savico Megamall to enjoy hip-hop genre including breaking, hip hop, locking, popping, waccking and house. After introduction in Vietnam, hip hop was adopted by young and old. Recognized as the top hip hop competition in Vietnam, Floor Killer opens an opportunity for professional and amateur hip hop dancers to develop the modern art form in Vietnam.

In the previous segment, we look at the latest update on the Vietnamese hip hop dance. Now staying with music, young singer Nhat Thuy from Nam Dinh province has from the unknown to the champion of Vietnam idol season 5. With her sweet, strong voice and the spontaneous and pure of a young singer, Nhat Thuy has received great support from the music fan across the country. Joining in the contest just was to experience but with her talent, profession, luck and a lot of support from music lovers; Nhat Thuy has reached the top of one of the famous contest in Vietnam. That is really a milestone in her life. Her dream to become a professional singer and sing for the audience has come true. Not being born in family with great tradition in music, but for Nhat Thuy music is an important part of her life. That’s why she quickly improved with the experience earned after each round of the competition. With the high professionalism in her performances, Thuy has captured the hearts of the audience and the judges in Vietnam idol.


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