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Newest Vietnamese cultural events

Thu, 04 Sep 2014 . Last updated Mon, 01 Jun 2015 14:05

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The program will introduce a group of local volunteers who guide visitors around Hanoi and give them insight into the capital city’s culture, a photo contest to commemorate the Vietnamese culture heritage day and some other notable news.

Nearly 100 maps and documents, texts, artifacts and publications providing the historical and legal evidences of Vietnam‘s Paracel and Spratly archipelagos on display in the central province of Quang Ngai. This exhibition is to show Vietnam has established its sovereignty on these archipelagos since the feudal time. The exhibition also introduced the collection of 65 maps published in Europe in the 17th century that testified Vietnam’s sovereignty over the archipelagos. In addition, four Atlas and 30 maps published by China’s government and dynasties repudiate the China’s claim in the East Sea. All the materials in exhibition will be presented the Quang Ngai People’s Committee by the Ministry of Information and Communication.

The government has issued a resolution regarding the granting of the titles People’s Artists and artist with distinction in the field of intangible cultural heritage. The resolution is an important part of heritage preservation efforts and thousands of people with people’s artist titles will be motivated to preserve and develop the folk art. Seven generations of Nguyen Van Mui family have pursued the career ca tru singing and one of the biggest Ca Tru troop in Hanoi. He and his children have overcome numerous difficulties to preserve the sound of Ca Tru drum, but have never received any deferential policies or titles from the state. Now he is old age, the resolution of the title artists is the great fun for him and his family to witness the issuance of the resolution. The materials and images collected during a lifetime of Ca Tru have been well preserved by Mr. Mui. Under the procedures for granting title there are indispensable evidences for Mr. Mui received the title.

Late last year, UNESCO recognized Vietnam “Don Ca Tai Tu” or southern folk music as an intangible culture heritage of humanity. However, how to further develop this art form is still a big question for authorities in the southern provinces are mulling over. There are currently 2200 don ca tai tu clubs operating in the South of Vietnam with nearly 14000 participants. Researchers and artists also believe making the community understand the value of the art form is important. Don Ca Tai Tu teaching in school need to be further promoted and need to be more Don Ca Tai Tu performances and festivals.

To mark the 10th of Vietnam culture heritage day, a photo contest was jointly held in Ho Ci Minh city by the culture heritage association of Vietnam and Vietnam Heritage magazine. This year’s competition with the theme “Vietnam soul” aimed on people’s awareness to promote and preserve the cultural and natural heritage of Vietnam. Both domestic and international entrants are encouraged to be their efforts on recording landscapes or traditional customs around the nation. Organizers expect to grant 30 prizes on the November 23rd – Vietnam culture heritage day.

Hanoi is a beautiful maze. Dubbed as the “Paris” of Asia, Hanoi has the ancient history, the colonial legacy and the modern outlook. However, not all visitors can have the chance to experience this city in the right way like a local. HanoiKids, a student-run organization offers visitors here a chance to experience. By voluntarily leading city tours, the HanoiKids give the travelers from all over the world insight into the Vietnamese culture, tradition and beautiful sceneries.

Both Huyen Anh and Huy Phuong are the second-year students at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. Leading tours around the hometown become a regular activity for them. And their companions today are two families from New Zealand. This is the first time they come to Vietnam. These kids are no ordinary tour guides. Walking on the ancient history of the Hanoi Old Quarter, these newly met friends not only discuss about Vietnamese culture and sightseeing during the tour but also exchange details about their lives, career and schoolwork.

The tour is not only special for tourists. For over 1 year now, Huyen Anh has been leading tourists like this once or twice a week while balancing her schoolwork.  Although this work does not help her earn more income, it is a valuable experience all the same. Huyen Anh’s second family, Hanoi Kids is a network of college students in the city, who have been working to enhance Hanoi tourism established in May, 2006. With the motto “Being a little ambassador of Hanoi”, they get rewarded for their choice no with money but would be a chance to practice English.

All 300 members of HanoiKids are college-age and they are carefully selected twice a year. They then have to go to through a two-month training period at the popular attractions in the city to extend their knowledge. After proper training, HanoiKids can confirm the tours according to their schedule.

After 8-year in operation, HanoiKids is now recognized as the leading non-profit volunteer organization in Vietnam. Over the years, members of the organization have guidelines for many tourists especially as Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, US Senator Patrick Leahy, US Trade Representative Ron Kirk, and many others. With three times win TripAdvisor certificate of excellence, a tour with HanoiKids is not to be missed in Hanoi.


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