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Binh Quoi Tourist Village

1147 Binh Quoi, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Located on Thanh Da peninsula, Binh Quoi Tourist Village is the famous rendezvous of culture - folk cuisine in Ho Chi Minh City. It is the ideal rendezvous for organizing culinary cultural events serving needs of the citizens and international tourists.

Going to Binh Quoi Tourist Village with 2 tourist areas, namely Binh Quoi 1 and Binh Quoi 2, tourists will be lost in a peaceful village full of green space of flowers and trees, lanterns along the path as well as the lake glittering the light from lanterns. The coconut groves swaying on dreaming Saigon River along with the green canals will surely be unforgettable impressions in the journey of discovering Ho Chi Minh City travel to the eco-tourism zone. Here, tourists will find it easy to catch the familiar images such as dinghies and bumpy monkey bridges... nicely decorated, which creates attractive features for Binh Quoi Tourists Village among tourist villages in Ho Chi Minh City.


Binh Quoi Village - Bamboo water wheel


Far about 8km from Ho Chi Minh City center to the north, Binh Quoi Tourist Village is located on Thanh Da peninsula on the banks of Saigon River. With an area of over 3.5 ha together with airy space, fresh atmosphere and perfect services, Binh Quoi Tourist Village are becoming one of the most fascinating eco-tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City. Not noisy as other amusement parks, the tourist village looks like a panorama retaining the rustic and idyllic features of peaceful villages in the South. Discovering Binh Quoi tourist village is definitely one of the most impressive things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.


Binh Quoi Tourist Village - Traditional river hut


Binh Quoi I tourist area is the convergence of the tranquil green grass, coconut groves silhouetting by the river, lotus ponds blooming flowers, trails leading into the cottages and scenery of floating markets in the river. Binh Quoi 1 has been associated with culinary and cultural festivals such as "Explore Vietnamese folk cuisine”, “Southern Land”, “Grain of rice of my hometown”, “Go home and celebrate Tet holiday”, or “Taste of hometown"… It is also considered as the miniature filming performing scenes and photographs for the loving couples in their great fun days. It is worth one of the indispensable tourist addresses of Ho Chi Minh City travel attracting the great number of tourists at home and abroad.


Binh Quoi Village - Stuffed pancake uncovered


The most prominent at Binh Quoi I is weekend buffet with the theme of "Southern reclaiming cuisine", which is designed in the space of southern rural market with over 100 unique rustic dishes. Food displayed in the hut of leaves, on grasses along the ponds and in the garden for tourists comfortably to choose. It is home to delicious baked dishes such as grilled snakehead fish, baked chicken with clay or pancakes... Tourists will have an opportunity to enjoy wonderful dishes, hear "don ca tai tu" (a famous kind of folk traditional song in the South Vietnam), go fishing, go boating or participate in attractive folk games. These perfect services significantly contribute to promote Binh Quoi I tourist area in particular and Binh Quoi Village in general to become one of the most fascinating Ho Chi Minh City attractions.



Far about 400 meters from Binh Quoi I tourist area, Binh Quoi II tourist area is equally poetic and romantic with the scenery as a miniature resort in the heart of the city. Retaining the modern style with services meeting the needs of accommodation, relaxation and recreation with 45 well-equipped bungalows, the system of restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, canoes, meeting rooms together with national music and dance programs, Binh Quoi II tourist area always has strong appeal for tourists when participating in Saigon travel. In particular, the busiest on weekend is the buffet culinary zone "Delicacies in Coastal Region". The dishes are cooked in the rustic style fishermen in fishing villages. Tourists will have a chance to enjoy delicious dishes in the space with boats, baskets, fishing nets and fishing gears of fishermen. These experiences will surely be unforgettable in the journey of discovering Ho Chi Minh City tours.


Tourists at Binh Quoi Village


Going to Binh Quoi Tourist Area, tourists will certainly be immersed in the peaceful, airy and spacious space on the banks of windy Saigon River. Binh Quoi Tourist Village is actually famous for green grasses and the smooth shade of coconut groves swaying along Ke Nhat canal. The tourist village is worth an attractive tourist site in city, contributing to promote Ho Chi Minh City tourism closer to domestic and international tourists.

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