Flight from New York to Ho Chi Minh City

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Flights from New York to Ho Chi Minh City currently are supplied by many reputable airlines. Book flights to Saigon and experience unforgettable memories.

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the important centers of economy, education and culture in Vietnam. This young and modern city contains a lot of historical cultures, crystallized from many different cultures in the process of forming Saigon center. Traveling to Vietnam, everyone wants to visit Saigon center to admire a rising young city with the development in all aspects. Nowadays, flights from New York to Ho Chi Minh City are supplied by many famous airlines to meet the demand of many tourists.

Tourism attractions in Ho Chi Minh City

Inside War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum is familiar tourist attraction of Vietnam and foreign tourists. Coming to War Remnants Museum, visitors have the chance to learn more deeply about the cruel America war and the pain that it leaves. War Remnants Museum exhibits thousands of documents, artifacts and films about the past war.This museum also is recognized as one of 61 museums for peace by the United Nations.

Notre Dame Cathedral Saigon

Being the most beautiful convergence center of Ho Chi Minh City, can visit the Notre Dame Cathedral on the journey to Saigon. This cathedral is the link between material life and spiritual life of Saigon people. With the height of 57 meters, Notre Dame Cathedral has become an important symbol for the whole city. Both city residents and tourists also realize that this is the most beautiful and important church of Saigon Catholic diocese. Inspire of existence for more than hundreds of years, Notre Dame Cathedral is still an alive witness about on religious freedom in this country that tourists should not ignore.

Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts is one of the largest arts center in the country. This museum with unique French architecture style is the home of many excellent art works in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts showcases many excellent paintings of Vietnam through different historical period. Travelling to this destination, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the ancient statues from the 7th century until the most famous masterpieces in the country.

Popular airport in Ho Chi Minh City

Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) - Vietnam


Tan Son Nhat international airport

Situated in Tan Binh district, only 8km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City to the south, Tan Son Nhat international airport is the largest airport in Vietnam and is an important transport hub of the south region. The airport is equipped with full facilities, considered as the most civilized and modern airports in the country. On average, there are 380 flights taking off and landing in this airport per day. This airport has the largest passenger in Vietnam, even overloads in the last day of the year. Flight time New York to Ho Chi Minh takes more than 20 hours with the distance of flights from New York to Ho Chi Minh City is about 14,500 km.

Popular airlines flying from New York to Ho Chi Minh City

China Eastern Airlines <-> 443 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 319 USDAll Nippon Airways -> 416 USDUnited Airlines -> 414 USD
Finnair <-> 1,870 USDAir France <-> 995 USDPhilippine Airlines -> 495 USDSingapore Airlines -> 541 USD
Qatar Airways -> 398 USDKorean Air -> 507 USDAmerican Airlines -> 436 USDEva Airways -> 526 USD
Japan Airlines -> 443 USDVietnam Airlines <-> 1,508 USDAsiana Airlines <-> 679 USDCathay Pacific Airways <-> 668 USD
Air Canada -> 513 USDDelta Airlines -> 458 USDTurkish Airlines <-> 897 USDHong Kong Airlines -> 451 USD

Currently, Tan Son Nhat international airport has 3 domestic airlines: Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific Vietjet Air with the domestic and international routes. Besides, it also has 43 other international airlines. Getting flights from New York to Ho Chi Minh City is quite difficult because there is no New York to Ho Chi Minh City direct flight. Tourists must book 2 tickets, from New York to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to Saigon. It is recommended that tourists must have good preparation before flying due to time - consuming. Fortunately, travelers do not worry because they easily book tickets above flights with high frequency. Flights from New York to Ho Chi Minh City cost about 700 USD. Therefore, cheap flights New York to Ho Chi Minh City are perhaps the first choice of tourists.

Useful information

Food and cuisine

Charcoal grilled rice paper

Street food has become famous brand of Ho Chi Minh City that tourist should not miss. Banh trang nuong is well known as Vietnamese pizza, is one of the must try street food when travelling to Ho Chi Minh City. This type of cake has similar shape with a pizza, sold on many sidewalk stores or stalls. Vietnamese pizza has many ingredients, depending on interest that you can choose dried beef, or pâté, cheese, chicken, sausage or mayonnaise sauce.

Vermicelli with fish sauce (Bun man Sai Gon)

Vermicelli noodles with grilled pork is a specialty in Ho Chi Minh City, features with attractive grilled pork and white noodle. Besides two main ingredients, this dish cannot lack of carrot, peanuts, slice cucumber and vegetables. When eating, you should get fish sauce to enhance the flavor and make this food become more wonderful.


Ben Thanh market at night

More than 100 years, Ben Thanh market has become a dynamic economic symbol, a destination of the most prosperous and developed city in Vietnam. Ben Thanh market sells many types of items, from clothing, shoes, appliances to fresh food, vegetables, fruits, especially handicraft goods and South region specialties. Tourists love to buy souvenirs in Ben Thanh market because of various products and reasonable price.

Night life

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is a new highlight in urban architecture in Ho Chi Minh City, is a favorite destination of young people after tiring working day as well as tourists who prefer to explore. Nguyen Hue Walk Street attracts more tourists in the evening. From above, Nguyen Hue Walk Street becomes crowded, bustling and colorful by the lights. Everyone will be extremely exciting to enjoy country music performances combined with laser lights, creating an attractive color for the city.

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