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trustpilot releases menu About Vietnam

Sat, 05 Jul 2014. Last updated Tue, 05 May 2015 13:51 provides travelers interesting and essential information about Vietnam travel. We officially release menu About Vietnam to introduce an overview of Vietnam in fields of history, geography, people, culture, language…

Hanoi, July 5 2014,

AloTrip International Ltd, leading travel information company (, today launches menu About Vietnam ( to introduce a complete view of Vietnam from the past to the present, from culture to people, from economy to politics and society status…. - the premier online website for providing a variety of travel products for Vietnam travel . . . all in advance. We strive to make vacations in Vietnam possible by providing straightforward travel services using advanced technology. Our commitment is to give our consultants access to all of the best airfares, tours, cruises and accommodation.

When talking about Vietnam, people usually think of Vietnam War and its famous battles in the past. For more than 20 years of renovation since the savagery and slaughter of the American War, this country has been changing a lot in terms of all aspects. Few countries have such changes over such a short time as Vietnam. A number of visitors visit Vietnam just with curiosity about a country undergoing horrible wars and they really surprised at the rapid development of this small country.

Menu About Vietnam

With our articles in this menu, foreign tourists will see a Vietnam on the move: easy access, tall buildings in modern cities, convenient transportation, luxury hotels, shopping and entertainment center, green parks… as well as a firm political system, a market economy and a stable society. Their talk is not of bomb craters and army ordnance but of a beautiful and developing Vietnam.

Vietnam culture is also available in the new menu About Vietnam. Vietnamese culture may be still mysterious and unknown to most people outside the country. There, tourists will have a knowledge of one of the oldest cultures in Southeast Asia with thousands of years old of history. There, tourists may find out the aged-old values, traditional arts, crafts, cultural traditions, festivals and characterized Asians customs... homepage

Through this menu, foreign tourists know more about energetic Vietnamese people. 54 ethnic groups gather to become a special mix of cultures, languages and historical backgrounds. Tourists also see diversities and difference among areas in Vietnam, a deep psychological divide that was around long before the American War, and is engrained in Vietnamese culture.

Director of AloTrip International Ltd, Nguyen Manh Dung says about the new menu About Vietnam:

“This is really a meaningful program of for foreign tourists to have an overview about Vietnam, their targeting destination. This is also a channel to introduce a modern Vietnam in its traditional values to international friends.”

To view more details of menu About Vietnam, please visit:

Beside menu About Vietnam, also offers menu Plan for Vietnam Travel:

And recently released new menu Vietnam News:


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