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How to set up AloTrip Application on mobiles

Fri, 14 Feb 2020. Last updated Sat, 15 Feb 2020 09:13

Using App AloTrip to book tickets or travel services is very convenient. So, how to download and set up the AloTrip App on your mobile? Here are steps for you to do it.


APP ALOTRIP (AA) is an application for booking air tickets, hotels, and other travel services provided by AloTrip, also AloCafe beverage orders as well - a symbiotic utility sponsored by AloTrip. By creating AA, we wish to establish an ecosystem for everyone with purposes of experiencing and accumulating long-lasting benefits with AloTrip.

Recently, AloTrip released the latest updated version, which aims to provide users with interesting experiences and new features. It is not simple to book air tickets with AloTrip, but it also helps to find the best deals of hotels, AloCafe drinks online and explore wonderful tourist attractions easily.

To set up App AloTrip, you should do the following steps:

Step 1: Download App AloTrip from platforms

Homepage of the App

On the homepage of the App, four featured symbols of services integrated successfully in AloTrip’s application. Each symbol has different functions: book cheap flight tickets, book hotels, order drinks, or explore travel destinations.

Step 2: Sign in

At this step, users need to input personal information to complete AloTrip membership registrations. When becoming a member, you will have your own privileges. Regular ticket price notifications, and promotional programs with useful information related to travel services are updated frequently. 

AloTrip - we book, you travel

After completing the registration, each user will be credited 30A (30A = 30,000VND to buy drinks at AloCafe). The point allows you to purchase drinks or earn points to buy more free drinks. When using any AloTrip services, from air ticket purchases, hotel deals, tours or travel insurance, even booking online from website, application or at office, drink at AloCafe, users are credited points.

Step 3: Experience App AloTrip

You click on each symbol to experience services such as booking air tickets, hotels, drinks. When scrolling down the screen, you will see AloTrip promotions. Next, it is the Travel Blog section - by reading this, you have more interesting and useful information for your travel plans.

AloTrip membership registrations

Hopefully, with the above informative article, you can easily set up and experience services on App AloTrip. AloTrip commits to provide reliable ticket services and top choice for travelers. Our mission is to bring you the best service to have the most meaningful and amazing trips.

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