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AloCafe - New AloTrip’s symbiotic service

Sun, 12 Apr 2020. Last updated Wed, 15 Apr 2020 14:57

AloCafe is a new symbiotic service of AloTrip - an online travel agent.


AloCafe is a new symbiotic service of AloTrip - an online travel application. Drinks and atmosphere at AloCafe are featured with traveling style. While there are many coffee shops styled with flowers, books or pets, AloCafe is a second-to-none combination helping you have more interesting experiences. Moreover, AloCafe was born with an aim to increase customers’ benefits.


Differences at AloCafe

AloCafe is a symbiotic service under the AloTrip’s “Ecosystem”. A customer will get a free drink at AloCafe when he uses any AloTrip service such as AloTrip ticket, AloTrip hotel, AloTrip tour or AloTrip travel insurance purchased from our website, App or at our office.

Besides, you are freely guided with useful information about traveling. If you are having any travel plan, AloCafe may be your perfect choice. You will be provided with full information on travel services, guaranteed tour packages and most benefits.

Không gian tại AloCafe

For those finding a private atmosphere to work or study, AloCafe is a great place to do it. Featured with a peaceful space, melodious music and cozy atmosphere, AloCafe will help you to concentrate on your work or study better. Your mind will be perky and your work will be more effective with a cup of coffee as a bonus.

With traveling oriented style, walls at AloCafe are full pictures of famous tourist attractions. Additionally, the walls are painted white and yellow to make the cafe shop brighter and cozier, which is the best condition for perfect check-in shots. Interestingly, the space is dotted with green small tree pots. All make a special AloCafe.

AloCafe - dịch vụ cộng sinh của AloTrip

Here is an ideal location for spending time on parties with friends and family together. Or, it is a great place to hold a training course for a group of 10-15 people. A room is fully equipped with a screen, projector, whiteboard and other devices. For AloCafe, it is not an issue to have a reunion with family and friends.

Let’s check it out at AloCafe - 17 Luong Dinh Cua Street, Dong Da, Hanoi to enjoy fresh and healthy drinks and your own space.

More importantly, when purchasing services of AloTrip, you will have a chance to get One Free drink. Do not forget to download App AloTrip to earn points and get free drinks:

- App Store:

- Play Store:

- Website:

Welcome to AloCafe!

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