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Mon, 17 Sep 2018. Last updated Mon, 03 Dec 2018 11:55

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Flights from Jakarta to Sydney currently are supplied by many reputable airlines. Book flights to Sydney and experience unforgettable memories.

Located in the southeast of Australia, Sydney is considered one of the most worth living cities in the world, the most beautiful city in Australia. Coming to Sydney, you will be immersed in the beautiful harbor, charming outdoor lifestyle. Sydney has won the heart of many visitors and becomes top destinations in the world. Nowadays, there are many flights from Jakarta to Sydney to fulfill the demand of many tourists.

Tourism attractions in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the most characteristic symbols of tourism in Sydney. The Harbor Bridge was designed and built in the 10 years, more than 1,100 km in length, both mean of road traffic and famous tourist destination in Sydney. The bridge has showed a natural scene, becoming one of the most beautiful harbors in the world and holds a special place in the heart of Sydney city.

Sydney Opera House

Along with the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House is also the soul of Sydney tourism. It is considered the cultural center of this city with concert hall, opera house, theater, hall, bar. Opera House is designed by a Danish architect with sail shape in 4 years, is surrounded on three sides by Sydney Harbor Bridge with extremely unique angle. Currently, travelers can visit freely works inside the Opera House.

Luna park

If you are young or travels with your babies, Luna amusement park is ideal destination with large space and various funny games. Visitors will be free admission but if you want to play games here, you need to buy a ticket at the gate with reasonable price. In spite of being built in 1935, this famous Sydney tourist attraction is still preserved and maintained ancient games, attracts a huge number of visitors.

Popular airport in Sydney

Palm Beach Seaplane Base, Sydney (LBH) - AustraliaKingsford Smith International Airport, Sydney (SYD) - Australia

Sydney Airport from Carpark

Located about 5km to the south of Sydney center, Sydney airport or Kingsford Smith airport is the busiest airport in Australia. Sydney airport is a commercial airport, serves more than 26 million passengers per year. This airport has an important strategic position, and is convenient for many routes. The airport is equipped with full facilities, considered as one of the most civilized and modern airports in the country. The airport has a strong growth in recent years. There is only 1 flight from Jakarta to Sydney per day. Jakarta to Sydney flight time is near 7 hours with the distance of Jakarta Sydney flight is about 5,500km.

Popular airlines flying from Jakarta to Sydney

Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways is the most popular airlines of Sydney. Qantas Airways is the major airline operating manly international flights from Sydney to many cities in Australia and some countries in Europe, American, Asia and vice versa. Besides, there are many international airlines in Perth such as Malaysia Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Tiger Airway, Emirate Airlines, Jetstar Asia Airways, Korean Air, Air China, Air France, Sky West Airlines. To get flight from Jakata to Sydney, tourists can book tickets of Qantas Airways and Garuda Indonesia. Jakarta to Sydney flights cost about 400 to 500 USD. Therefore, cheap Jakarta Sydney flight is the top choice for many tourists.

Useful information

Food and cuisine

Lamington cake

Sweet Lamington cake is very popular and favored in Sydney and some neighbor countries. In Sydney, tourists can find Lamington in supermarket with traditional receipt or some other version of Lamington in cake stores, coffee houses or luxury restaurants. With simple way to make, attractive with 2 main ingredients: chocolate and minced coconut, Lamington is one of the most eye catching, delicious cakes that does not require high cooking techniques.


Your trip to Sydney is not complete if you skip Australia beef – the most famous food in this city. This type of beef is very popular in Sydney thanks to its quality, sweetness and nutrition. With relatively high price, Australian beef is also one of the luxury dishes for both indigenous people and tourists.


Queen Victoria Market

One of the shopping malls in Sydney you cannot ignore is Queen Victoria - represents for Victoria architecture of this city. This commercial center has 190 brands and countless shop. With the large area, this shopping mall possesses many famous fashion brands such as Supreme, Gucci, H&M, Nike… This shopping center is also famous for ancient architecture art with multiple domes.

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