Cheap flight from Seoul to Taipei

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Flights from Seoul to Taipei currently are supplied by many reputable airlines to meet the demands of many tourists.

If you are wandering to find a destination for your vacation, Taipei is an ideal place with many amazing tourism attractions. Taipei is political, economic, cultural center of Taiwan and is one of the leading tourist destinations in Asia area. Impressive landmarks, great museums and colorful night markets are waiting tourists to explore. Nowadays, flights from Seoul to Taipei are supplied with high frequency to meet the increasing demand of visitors.

Tourism attractions in Taipei

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a very wide square with a big gate, is divided into 5 parts. The two sides of Memorial are two theatres with characteristic architecture of China, is extremely fussy and special. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is located in a green space, white walls and is surrounded by galleries with huge documents of the history and culture of Taiwan.

National Palace Museum

With more than 700,000 preserved or restored artifacts, National Palace Museum is a giant art gallery that you must visit in the journey of discovering Taipei. Taipei Palace Museum is also one of the largest museums in the world showcasing royal artifacts and artwork. Tourists should come here once to admire the beauty of this building, from architecture to artifacts, painting, calligraphy, jade statue, ceramic, jewelry.

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Huashan 1914 Creative Park is a special park for youths, art lovers and street entertainment activities. In this place, a lot of contemporary art exhibitions, flea markets and art performances were held incredibly vibrant and also quite often. You can also buy many clothes, jewelry, crafts and pictures. Even the street foods of Taiwan are also easily found. Beautiful, clean, creative are three words to describe about Huashan 1914 Creative Park.

Popular airport in Taipei

Taipei Songshan Airport, Taipei (TSA) - TaiwanTaiwan Taoyuan Intl Airport, Taipei (TPE) - Taiwan

Taipei Airport

Taoyuan international airport is one of the busiest airports in Taipei. This is commercial airport that serves the needs of local people and all residents in Taipei and Taiwan. Taoyuan international airport has an important strategic position, and is convenient for many routes. The airport is equipped with full facilities, considered as one of the most civilized and modern airports in the country. The airport has a strong growth in recent years. On average, there are more than 15 flights Seoul to Taipei. Seoul to Taipei flights take near 3 hours with the distance of Seoul to Taipei flight is about 2,500km.

Popular airlines flying from Seoul to Taipei

Korean Air -> 250 USDAir Macau -> 213 USDChina Airlines -> 137 USDHong Kong Airlines -> 203 USD
China Eastern Airlines <-> 247 USDEva Airways <-> 559 USDJeju Air -> 126 USDTiger Air -> 156 USD
Asiana Airlines -> 218 USD

China Airlines

China Airlines is the most popular airlines in Taipei. China Airlines is the major airline operating manly international flights from Taipei to many places in Taiwan and some countries in Asia, Europe, American, and vice versa. Besides, there are many international airlines in Taipei such as Air France, Air China, Malaysia Airlines, Korean Air, Emirates, Vietnam Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Japan Airlines,... To get flight from Seoul to Taipei, tourists can book tickets of many reputable airlines, including Cathay Pacific, Jeju Air, Korean Air, EVA Air, China Airlines,.. Air ticket of flight from Seoul to Taipei costs more than 250 USD. Therefore, cheap flights from Seoul to Taipei are the top choices of many visitors.

Useful information

Food and cuisine

Yongkang street

Yongkang street is known as tourism and cuisine street and Yongkang beef noodle is one the famous dish in this street. Yongkang beef noodle has been opened from 1963, attracts a large number of tourists come to enjoy. Noodle is combined with spicy soup of Sichuan chili, crispy beef tendon and soft beef. This is beloved food of locals and visitors.

Mango shaved ice

Mango shaved ice is one of the most famous street food of Taipei and a refreshing cooling in the summer. CNN has ever mentioned this dish when talking about Taiwan cuisine. In addition to beef noodle and mango shaved ice, tourists can easily find many special foods in Taipei streets like milk tea, fried squid, fried octopus, fried chicken, grilled beef or small dumplings.


Taipei City Hall

Taipei City Hall is considered the most crowded and busiest of Taipei where concentrates many companies, commercial centers, restaurants, coffee shops to show off the modernity and dynamism of this city. The famous fashion brands in the world, celebrated restaurants and the most sophisticated craft shops are all on this street. All the needs of tourism and shopping in Taipei will be fulfilled in Taipei City Hall.

Night life

Ximending night market

If tourists want to enjoy delicious, nutritious and cheap food, please come to Ximending night market. This market attracts many people thanks to quality goods and various street foods. Cheap fashion items such as clothing, jewelry, shoes and handbags, handicrafts are all found in Ximending night market. Visitors will definitely choose for themselves suitable item or great gift for friends and relatives.

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