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Con Dao economy

Mon, 28 Jul 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:46

In recent years, due to the attention of the government, provincial departments and enterprises, Con Dao has invested and upgraded infrastructure and techniques to serve the economic development. So, Con Dao economy has gradually significant growth.

Con Dao is a district of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, located in the Southeast economy. In the period from 2005-2010, economy in Con Dao shifted positively, increasing the proportion of tourism and services, reducing the proportion of agriculture and fishery. In 2010, the proportion of services reached 79,63%, industry-construction was 11,56% and agro-fishery was 8.82%. The added value of tourism industry in 5 years (2005-2010) accounted for 27.69% of the total added value of services. GDP Con Dao in 5 years reached VND 299,775 billion, an average increase of 16.25%/year. In 2010, GDP increased to 5 times over 2005. The per capita income reached $ 1.064, an average increase of 9.2%/year.           



Con Dao view from Six Sense Con Dao


The total revenue was VND 653.7 billion, increasing 13.51%, of which the state budget achieved VND 53.45 billion, reaching 186.43% of the target, an average increase of 21.85%. The revenue from tourism was 98.4%, increasing 3.8 times over 2005. There are 4 in 11 projects of hotels, restaurants, resorts with the high quality deployed. For example, Saigon Con Dao Resort with the invested capital of VND 100 billion were completed and put into operation, Dat Doc resort was invested more than $ 38 million and etc. In addition, the eco-tourism project, Con Dao National Park invested in some categories with the worth of VND 4.2 billion. Con Dao tourism associates with the historical revolutionary tradition, most visitors to Con Dao participate in the eco-tours and tours to visit historical relics. There were 107.458 visitors to Con Dao, including 11.010 international arrivals, increasing by 16.41% on average.


Trade - Transportation

The total revenues from trading and other services reached VND 1.631.3 billion, an average increase of 18.95%, including VND 1.274.5 billion of the commercial revenue. The revenue from other services achieved VND 356.8 billion. In 2012, Con Dao welcomed more than 82.000 visitors, increasing nearly 38% over the same period in 2011, of which international visitors was 13.000 arrivals, accounting for 16% of the total number of visitors to Con Dao. The total tourist revenue reached VND 255 billion, raising 97% over 2011, including VND 129 billion from international visitors.

In addition to the rapid development of tourism, the transportation, telecommunication and other types of services in Con Dao economy are gradually developed. The transportation between the island and the mainland is more convenient, the operating frequency of ships increased by 44%. The transportation by air increased 21 flights per week. The revenue from the transportation raised 11.7% on average. The domestic and international communication of Con Dao was guaranteed; the sales from postal service reached an average increase of 19%.


Con Dao Airport


The total social investment in the district reached VND 1.470 billion, increasing 8.3 times over 2005. The central and local investment in the construction and operation was VND 824 billion, including 301 billion of building 37 new projects, 252.3 billion of repairing and upgrading, 81 billion of developing the district economy,  565 billion of domestic and international enterprises and people.

The foreign investment has the remarkable contribution to the Con Dao economic development. In the period from 2005-2010, there are 12 foreign investment projects with total registered capital of $ 52 million. Besides the tourism investment projects, there were cultured pearl projects with the invested capital of $ 2.8 million of Vietnam Galatea Limited Company. In addition, there were 6 domestic investment projects with the total registered capital of VND 780 billion, of which three tourist projects have been put into operation.  The invested capital in the trade – services- tourism was VND 682 billion, of which the tourism was VND 360 billion, the transportation was VND 376.8 billion, the industry-handicraft was VND 145 billion, the agriculture was VND 110 billion, the social infrastructure was VND 66.7 billion and other civil services was VND 89.5 billion.



The industrial production value reached VND 127.6 billion, decreasing 5.04% on average, of which the state-owned industry was VND 19.1 billion, accounting for 15.25%, the non-state industry was VND 108.5 billion, decreasing 8.52%/year. The power output increased 17.03% on average, the fresh water output raised 9.76% and the ice water fell 13.67%. The road traffic network is invested and upgraded, ensuring the convenience for travel and transportation of goods and passengers.



Plage sauvage in Con Dao


The agricultural output value reached VND 39.6 billion, increasing 21.02% on average. The forest resources were protected well. The fishery output value achieved VND 64.69 billion, an average increase of 8.51%. The mining and farming production were 2.317 tons, decreasing 24% on average.  Moreover, Con Dao has the big fishery ground, the scale of catching is great which is convenient for logistic services and building factories of processing export sea products. Especially, Con Dao is the place having the biggest reserve of petroleum of the whole country, so the island has many potential to develop the sea economy. 

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