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Mai Chau economy

Wed, 30 Jul 2014. Last updated Sat, 15 Nov 2014 11:30

Previously, the economy of Mai Chau mainly focused on agriculture. In recent years, thanks to the development of tourism, the district has important economic restructuring to promote the economic development and enhance the life of people.

Mai Chau is a mountainous district in Hoa Binh province, in the Northwest economy of Vietnam. Currently, Mai Chau has become one of the famous tourist destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists. Thanks to this, the economy in Mai Chau has significant development steps.  

In 2012, the total production value reached VND 867.9 billion; the growth rate achieved 9.3% compared to the same period. The production value of agriculture - forestry - fishery products reached VND 341.9 billion, accounting for 39.39%, the industrial value and the construction achieved VND 296 billion, accounting for 34.11%; the commercial value - tourism reached 230 billion, accounting for 26.50%. The total revenue in the province reached 19.93 billion; per capita income reached VND 10.415 million/ person/ year.


Agriculture - Forestry

Rice paddies in Mai Chau


In the cultivation, the rice is dominated area and yields. The fruit trees and industrial trees are the economic strength of the district, but they have not really been focused development. The farming in Mai Chau primarily develops by the size of households. The cattle are often raised including buffaloes, cows and pigs. They are grazed in the natural method in the lawn or under the canopy forests. In 2012, the total cattle herd of district was 37.523, reached 82.4% of the target, the poultry was 196.550; the aquaculture production is relatively stable, the total area of ​​aquaculture ponds throughout the district achieved 55.4 hectares. The aquatic yield reached 181.8 tons including 180.5 tons of fish and 1.3 tons of the shrimp.  The district formed breeding models such as backyard chicken, fish ponds, breeding cattle, breeding pig...

Recently, in Mai Chau, the forest exploitation has not been really reasonable, so resources have been exhausted. In recent years, thanks to the programs PAM, 327, 661, forest protection project ... providing funds for planting ad protecting forest, Mai Chau forests have gradually being restored. The care and protection are being developed; the phenomenon of deforestation for cultivation purposes has essentially been prevented.



Local people sell souvenirs for visitors


So far, the district has 606 industry and handicrafts manufacturing units, consuming the large amounts of raw materials for local, resolving on-site jobs, contributing to increase the income for 1.996 labors. The production value in 2012 reached VND 136,075 billion. From 2006 until now, Mai Chau has focused on attracting the investment, directed authorities in the district to program the industrial development area, implement the projects and identify the development potential of the production of goods and so on.

Currently, Mai Chau has identified its strengths in attracting investment; there is agriculture, forestry processing and tourism services. In the past years, due to the right and open-minded policies, good promoting propaganda about the potential, advantages and the reform of administrative procedures in Mai Chau economy, many investors and businesses have been interested, attentive and invested in the district. Dozens of small and medium-sized projects has been invested, contributing to the Mai Chau economic restructuring and creating the employment for thousands of local workers such as Mai Chau lodge project of Thien Minh travel, community tourism project in Buoc village, Xam Khoe… 

The result of this policy has brought the Mai Chau average economic growth in 5 years (from 2005-2010) reached 12.56%; the economic structure has the shift. The agriculture's proportion fell to 40% while the proportion of industry, small industry and construction increased to 33.88%, the trading and service accounted for 26.12%. The economic development and restructuring in the right direction raised the per capita income across the district from 4.8 million (in 2005) to 8.06 million (2010); reduced the poverty rate to 16.15%.


Tourism – Services

Tourism is the main key in Mai Chau economy


Tourism is considered the strength of Mai Chau district with a number of famous tourist and cultural places for domestic and foreign tourists as Lac Village (Chieng Chau), Cum village (Van Mai), Pom Coong (Mai Chau town). With the surface water area of 800ha, Song Da Lake is a beauty scenic spot attracting tourists to Mai Chau. Promoting the potential tourism of traditional village, the District People’s Committees attaches special importance to the conservation and promotion the cultural and ethnic identity, often strengthens investment promotion, promotes the cultural image, ethnic identity, mobilizes the capital investment in infrastructure and improves the quality of tourist services in the district.  The district people's committee in collaboration with the Vietnam television implement program “tourism development in ethnic minority", to promote Mai Chau tourism all over the country.

In 2012, Mai Chau district welcomed 5141 delegations with 45.890 arrivals including 10.390.000 international visitors. The total revenue reached VND 8.5 billion. The result of the economic restructuring in the past years has played the important role in the socio-economic development of the district in particular and is the stimulation to boost the development of Vietnam economy.

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