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Royal Lotus Hotel Saigon introduction

Wed, 18 Mar 2015 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 09:03

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Located in the favorable position in the center of District 1, Royal Lotus Hotel Saigon with 173 elegant and luxurious rooms is always the favorite choice of both travelers and businessmen when coming to Ho Chi Minh City.

Royal Lotus Hotel Saigon is designed by a team of Vietnamese and foreign architects with many years of experience in using the light and basic geometric space. These architects have developed a modern architectural model from the basic materials as concrete and glass. The glass, steel and concrete are basic materials in the modern architecture that make the building more gentle, high-faluting and aesthetic; save the space and cost but gives sense of expanding space and visibility both in width and depth.

The harmonious combination between natural light and artificial light of chandeliers, wall lamps brings natural and transparent beauty for the hotel lobby, creating the feeling of closeness to nature. The interior design of the lobby is simple but modern, suitable with the ivory of the ceramic tiles on the wall. In addition, the flexible layout of cream sofas ensures utilities and meets the aesthetic criteria, creating a luxurious but still gentle and friendly lobby. Royal Lotus Saigon offers 173 elegant rooms including Classic, Premium, Deluxe Rooms and Suites Rooms designed by prestigious French Architecture and Interior Company.

New wing – Deluxe Rooms are designed with natural wood. Natural always creates a feeling of closeness, warmth so the wooden furniture is the top choice to create the friendliness and increase the elegance, especially in the architecture and interior of modern hotels like this.

New wing – Suites with 42 sqm is divided into 3 parts: living room, bedroom and bathroom. From the room, customers can contemplate the attractions of Ho Chi Minh City such as Opera House, Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral. Being the neutral colors but the cream color is lighter than gray and less monotonous than white so many architects are often preferred for home decoration. With elegance, modern, creamy color combined with the interior furniture gives the room a simple but eye-catching effect. In addition, wooden furniture with various designs, patterns and colors used in this room not simply to impress but also become harmonious alignment of each space.

In addition, the meeting room on the first floor of the hotel is a convenient place for businessmen to organize meetings, seminars when coming to Ho Chi Minh City. Formal feature and tension of the meetings will be dispelled by the harmonious architectural combination of lighting and potted plants placed in the middle of the room. To create the touches to the Royal spa, architects have cleverly built up the wooden walls carved intricate patterns. The walls are decorative items to limit the light into the room and bring the privacy for customers.

Opposite to the modern and comfortable services, the architecture of Royal Spa brings the Oriental mysterious style combined with the European romantic style creating an ideal relaxing space. Massage is an ancient art of relaxation known in the world thousands of years ago. Mystical power of this art has been used around the world such as India, China, and Europe to treat and relieve stress.

Among massage forms, Swedish massage is the most favorite form in European. Appeared in Sweden in the 19th century, this therapy was initially called classic massage. After a short time developed into neighboring countries in Asia and Europe, people called Swedish massage. The gentle, soothing and relaxing feeling is created through the use of force from palm combined with essential oil to transfer heat to the body. This is the secret to increase efficiency of Swedish massage therapy.

Fusion restaurant is designed in the interface between cultures, inherited traditional beauty and promote the essence of modern architecture. The restaurant uses the color of wood as the main color dotted with dark interior to create a simple space and the closeness to nature. The restaurant's name is also the name of a new culinary school to reconcile and combine the typical cuisines of different countries.

In addition, there is a bar right in the hotel’s lobby where customers can sit to wait for check-in, check-out or enjoy the delicious cocktails in the luxurious space. Fitness room of the hotel well-equipped with modern facilities will be an ideal place for tourists to exercise and relax after a working day.


Source: under Creative Commons

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