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Fortuna Hotel Hanoi – The relaxation paradise

Wed, 20 Aug 2014 . Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:47

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Located in the financial center of Hanoi, Fortuna Hotel Hanoi is really an ideal destination for tourists as well as businessmen who like to experience professional services, warm reception both relaxing and business.

Located in the bustling street of Ba Dinh district, Fortuna Hotel Hanoi has the area of more than 19.000km2. The hotel is built in the modern European style and one of the destinations of domestic and foreign businessmen.

Fortuna Hotel Hanoi is four-star and private hotel in Hanoi. Although this is four-star hotels Hanoi, Fortuna hotel offer five-star standard services with standard products and services. Unlike other four star hotels in Hanoi, the Fortuna hotel offers five star standard services. What you can see here is Capital Lounge. By the time, Fortuna was recognized as the four star hotel, it doesn’t have Capital Lounge. This is a dedicated area for customers at the executive floor.

Target customers of Fortuna are businessmen and this is the factor deciding the business concept of the hotel. Inspired by European architecture, the space of Capital Lounge brings the modern color and classic beauty. The architectural style is blended with the Roman architecture through big pillars arranged in the middle of the room. The yellow and brown are the dominant colors in the design of the hotel to create the feeling of closeness and warmth because the yellow and beige are believed to increase the relaxing feeling and the inspiration.

The light is also an important part in the design of the Capital Lounge. According to scientific researches, the light not only affects life activities but also can increase or decrease the quality of human. The light that is enough visual stimulation will create a pleasant feeling. The space of Capital Lounge not only uses the yellow light but also is decorated with colored bright lines on the ceiling to create the rebellion. Notably, two different colors will create the excitement and inspiration for the user.

The idea of Fortuna hotel’s Spa focuses on creating the quiet and separate space. The Spa is located on the top floor of the Hanoi Hotel that complete separate from the vibrant life outside. Here you can just hear the music and the sound of water. Once setting foot in the Spa, you will feel the relaxation and tranquility. Along with the relaxation and tranquility, the light of the lighting system is also adjusted to bring the cozy feeling and the most relaxing, comfortable moments for tourists.

In addition to the general trend at the spa of Fortuna, the adjustment of light is also different from other Spas. The lighting system is installed and carefully calculated to create a very personal space for tourists. Here tourists can experience all senses such as smell the aroma of essential oils, heard the melodious nature through music, experience the feeling of touching through the skin, drink water not only good for health but also joyful spirit, along with contemplating the fresh nature in the complete isolation with the noisy space.

The stone is the material used to build castles, ancient relics, antiques, temples and cities in many cultures. Carvers sculptured and created famous works as Taj Mahal, the great stone wall surrounding Russo city, the Great Wall, Pyramids, Agkor Wat temple, Parthenon temple and many other works. Inspired from the sculpting of the Renaissance, statues here are usually the gods, angels in the Greek mythology. Statues are made ​​from the white marble, one of favorite stones in the stone sculpture of the Renaissance. The entire collection here has the general idea to create the classical European architecture space and give the feeling of power, nobility and respect for tourists. All products used in Fortuna are imported from Singapore in accordance with international standards.  The hotel offers 10 different scrubs and nearly 10 kinds of massage oils to meet the diverse demand of tourists.

Currently, products used for spa is more and more diverse and richer, but tourists tend to use the natural products. Plants in the nature are selected to extract the beneficial ingredients for the human. Some herbs are used most parts, but according to some studies, the extract from the tree root will bring better efficiency due to higher protein as well as stronger and typical essential oils. Especially, these products extracted from roots bear the special stamp of every region.

Coming to the Spa of hotel Hanoi, tourists often choose the aromatherapy treatment, because with this therapy package you will be massaged with essential oils. And after massaging with essential oils, you will feel your body more comfortable and reduce the fatigue quickly. Also with this therapy treatment, you can soak in the tub, the sauna and the Jacuzzi to relax and detoxify. The body scrub by the white pearl will make the blood circulation better and is good for your health.

Among treatments of the Spa, the aromatherapy treatment and body scrub are considered two services bringing the long-term effect for your body. The body scrub will make your skin regenerated quickly and the aromatherapy treatment will help the blood circulation in the body and relax the spirit quickly. Many studies have shown that the benefit of Spa not only is to beautify but also brings a healthy body.

The benefit of using Spa services is good for the cardiovascular system. During the course of therapy, the breathing and the heartbeat are reconciled stably. This makes the metabolism easier. Therefore, the cardiovascular system as well as the blood circulation operates more efficiently.

The second benefit of Spa services is constrained the arthritis. The sauna process creates conditions to let loose the muscles. Thence the steam will infringe on the joints. Thanks to this, the arthritis is gradually improved significantly. In addition, the therapy treatments have the benefit to reduce the risk of cancer. The body temperature is often high while bathing Spa, so it will help to improve the immune system.  

 Target customers of the hotel are businessmen, so the hotel has to capture the personality and the psychology of this group, they are very busy. The hotel is also aware of the importance of keeping relationship with each customer. Whether they are staying here for business or pleasure, they still get our attention. The hotel also learn about the needs of tourists and find that they expect more necessary conditions to health care, so a modern gym was born.

The life with a lot of pressure and the immoderate living often leads to unusual gain weight, so Cardio exercise will help to lose weight efficiently by burning energy on site. Eliminating a large amount of sweat will help to detoxify the body effectively. The muscle exercise helps toned muscles and supple body. In addition, it also increases the endurance and the stamina for your body.

Fitness One in Hanoi Fortuna hotel has the modern machine system including cardio machines, multifunction muscle machines. All these machines are imported from America of Star Trac Company. Here, the coaches were formerly members of the national team will guide tourists to exercise in the proper way.

Creating the cozy and private space in bedrooms is one of the criteria of Fortuna hotel. In addition to supplying full standard equipment in the room, with four types of standard room including Superior, Classic, Deluxe, Suite the hotel can meet all diverse demands of tourists. The main color used in all rooms is beige, yellow and brown. All details are allotted to give the space closer and more intimate with tourists.

Talking about the software element based on the quality of workforce in the hotel’s concept, there are five senses including the sight, the hearing, the smell, the taste and the touch. One of the factors affecting the sight and the smell of tourists is using flowers and plants to bring the close feeling to the nature.  Flowers here are seasonal and décor according to the elegant style to create the highlight for the decorative interior. The modern art of flower arrangement not only is based on the basic principle but also shows the harmony between the nature and basic concepts to create the novel feeling for tourists.

 Moreover, conference rooms and meeting rooms are also the strength of this hotel in Hanoi. There are two ballrooms with the capacity of 500 people and four to five conference rooms. Currently, Fortuna hotel offers some attractive service packages as conference and seminar packages in all day and half day, birthday parties, celebrations…

In recent years, besides traditional weddings, the hotel also held themed weddings to meet the demand of young couples as white wedding, pink wedding, especially the white-purple wedding. We also offer families and young couple the impressive wedding party sample. According to wedding idea, the trend of wedding in recent years has changed strongly. The small and simple weddings will appear because the brides and grooms prefer to organize for their own wedding parties. Not only the organization but also the design for wedding party will be more simple and modern. The couples will find services that are not too traditional but suitable with their style. With the idea creating the wedding parties according to the style of customers, the main color in the room is still pure white; however, the combined color will be changed under the request and idea of couples.

Victoria Ballroom is one of the large ballrooms of the hotel. Here, hundreds of romantic and personal parties took place. This year, Fortuna hotel held for the children a party with the theme “Fairy Garden”. When they entered the space of the party, they could image the gardens, mushrooms, fairies and the fairy castles. This is one of the strengths of the hotel when taking place big parties of the year. For example, last year, we organized a party on 1st June with the theme “Carnival” very successful.

The hotel won the award “the best hotel” of Vietnam economic time in 2 consecutive years. This award endorsed the quality of the hotel’s service.


Source: Fortuna Hotel - Hanoi

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