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Expat jobs in Vietnam

Wed, 18 Jun 2014. Last updated Wed, 17 Sep 2014 17:42

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Vietnam becomes a popular recruitment market to other countries. A large number of expats come to Vietnam to find a better job and suitable to their qualifications. In addition, many expat jobs in Vietnam appeal great interest of foreigners.

As being a developing economy, there is a variety of jobs for foreigners in Vietnam. Expat jobs are mainly in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, but there are jobs for expats in the smaller towns. Fields attract expats including IT industries, construction and tourism. However, there is a large number of foreigners come to Vietnam and work as English teachers in schools, and language communities, and NGOs, particularly in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Foreigners who work in Vietnam can maintain their quality of life as same as in their home country. In addition, there are more occupations in other fields like construction, technology, tourism, and science. By dint of learning to speak a bit of Vietnamese, you have chances to get on well with Vietnamese colleagues and enhance your spare time when discovering Vietnam.


Vietnam Works website


It is common knowledge that Vietnam is lacking high-qualified labor, thus, that foreigners come to Vietnam to find a job seems to be the factor filling in the gap in certain niche fields. In some fields of public relations, labor from Filipinos, Indians, and Westerners come to Vietnam to work. Expat jobs in Vietnam can be easily found in several websites. There is a wide range of reputable job seeking websites which provides expats chances to find suitable jobs such as Vietnam Works, Job Street, Career Link, Lao Dong, and Tuoitre, Career Jet, Learn4Good. Vietnam Works is regarded as the most reputable job-seeking website in Vietnam. This website contains a large number of famous corporations and companies, even non-profit organizations. In addition, the system is always updated every single minute; thus, foreigners will have a plenty of job opportunities in the country.


Office hours in Tan Tao University


Most of foreigners come to Vietnam choose to teach English. Most of language centers and school system in Vietnam prefer hiring native teachers to improve the quality of education in Vietnam, especially in linguistics development. Vietnamese is the official language of the country, and Vietnamese people are influenced by Confucianism; thus, education is also affected by these traditions. However, Vietnam is in the integration progress, the international exchange is necessary. Many teaching and training opportunities for foreigners are created. Foreigners teaching in Vietnam are often paid for about US$15 – US$25 per hour in some fields such as linguistics and training technique. Nevertheless, if you work as teachers in Vietnam, you have to travel a lot. teaching jobs in Vietnam do not just popular in big cities as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, but also other provinces, even remote areas.

Apart from working as English teachers in Vietnam, expats can find jobs in other fields such as being high-ranking officers in some large corporations, private businesses, or foreign-owned companies. Many foreigners work in fields of business development and sales. The reason of Vietnamese companies hiring foreign personnel is good qualification of English as well as working style of expats. Currently, most partners of companies in Vietnam are foreigners, too. Therefore, when negotiating to cooperate, officers as expats will succeed more than that of Vietnamese one at the same position. Vacancies in tourism and construction are interesting jobs in Vietnam for expats, because these fields require skilled-labor specialist. Salary of foreigners in such fields ranges from US$10 thousand to US$30 thousand, depending on level of qualifications and degrees. Although the payment is relatively low in comparison to that in their countries, they can have a good life, even luxury in Vietnam.

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