Vinh Airport becomes international airport

Mon, 02 Feb 2015. Last updated Tue, 04 Dec 2018 16:51

Recently, at Vinh Airport, Aviation Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) in collaboration with Nghe An Province celebrated the inauguration of the terminal and announced the plan that Vinh Airport becomes Vinh International Airport.

Vinh International Airport is located in Nghi Lien Commune, Vinh City, in Nghe An. The airport has a runway with sizes of 2,400mx 45m, ensuring to receive aircrafts of A320 - A321 or equivalent. Vinh Airport reaches 4C level according to standard code of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). In recent years, Vinh Airport has developed with a high speed. It is believed that the project for constructing terminal at the airport started from April 2013 with high international technology. Vinh Airport terminal has an area of 11,706 m2, with architecture based on the idea of lotus and lotus leaves with four doors to aircrafts. The terminal can meet a capacity of 1000 passengers in rush hours, and 3 million passengers/year. In addition, this project also expands a parking area from four to seven positions. The area is guaranteed to receive aircrafts of A320 / 321 or others equivalent.

New terminal at Vinh Airport

In addition, the road system layer (209 m long, and 9 to 14.5 m wide) is also constructed with more lanes for cars in and out. Garage is also expanded. The total investment of the project is about 1,200 billion dong with Aviation Corporation of Vietnam as an investor. According to Mr. Nguyen Nguyen Hung, Chairman of Board members of ACV, the airport's new terminal is invested with modern equipment and advanced international technology. The new terminal has a beautiful and modern architecture, and unique promotion of local culture with the idea of lotus and lotus leaf images. And, lotus has been known as National flower of Vietnam. Terminal in Vinh Airport has a unique design with 1st floor used to serve coming passengers and 2nd floor used to serve leaving passengers, along with modern equipment of 28 counters, business class lounge, commercial services, utility services to serve passengers, support services for people with disabilities, the elderly and people with difficulty in moving.

The inauguration of terminal and put into operation three large works in Vinh Airport (passenger terminal, airport road and car park floor, expanded aircraft parking) is very important to Vinh City, Nghe An province in particular and the system  of airports in Vietnam in general. This work not only creates a modern and new look, an accentuated point in the urban landscape for the Vinh City, but also is beneficial for the movement of people in the province, other provinces, and international and domestic visitors. Furthermore, Vinh International Airport not only solves the overload of the old terminal, expands the ability to exploit and improve business efficiency, security safe, and provides services and advanced facilities for better passenger service, but also contributes actively to promoting social and economic development, tourism and investment in Nghe An, and in North Central provinces.

Popular airlines operating in Vinh

Japan Airlines <-> 2,664 USDSichuan Airlines -> 777 USDSouth African Airways <-> 2,841 USDSrilankan Airlines -> 417 USD
Air Canada -> 905 USDAir China -> 1,029 USDQatar Airways -> 480 USDCathay Pacific Airways -> 383 USD
Singapore Airlines -> 1,630 USDHahn Air -> 448 USDAll Nippon Airways <-> 833 USDDragon Airlines -> 372 USD
Thai Airways -> 279 USDMalaysia Airline -> 317 USDHainan Airlines -> 709 USDDeutsche Lufthansa -> 3,603 USD
Hong Kong Airlines -> 556 USDBritish Airways -> 2,763 USDAsiana Airlines -> 606 USDDelta Airlines <-> 619 USD

Popular flights from and to Vinh

Vinh -> Ho Chi Minh City 26 USDVinh -> Dalat 44 USD
Vinh -> Hanoi 26 USDVinh -> Pleiku 40 USD
Vinh -> Can Tho 47 USDVinh -> Da Nang 42 USD
Vinh -> Nha Trang 30 USDVinh -> Ban Me Thuot 40 USD
Ho Chi Minh City -> Vinh 30 USDDalat -> Vinh 44 USD
Hanoi -> Vinh 26 USDPleiku -> Vinh 38 USD
Can Tho -> Vinh 47 USDDa Nang -> Vinh 42 USD
Nha Trang -> Vinh 39 USDBan Me Thuot -> Vinh 40 USD
Vinh -> Dusseldorf 913 USDVinh -> Dallas 764 USD
Vinh -> Taiyuan 334 USDVinh -> Hakodate 609 USD

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