Bamboo Airways flights lead on-time operations

Fri, 21 Feb 2020. Last updated Tue, 24 Mar 2020 13:36

According to Vietnam Aviation Administration, Bamboo Airways lead the entire aviation industry in terms of average punctuality rate.

Specifically, in period from 01 Jan to 31 Jan, Bamboo operated 3941 flights, including 3705 on-time flights, accounting for 94%. It is higher than the average index of entire industy of 82.2%, reaching OTP rate of over 90% in January.

Bamboo Airways leads in terms of punctuality among the Vietnamese airlines in January

As a result, Bamboo Airways leds the punctuality rate of the first month of this year. Previously, the airline also achieved the highest average punctuality rate of Vietnam’s aviation industry in 2019.

According to the statistics, 6 main reasons caused the delayed flight including: weather conditions, late arrival’s aircraft, the airline; flight management and operation, airport infraststructure and other reasons.

Earlier this year, Forbes magazine of the United States considered Bamboo Airways as one of the most notable airlines in 2020. Forbes also stated that it is rare to have a startup airline providing a diverse range of services with international standards so quickly as Bamboo Airways.

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