Vietnam Airlines logo renewed

Mon, 09 Mar 2015. Last updated Tue, 04 Dec 2018 17:21

After changing new uniform, Vietnam Airlines keeps change its logo. The Vietnam Airlines logo system will be renewed more professional and simple in May 2015 from lotus logo, interior and exterior of aircrafts and quality of services will be increased.

The system of Vietnam Airlines logo will be changed along with uniform change. This is a part in the plan of becoming 4-star airline in 2015. Vietnam Airlines also strikes for becoming one of top airlines in Southeast Asia, and leading favorite brand in terms of service quality. Logo of Vietnam Airlines underwent 3 times of change from the image stork wings flying over the full moon to the image of lotus. And this time, the new logo of VN Airlines will remain the symbol of lotus, but the font of "Vietnam Airlines" will be changed to be more reasonable and appropriate.

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 777-200 new colors

According to the airline, over 10 years is a long enough period to make new identity. The airline said that since the implementation of lotus symbol, the logo application has not been unified, standardized yet in many aspects such as aircraft interiors, uniforms in three regions, a check-in counters (design, decoration, electronic screens), lounge, office products... Also, in some cases, by the ratio between lotus image and Vietnam Airlines is inappropriate, long words, and thin fonts size; therefore, the logo is not prominent. Therefore, the airline decided to make a new logo with some minor changes to the font, the rate compared with lotus.

According to VNAirlines, the new logo has a simpler and stronger body with an elegant yellow line which divides the aircraft suitably. The major part of aircraft is painted light blue the traditional color of VNA. At the tail plane, lotus logo has a bigger size, which makes passengers recognize easier. The ventral part of aircraft has a color of pale cream which is environmentally friendly. In terms of color, inheriting existing brand colors (blue and yellow), the aircraft is replaced gray with gray-white to bring youthful, dynamic and environmentally friendly feeling, but still ensures identified factors of VNA.

Vietnam Airlines Boeing-777-200 with new logo

The plan of renewing Vietnam Airlines fleet will be made towards simplification focusing on a number of categories of the latest generation of aircrafts saving fuel, and friendly environment. It is expected to mid-2015, Vietnam Airlines will receive two additional aircrafts which are the world's most modern ones: B787-9 Dreamliner and A350-900 - aircraft of two leading aircraft manufacturers in the world - Airbus and Boeing in May and June 2015. Vietnam Airlines will become the first airline in Asia were handed two most modern aircrafts in the world. The event marks a great milestone in the breakthrough of scale, quality and effect of VNA. At the same time, it contributes to improving the position of Vietnam Airline in world market. Combining with changing appearance (brand identity), the airline also invests in upgrading facilities and quality services. Under the plan, depending on service policy from time to time, A350 aircraft will be equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and SMS.

Popular destinations of Vietnam Airlines

VietnamNha TrangCam Ranh Airport, Nha Trang (CXR) - Vietnam
VietnamQuang BinhDong Hoi Airport, Quang Binh (VDH) - Vietnam
VietnamVinhVinh Airport, Vinh (VII) - Vietnam
VietnamHaiphongCat Bi International Airport , Haiphong (HPH) - Vietnam
VietnamDa NangDa Nang International Airport, Da Nang (DAD) - Vietnam
VietnamDien Bien PhuDien Bien Phu Airport, Dien Bien Phu (DIN) - Vietnam
VietnamPhu QuocPhu Quoc Airport, Phu Quoc (PQC) - Vietnam
VietnamQuang NinhVan Don International Airport, Quang Ninh (VDO) - Vietnam
VietnamCon DaoCo Ong Airport, Con Dao (VCS) - Vietnam
VietnamRach GiaRach Gia Airport, Rach Gia (VKG) - Vietnam
United StatesRochesterGreater Rochester International Airport, Rochester (ROC) - United States
United StatesTampaAll Airports, Tampa (TPA) - United States
United StatesSan FranciscoSan Francisco International Airport, San Francisco (SFO) - United States
United StatesIndianapolisIndianapolis International Airport, Indianapolis (IND) - United States
United StatesPaducahBarkley Regional Airport, Paducah (PAH) - United States
FranceNiceCôte d'Azur International Airport, Nice (NCE) - France
ChinaXingyiXingyi Airport, Xingyi (ACX) - China
TaiwanTaichungTaichung Ching Chuan Kang Airport, Taichung (RMQ) - Taiwan
ChinaHengyangHengyang Airport, Hengyang (HNY) - China
United StatesHonoluluHonolulu International Airport, Honolulu (HNL) - United States

Popular routes of Vietnam Airlines

Hanoi -> Vinh 26 USDHanoi -> Dien Bien Phu 36 USD
Hanoi -> Qui Nhon 33 USDHanoi -> Hue 30 USD
Ho Chi Minh City -> Thanh Hoa 35 USDQuang Binh -> Ho Chi Minh City 32 USD
Hanoi -> Da Nang 30 USDTuy Hoa -> Hanoi 33 USD
Haiphong -> Ho Chi Minh City 35 USDRach Gia -> Ho Chi Minh City 38 USD
Bangkok <-> Bratsk 1,192 USDFukuoka -> Luang Prabang 469 USD
Chiang Rai -> Hongkong 352 USDChiang Mai -> Frankfurt 530 USD
Seoul -> Singapore 236 USDPhuket -> Manila 230 USD
Okinawa <-> Siem Reap 708 USDSendai <-> Bangkok 855 USD
Kobe <-> Siem Reap 771 USDDalat -> Helsinki 934 USD

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