Tips for eating on a plane

Mon, 02 Mar 2020. Last updated Mon, 02 Mar 2020 15:42

Like traveling by train or bus, we can feel uncomfortable and tired when flying. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the diet how to make your flight more comfortable. In the below article, AloTrip will share tips for eating on a plane..

Food should eat on a plane


When traveling by plane, you should bring some dried fruits, cereal or cookies. After they are checked at the security gate at the airport, you can bring them on the plane. It will make you less hungry and less bored when having to sit long in an airplane.


High-protein foods

You shouldn’t leave your stomach empty in flight, but also shouldn’t eat too full because it will make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you should eat high-protein foods, low fat such as salmon, chicken, eggs… before the flight.



Yogurt is a healthy food. It helps balance the body, especially is good for the digestive system, reducing flatulence. Before boarding, you should eat a small cup of yogurt with a little fruit.



Before you get on the plane, you should try a low-sugar fruit smoothie, as it will provide abundant vitamins for you. You will feel more comfortable and ready for a long flight.


Food should not eat on a plane

Fast food

Fast food is now very convenient and popular in many places. For busy people, it will be the first choice. However, the fast food is not as good as you imagine. Because they contain quite a lot of grease and fat, after you eat it and get on the plane, you will feel uncomfortable when metabolizing fat under changing pressure conditions. It will even make you have stomach aches.

Fast food

Bread and cakes

When flying, you should not eat bread or cakes because they contain high sugar content. So it will make you very uncomfortable. Also, you should avoid a diet high in sodium, as it can cause high blood pressure and cause the body to retain fluid. It’s best to avoid salty foods the day before or the day of travel.

Bread and cake


Sugar-free foods often contain sweetener. These artificial sweeteners can cause gas and bloating. Going to the toilet frequently during the flight would certainly cause inconvenience.


Smelly food

We should not eat smelly vegetables and fruits in flight, because the cabin compartment is pressurized and does not have much oxygen. Smelly food can affect other passengers as not everyone can tolerate these unpleasant odors.

Smelly food

Stimulant Drinks

You should limit the use of stumulant drinks such as soda, wine or coffee before or in flight because they will cause you to burp constantly.

Stimulant Drinks

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