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Book cheap flights to Sweden to have new experience in this beautiful country. As a country in Northern Europe, Sweden owns many beautiful natural landscapes and the unique historical culture.

Sweden is one of the countries in Northern Europe in Scandinavia. In terms of geographical location, Sweden shares border with Norway to the west, Finland to the northeast, Bothnia and Baltic Sea to the east and the south. Stockholm is the capital of this country. Sweden has stretching coastlines to the east and majestic mountain system of Scandinavia, a vast mountain range which constitutes the border between Sweden and Norway. Meanwhile, this kingdom has the sea border with many countries such as German, Russian Federation, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. With 449,964 square kilometers, Sweden is the largest country in Northern Europe with the population of 9.5 million people. About 78% of Sweden area is forest, while the area of arable land is only about 1%. The north is heavily forested; the west is mountainous region, while Southern Sweden is predominantly agricultural. Sweden is located in the Arctic area, but due to the great influence of the Gulf Stream, Sweden climate is relatively mild. In summer, the average temperature is about 15°C – 17°C. In winter, there is the difference between the south and the north, the average temperature in the north is -14°C and the south is -10°C.

Tourist attractions in Sweden

Typical housing in Nykoping

Sweden is an attractive tourist destination for tourists around the world with many attractions. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe are the top destinations for tourists when visiting Sweden. Among them, Gothenburg tops the list, because the city has relatively cheap service prices, many attractive places, and friendly and hospitable citizens. It is also the second largest industrial city in Sweden, the hometown of the famous car brands worldwide like Volvo and Ericsson mobile phone.

Tourists should visit around the city with attractions such as Central Square, Poseidon Statue - the symbol of the city. Poseidon status stands majestically as protecting the prosperity, peace to the city. Skansen Kronan Fortress is located on the poetic hill, was once a famous prison in the war. Now, it has become the military museum for tourists to visit and learn. Haga will be a great place with lovely wooden houses built from the 19th century. Liseberg Amusement Park, the largest park in Nordic region is also interesting place in Sweden for relaxation. Interestingly, tourists should experience the feeling of sailing along the Gota River to admire the beauty of Gothenburg city on the beautiful days.

Leaving Gothenburg City, tourists should drop by Stockholm of Sweden. Stockholm was once the Gamla Stan medieval town with magnificent Royal Palace and Riksdag Palace. Visiting Stockholm, tourists can walk around the maze with ancient narrow alleys of Gamla Stan. Also, coming here tourists can buy a famous Tre Kronor shirt - the symbol of Sweden and plastic Viking hat. Tourists who are interested in exploring natural beauty of forest and mountain in Stockholm should drop by the large Djurgarden Island, this would be the appropriate place to discover and learn about nature. The city is known for museums such as Skansen and Vasamuseet. Those who love the quiet and peace can visit Skeppsholmen Island and Kastellholmen Island which have stunning beaches.

Adelgatan in Lund

Lund city is famous for thrilling fairy tales of Andersen. Walking on the clean and clam paved roads in Lund, watching the surroundings and windows of colorful old houses, tourists seem to be back to the interesting fairy tales on their childhood. Lund city always hides an ancient and idyllic beauty with the Nordic architectural style. The idyllic, quiet beauty of local people always attracts the attention of tourists. In addition, there are many other attractions in Sweden such as Visby Ancient Capital, Gamla Stan Old Quarter, Kalmar Castle, Stockholm Island and Drottningholm Royal Palace.

Popular airports in Sweden

Malmö-Sturup Airport, Malmo (MMX) - SwedenStockholm Arlanda Airport, Stockholm (ARN) - Sweden
Karlstad Airport, Karlstad (KSD) - SwedenUmeå City Airport, Umea (UME) - Sweden
Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport, Trollhattan (THN) - SwedenVilhelmina Airport, Vilhelmina (VHM) - Sweden
Lycksele Airport, Lycksele (LYC) - SwedenStockholm-Västerås Airport, Vasteras (VST) - Sweden
Skellefteå Airport, Skelleftea (SFT) - SwedenRonneby Airport, Ronneby (RNB) - Sweden
Visby Airport, Visby (VBY) - SwedenMalmö Harbour Heliport, Malmo (JMM) - Sweden
Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport , Angelholm (AGH) - SwedenHamnen Heliport, Angelholm/Helsingborg (JHE) - Sweden
Stockholm-Bromma Airport, Stockholm (BMA) - SwedenJönköping Airport, Jonkoping (JKG) - Sweden
Mora Airport, Mora (MXX) - SwedenVäxjö Airport , Vaxjo (VXO) - Sweden
Gävle-Sandviken Airport, Gavle (GVX) - SwedenHudiksvall Airport, Hudiksvall (HUV) - Sweden

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Currently, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is the main airport in Sweden. It is exploiting daily domestic and international flights direct to/ from Sweden. In addition, tourists can choose flights from Sweden to destinations around the world easily at some major airports of Sweden such as:

Stockholm-Bromma Airport (Stockholm)

Göteborg Airport (Göteborg)

Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport (Trollhättan)

Kristianstad Airport (Kristianstad)

Storuman Airport (Storuman)

Mora-Siljan Airport (Mora)

Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport (Helsingborg)

Kalmar Airport (Kalmar)

Örebro Airport (Örebro)

Presently, tourists who want to choose cheap flights from Sweden to Vietnam can book cheap tickets of the reputable airlines in Asia. Airlines operating flights Sweden - Vietnam are Qatar Airways, China Southern Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Air China, Turkish Airlines, and Emirates.

Popular cities in Sweden


Popular airlines in Sweden and to Sweden

Air Pacific <-> 5,222 USDSiberia Airlines -> 382 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 613 USDAir Canada -> 1,287 USD
Klm Royal Dutch Airlines <-> 437 USDAir India -> 472 USDFlybe -> 3,721 USDAir China -> 282 USD
Thai Airways -> 354 USDSingapore Airlines -> 378 USDEmirates Airlines -> 363 USDVirgin Atlantic Airways -> 848 USD
Eva Airways -> 1,110 USDHainan Airlines -> 700 USDSilk Air -> 2,808 USDBritish Airways <-> 592 USD
Etihad Airways <-> 577 USDHahn Air <-> 584 USDKorean Air -> 2,266 USDJapan Airlines -> 3,705 USD

Scandinavian Airlines is the multinational airline of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Also, it is the largest airline in Europe. It always offers the best service for customers. The airlines is currently operating cheap flights to Europe and some countries in other continents including America, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and China…

Popular and low-cost airlines flying to Sweden are Czech Airlines, Finnair, EasyJet Switzerland, Air China, Air Berlin, Air Croatia, Air France, Air Serbia, Austrian Airlines operated by Tyrolean Airways, Belavia, Czech Airlines, Bulgaria Air, Emirates, Aegean Airlines, Adria Airways, Estonian Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Bulgaria Air, Germanwings operated by Eurowings, Icelandair, Iran Aseman Airlines, Iraqi AIrways, LOT Polish Airlines, Luxiar, Pegasus Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, TAP Portugal, Swiss International Air Lines, SunExpress, Ukaine International Airlines, Untied Airlines, Vueling and some other airlines.

Popular flights to Sweden

Switzerland <-> Sweden 369 USDBasel
France -> Sweden 184 USDParis
Thailand -> Sweden 441 USDChiang Rai, Bangkok, Hat Yai, Krabi, Khon Kaen, Lampang, Ubon Ratchath, Koh Samui, Udon Thani, U Tapao
Vietnam -> Sweden 738 USDDien Bien Phu, Thanh Hoa, Can Tho
Romania -> Sweden 191 USDBucharest
Lao, People's Dem. Rep. -> Sweden 412 USDPakse, Vientiane
Cambodia -> Sweden 394 USDPhnom Penh, Siem Reap

Tourists can book cheap tickets to Sweden from popular destinations in Europe, some countries in other regions as below:





Russian Federation

Moscow-Sheremetyevo, Saint Petersburg


Athens, Kalamata




Berlin-Tegel, Cologne/ Bonn, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich




Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Nice, Orly Paris



Republic of Serbia




Republic of Czech


United States

New York - JFK, Neward, Chicago - O'Hare


Geneva, Zürich

United Arab Emirates





Addis Ababa


Helsinki, Bergen, Vaasa


Sulaimaniyah, Bagdad, Erbil


Madrid, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Málaga, Alicante, Palma de Mallorca




Tehran - Imam Khomeini
















Ankara, Istanbul–Atatürk




Copenhagen, Aalborg, Billund


Oslo - Gardermoen

Bosna and Hercegovina



Rome - Fiumicino, Milan-Linate, Milan-Malpensa


Tel Aviv–Ben Gurion







Other useful information

Riddarholmen from Stockholm City Hall tower

- Meat, fish, potato and bread are the most popular dishes in Kingdom of Sweden. If tourists want to try the unique traditional dishes of this country, they should taste Husmanskost. Tourists should choose Michelin-starred restaurant to enjoy specialties of Sweden. In addition, there are popular dishes of the Nordic region as black sausage, meatballs, potato dumplings, pickled herring...

- Stockholm has many famous shopping centers in Sweden with fairly reasonable price. If tourists are not European citizens, they can buy duty-free goods because this country provides tax exemption for all tourists who are not members of EU. All shopping centers, supermarkets, department stores in Sweden are opened all week.

- Swedish people attach much important to queuing. Therefore, when tourists come to anywhere that needs queuing they should not jostle with someone, otherwise they will get the unsympathetic eyes of the people here. Please adhere to the queue, take the number if available and wait for their turn.

- Transportation system in Sweden is very convenient, roads are wide and clean, traffic jam rarely occurs. Tourists can choose many different means, but the most common public means here are bus and bicycle. Therefore, the air in major cities of Sweden is always fresh and almost no dust. Traveling with two means, tourists not only can save cost for tourists but also have the chance to see the city more.

- The official currency in Sweden is euro, but tourists can also use US dollar, so they should change money into one of two types of currency. Tourists should change currency at exchange foreign currency counters at airports or banks to get the higher rate than other places.

- There is an interesting thing in Sweden that is restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs are not allowed to sell strong liquor. If tourists want to buy and drink strong liquor, they can only come to restaurants belonging to the chain store of Systembolaget. Under Swedish law, the citizens over 20 years old are allowed to buy strong liquor. Maybe thanks to this, social evils rarely occur in Kingdom of Sweden. 

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