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Cheap flights to Norway is being provided by different airlines such as Scandinavian Airlines, and many other carriers in Europe and Asia. Norway will be an attractive destination for skiing, hiking, boating on the river or simply just for pleasure.

Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway is located on Scandinavia Peninsula in Europe. The country has an area of 385,155km²  and the population of more than 5 million people. Norway shares border with Finland, Sweden and Russian Federation. It is adjacent Sweden to the east, the North Sea to the south and the west, Republic of Finland and Russian Federation to the north.  The distance from North to South of the country is greater than that from West to East Norway has a long coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean. Most of Norway territory is the mountainous region or high terrain and large glaciers. Due to a great variety of natural terrain, Norway climate is also diverse. Although the bays stretch but mostly are the fjords; the longest fjord is Sognefjorden.

Norway has the fairy temperate climate thanks to Gulf Stream along the coast, so the average temperature in summer is usually 15°C and in winter is down -5°C. The precipitation is more at the north latitude, especially along the coast. The mainland experiences 4 distinct seasons, with colder winters and less precipitation inland. The northernmost part is mostly affected by maritime Subarctic climate, while Svalbard has an Arctic tundra climate. Weather has the sizable seasonal variations in daylight. In north of the Arctic Circle, the sun never completely descends beneath the horizon, so Norway is dubbed as the "Land of the Midnight sun". In summer, the sunshine hours are nearly 20 hours per day.

Tourist attractions in Norway

Oslo will be the first stopover of visitors around the world. The city attracts visitors by the bustle and the beautiful natural scenery. The ancient and modern buildings combined with ancient churches located between green forest's canopies bring the closeness to nature. Edvard Munch Museum with impressive architecture, Norwegian folk museum with a large space, medieval Akershus fortress and Vigeland Park famous for the collection of impressive and unique sculptures are indispensable attractions in the capital.


When coming to the northern Norway, visitors should drop by places such as Nordland, Tróm, Navirk and Karajok... Especially, Alta is the only place in the world where visitors can admire the sun rises at midnight. Traveling to Alta, visitors should spend time exploring famous archaeological relics with unique carvings on the stone recognized as the world heritage by UNESCO. Interestingly, visitors will also have the chance to visit the polar bears in the Svalbard archipelago. It is interesting to witness firsthand the spectral  phenomena occurring in the north pole. The phenomenon certainly gives visitors the extremely memorable moments.

To the east of the country, visitors can visit the blue lakes surrounded by green trees and majestic high mountains. In addition, visitors can visit Jotunheimen National Park, climb on Galdhøpiggen Mountain - the highest peak in the park to contemplate the panoramic view of the Eastern Norway. Visitors who love nature and beautiful flowers should visit Fla, while those who prefer to explore and adventure tourism should go Al, Ostfold, Romerike, Valdes, Trysil to participate in exciting sports such as yachting, hiking, cycling, skiing... Also, Land, Toten and Gjøvik are interesting places.


If visitors want to escape the noise of the streets, they should come to the central region of Norway. Ancient architectural works, the vast green pastures, the clear lakes will be an ideal place for relaxing. The south is always famous for the beautiful reefs, the small villages along the poetic lakes and beautiful fjords. Visitor can explore the sea with majestic lighthouses in Mandal. Sirdal will be a great choice for lovers of climbing. Visitors who want to immerse in nature should drop by Hardangervidda National Park. Besides, there are lots of other beautiful landscapes awaiting visitors to explore.

Popular airports in Norway

Røros Airport, Roros (RRS) - NorwayLeknes Airport, Leknes (LKN) - Norway
Alta Airport, Alta (ALF) - NorwaySogndal Airport, Haukåsen, Sogndal (SOG) - Norway
Vadsø Airport, Vadso (VDS) - NorwayBrønnøysund Airport, Brønnøy, Bronnoysund (BNN) - Norway
Stord Airport, Sørstokken, Stord (SRP) - NorwayHonningsvåg Airport, Valan, Honningsvag (HVG) - Norway
Mo i Rana Airport, Røssvoll, Mo I Rana (MQN) - NorwaySkien Airport, Geiteryggen, Skien (SKE) - Norway
Kirkenes Airport, Høybuktmoen, Kirkenes (KKN) - NorwayMolde Airport, Årø, Molde (MOL) - Norway
Stokmarknes Airport, Skagen, Stokmarknes (SKN) - NorwayMoss Airport, Rygge / Rygge Air Station, Oslo (RYG) - Norway
Haugesund Airport, Karmøy, Haugesund (HAU) - NorwaySandefjord Airport, Torp, Oslo (TRF) - Norway
Florø Airport, Floro (FRO) - NorwaySandane Airport, Anda, Sandane (SDN) - Norway
Sandnessjøen Airport, Stokka, Sandnessjoen (SSJ) - NorwayTrondheim Airport, Værnes, Trondheim (TRD) - Norway

Oslo Airport

Norway has presently many domestic airports and some international airport serving daily domestic and international flights such as Oslo Airport, Gardermoen Airport... Visitors can easily choose flights from Norway at one of airports as:

Oslo Airport (Oslo/ Gardermoen)

Stavanger, Sola (Stavanger)

Trondheim, Værnes Airport (Trondheim)

Alta Airport (Alta)

Hammerfestt Airport (Hammerfest)

Kirkenes, Høybuktmoen Airport (Kirkenes)

Kristiansund, Kvernberget Airport (Kristiansund)

Molde, Årø Airport (Molde)

Bodø Airport (Bodø)

Harstad/ Narvik, Evenes Airport (Evenes)

Mosjøen, Kjærstad Airport (Mosjøen)

Sandnessjøen, Stokka Airport (Sandnessjøen)

Currently, visitors who want to book flights Vietnam - Norway at two largest airports in Vietnam including Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) and Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) can easily select flights of the reputable carriers in Asia and Europe. The popular carriers operating cheap flights from Hanoi - Oslo are Vietnam Airlines, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Air France, Pacific Airlines... Meanwhile, the airlines exploiting cheap flights from Ho Chi Minh City - Oslo consist of Turkish Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Etihad Airways, Emirates, Air France...

Popular cities in Norway

BronnoysundBodoHarstad Narvik
HammerfestOrsta VoldaHonningsvag
Mo I RanaNarvikOslo

Popular airlines in Norway and to Norway

Lot Polish Airlines -> 758 USDAir France <-> 398 USDQantas Airways -> 382 USDWideroes Flyveselskap -> 2,578 USD
Malaysia Airline -> 593 USDHahn Air -> 592 USDVirgin Atlantic Airways -> 1,650 USDScandinavian <-> 286 USD
China Southern Airlines -> 614 USDChina Eastern Airlines <-> 482 USDAsiana Airlines -> 1,339 USDAir Canada -> 1,537 USD
Klm Royal Dutch Airlines <-> 215 USDVietnam Airlines -> 676 USDEva Airways -> 1,165 USDHainan Airlines -> 595 USD
Garuda Indonesia -> 529 USDJet Airways -> 648 USDKorean Air -> 1,592 USDDeutsche Lufthansa <-> 525 USD

Scandinavian Airlines is the largest airlines in Norway. This is the famous multinational airline of 3 countries including Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The airline has the huge fleet and good service quality. It is currently exploiting domestic flights and offering cheap flights to Europe (Eastern Europe and Northern Europe), some countries in Asia and Americas as Turkey, the US, United Arab Emirates, etc.

Popular and low-cost airlines having flights to Norway include Germanwings operated by Eurowings, Lufthansa Regional operated by Lufthansa CityLine, Estonian Air, Czech Airlines, Parkistan International Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Air Méditerranée, Austrian Airlines, British Airways operated by Sun Air of Scandinavia. Brussels Airlines, Danish Air Transport, Icelandair, Pegasus Airlines, Primera Air, Qatar Airways, Sun Express, Vueling, Onur Air, Finnair, Emirates, Arkia Israel Airlines, Air France operated by HOP! and some other carriers.

Popular flights to Norway

Vietnam -> Norway 330 USDDa Nang, Dien Bien Phu, Hanoi, Hue, Ho Chi Minh City, Tuy Hoa, Thanh Hoa, Quang Binh
Germany <-> Norway 262 USDFrankfurt
Thailand -> Norway 536 USDHat Yai, Lampang, Narathiwat, Koh Samui, U Tapao
Cambodia -> Norway 519 USDSihanoukville, Phnom Penh
Lao, People's Dem. Rep. -> Norway 566 USDLuang Prabang, Vientiane
Philippines <-> Norway 3,543 USDManila
Italy <-> Norway 561 USDVerona

Visitors can book tickets to Norway from popular destinations of countries in Europe including Eastern Europe and Northern Europe, Africa; some country in Asia and Americas such as Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the US, etc as below:




Paris-Chardes de Gaulle, Marseelle, Lyon

Russian Federation







Vienna, Innsbruck


Aberdeeb, Edinburgh


London-Heathrow, Manchester


Aalborg, Aarhus, Billund



Czech Republic


United Arab Emirates





Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich








Antanlya, Izmir, Istanbul-Atatürk


Geneva, Zürich






Göteborg Landvetter



United States



Other useful information

- Visitors needn’t leave a tip from 15 to 20%, because in this country, service charges are included in the bill and tip is only a polite action of visitors.  However, a tip of about 5-10% is the most appropriate to the Norwegian culture.

- Visitors should not bargain when shopping for anything in commercial centers and shops, even large or small shops on streets because most of them have fixed or listed prices.

- Most pavements in big cities are covered with coarse sand, it is very difficult to pull the suitcase on the pavement. Moreover, the cities with the interlaced irrigation system also hinder when pulling or carrying suitcases of visitors.  Thus, visitors should carry the compact and most convenient baggage.

- If visitors stay at luxury hotels, they do not need to bargain the room rate. However, if visitors rent rooms in motels, cheap hotels, they should check the most reasonable price before making a reservation.

- Visitors should not critique or criticize anything in this country, because people here do not like to hear these things. Please keep it to yourself, do not speak out.

- Visitors should take off their shoes before entering a Norwegian’s house. In addition, this country has strict rules on drinking alcohol when driving. Just drink a cup of beer or wine when driving and detected, visitors will be fines a sizable fines or even be put in the jail.

- Norway does not require marriage registration to live together, so couples live together without binding together. Here they have open-minded thought in marriage between men and women as well as same-sex marriage. So, visitors should think it is normal and should not talk about this issue.

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