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Cheap flights to Iran are mostly operated by Iran Air, Iran Aseman Airlines, Mahan Air and Meraj Airlines. Let’s book flights to Iran and experience new journeys to a new lands with many interesting things looking forwards your imprints.

Islamic Republic of Iran or Iran is known as a country in Asia, sharing borders with Turkmenistan, Armenian, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey. Muslim accounts for about 98% of Iran population, with 2 main sects of Sunni and Shi’a; the rest is other religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism. Iran climate varies from regions, from arid or semi-arid to subtropical. In the Caspian coastal plain, temperatures are below zero and the area remains humid for the rest of the year. Summer temperatures rarely exceed 29°C. To the west, settlements in the Zagros basin experience lower temperatures, severe winters and heavy snowfall. Average summer temperatures exceed 38 °C. The coastal regions of Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf in the southern Iran have hot and humid summers and mild winters. 

Tourist attractions in Iran

Azadi Monument in Tehran

Tehran is the largest city in the West Asia. The city attracts tourists by beautiful and unique architectural mosques and Christian churches. Although this city is only two decades old, tourists can find the oldest museums and the most valuable cultural heritages of Iran and the world stored here. Tehran Museum is one of the most beautiful museums in the world. The ancient but modern city creates the enormous attraction for tourists. In addition, Tehran is famous with various architectures, including Azadi Monument and Milad Tower - new symbols of Tehran.

Imam Square also known as Shah or Naghsh-i Jahan, is considered one of the most beautiful and famous squares in the world. The square was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Sheikh Lotfollah Church is very unique and splendid, and considered a masterpiece of Safavid Iran architecture. It is located in Imam Square in the famous city of Isfahan.  This is a "must-see" place when visiting Iran. 

Naghsh-e-Jahan Square in Isfahan City

Located in Shiaz City, Nasir al-Mulk Mosque is decorated extremely sophisticatedly by many bricks with different colors that make up the brilliant and overwhelmed patterns. The arches, pillars, the windows are decorated extremely picky and sophisticated forming a unique architecture for this mosque. Coming here, tourists will be fascinated by the splendor and wonder of this mosque. Kandovan Village in Azerbaijan of Iran leaves rather strong impression on tourists because of the fancy architecture and mystery of the village.

Tabiz ancient capital is the most well-known city in the Northwest Iran with attractions such as Tabriz market population recognized as the world heritage by UNESCO, Shah-Goli Park, Green Church, Mashrouteh Museum... Coming and exploring Tabriz city, tourists should not ignore the ancient stone village located on Sahand Mountain, just 60km from the Tabriz center. Tourists can walk into the village to watch the giant beehive-shaped village. Visit and explore the largest island of Iran and the Persian Gulf is Qeshm Island. Qeshm Island is famous for ecotourism, fresh wild nature with the famous flora and fauna. 

Popular airports in Iran

Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport

Currently, Iran has several major domestic and international airports operating domestic as well as international flights. Tourists can choose the most suitable flights at one of the following airports: 

  • Bandar Abbas International Airport (Bandar Abbas)

  • Isfahan International Airport (Isfahan)

  • Kish International Airport (Kish)

  • Shiraz International Airport (Shiraz)

  • Tabriz International Airport (Shiraz)

  • Imam Khomeini International Airport (Tehran)

  • Abadan Airport (Abadan)

  • Birjand Airport (Birjand)

  • Kerman Airport (Kerman)

Two largest airports of Vietnam including Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) and Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) are serving flights between Vietnam and Iran.  For example, tourists want to fly with the reputation airlines which have the best price are exploiting the connecting flights from Vietnam to Iran, they can easily select airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Aeroflot.

Popular airlines in Iran and fly to Iran

Iran Air, Iran Aseman Airlines, Mahan Air and Meraj Airlines are 4 major airlines of Iran.  Among them, Iran Air is the national airline of Iran with the large number of flights and a huge fleet.  These popular airlines are operating flights to and from major countries in Asia, and some countries in the Eurozone.

The famous airlines are operating flights to Iran such as Qatar Airways, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Kuwait Airways, Bulgarian Air Charter, Azerbaijan Airlines, Belavia, Azerbaijan Airlines, Aegean Airlines, Air Arabia, Alitalia, Ata Airlines, AtlasGlobal, Corendon Airlines, Emirates, flydubai, Gulf Air, Freebird Airlines, Iraqi Airways, Kish Air, Pegasus Airlines, Kam Air, Tailwind Airlines, UM Airlines, Zagros Airlines, Tajik Air, Syrian Air, Turkish Airlines and some other airlines.

Popular flights to Iran

Tourists can easily find popular flights to Iran from Asian countries and some countries in Europe.




Adana, Ercan, Istanbul-Atatürk, Izmir, Isparta, Ankara, Istanbul-Sabiha Gökçen, Adana Airport, Antalya, Bursa, and Gaziantep


Rome-Fiumicino and Milan-Malpensa

Russian Federation

Moscow-Sheremetyevo, Moscow-Domodedovo, Saint Petersburg, Minsk, Moscow-Vnukovo and Sochi


Tbilisi, Batumi



United Arab Emirates

Sharjah, Dubai-International and Abu Dhabi




Baghdad, Najaf, Sulaimaniyah and Erbil
















Kuala Lumpur


Frankfurt, Berlin-Schönefeld, Düsseldorf, Cologne/Bonn, Hamburg and Munich










Ürümqi, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai - Pudong












Mumbai, and Delhi




Göteborg Landvetter

Arab Saudi


Sri Lanka


Other useful information

Qeshm Island - Coast of Persian Gulf

When traveling to Iran, tourists can easily communicate in English with local people, because many Iranians can speak English fluently; also they are always willing to help.

The Iranian do not eat pork and products or dishes having pork, so it is not easy for you to find the ingredient at markets or stores here.

You should respect and comply with local customs and habits; dress smartly and discreetly while on the road, coming to mosques, churches, or sacred places.

Do not shake hands or hug any Muslim women in Iran. It is the strict rules of their religion.

US dollar is used very popular in Iran. It is easy to exchange foreign currency at banks or currency exchange offices... Most hotels, restaurants, and stores will accept payment in USD.

Before traveling to a country with Islamic culture like Iran, tourists should carefully learn Islamic culture and their Sharia Law to respect and follow their customs and habits. 

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