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Cheap flights to Croatia will be your first choice if you are planning to come and explore the country of thousand islands. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean, Croatia has long been known for the great natural scenery and the ancient culture.

Croatia, officially Republic of Croatia, is a country in the Central Europe, at the crossroads of Pannonian Basin, Balkan, and the Mediterranean Sea. Zagreb is the capital, largest city and also the large center of administration, economy, culture and tourism of Croatia. Geographically, Croatia borders Hungary and Slovenia to the north, Bosna and Hercegovina to the southeast, and Serbia and Montenegro to the east.

Croatia has the high per capita income in Europe and is also a member of many organizations in the world such as the Council of Europe, United Nation, NATO, CEFTA, World Trade Organization and UN Security Council.

Croatia is inhabited mostly by Croats (90%). The rest are ethnic groups including Serbs (5%), Bosniaks, Hungarians, Italians, Slovenes, Germans, Czechs, Romani people and others (6%). Croatia has about more than 4.2 million people. Regarding religion, the Roman Catholic covers the majority of follower with 88%, the Orthodox accounts for about 4.4%, and the other Christian denominations also account for 0.4%. Muslims also make up a certain amount to 1.3%, about 1% is not determined on religion and those who do not follow any religion account for about 5.2%

Croatia has the mixed climate. In the east and the north of the country, it is the Mediterranean climate and continent climate, the central-south region is affected by climate of highland and semi-highland. Istra region has the temperate climate, while Palagruža Islands features the sub-tropical climate.

Tourist attractions in Croatia

Plitvice Lake is one of the great attractions in Europe with 16 small and large lakes, and the beautiful scenery of a surrounding large forest. This area was recognized as one of the important national parks of Croatia. The lake has many kind of rare animals such as wolves, lynx, European grizzly bear, owls, eagles and many other common species.

Coming to Croatia, tourists cannot ignore suburban town of Hvar which is famous for peaceful and beautiful natural landscapes in the countryside with plenty of orchards, olive groves, and the immense lavender fields. Tourists who want to find the serenity and romance should visit Hvar Island and Hvar town. Visiting here, tourists will be immersed in the vast nature when boating around the bay situated in the heart of the famous town of Hvar. It would be wonderful to walk around the beautiful purple lavender fields or stroll around the oldest villages on the islands as Jelsa and Starigrad and some peaceful villages nestled inside the mountains.

Tiny streets in Spit

Pula Arena is the most famous arena in Croatia and is now the sixth largest Roman arena in the world remaining to this day. Also, this is one of the historical relics well preserved the most in the country. The arena was built in the 1st century with the capacity of more than 26 thousand people. Nowadays, Pula Arena is the place which takes place many important festivals or performances during summer.

In the 17th century, Zagreb Ancient Capital was merged from two separate famous towns including Kaptol and Gradec. Kaptol is considered the headquarters of the clergy, while Gradec town is the place where craftsmen and traders can live and trade freely. The most attractive place of Gornji Grad is the vast square surrounding Ruins of St. Mark - the parish church of Old Zagreb.

Zagreb street

Dubrovnik is dubbed as "the gem of the Adriatic" - one of the cities attracting most tourists in Croatia with the stunning beauty of the castles, ramparts which was built from the 8th century and the ancient read roof houses everywhere. In the Middle Ages, Venice and Dubrovnik were 2 commercial centers most developed in the Mediterranean region. Due to the interference of many different cultures through the trading activities, Dubrovnik has owned a lots of beautiful architectural sculpture as well as natural landscape.

Popular airports in Croatia

Dubrovnik Airport, Dubrovnik (DBV) - CroatiaSplit Airport, Split (SPU) - Croatia
Zagreb Airport , Zagreb (ZAG) - CroatiaPula Airport, Pula (PUY) - Croatia
Rijeka Airport, Rijeka (RJK) - CroatiaZadar Airport, Zadar (ZAD) - Croatia

Zagreb Airport

Currently, Croatia has some domestic and international airports directly serving daily flights to and from Croatia such as Zagreb Airport, Dubrovnik Airport... Tourists can choose flights from Croatia at some major airports such as

Zagreb Airport (Zagreb)

Dubrovnik Airport (Dubrovnik)

Pula Airport (Pula)

Zada Airport (Zada)

Bol Airport (Bol)

Lošinj Airport (Lošinj)

Osijek Airport (Osijek)

Rijeka Airport (Rijeka)

Currently, visitors who want to book flights from Croatia to Vietnam can choose final destinations at two largest airports in Vietnam including Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) and Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi). It is easy to select flights of the reputable carriers in Asia or Europe. Cheap flights Hanoi - Zagreb are Deutsche Lufthansa, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Thai Airways, Air France… While the carriers offering cheap flights Ho Chi Minh City - Zagreb include Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, Jetstar Asia, Emirates, Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air France…

Popular cities in Croatia


Popular airlines in Croatia and fly to Croatia

United Airlines -> 816 USDDragon Airlines -> 4,830 USDSwiss International Airlines -> 569 USDTurkish Airlines -> 293 USD
Jat Airways <-> 576 USDAir France <-> 513 USDSingapore Airlines -> 510 USDRoyal Jordanian <-> 5,894 USD
Emirates Airlines -> 418 USDVirgin Atlantic Airways -> 1,825 USDLot Polish Airlines <-> 789 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 701 USD
All Nippon Airways <-> 2,533 USDHong Kong Airlines -> 2,917 USDCathay Pacific Airways -> 623 USDQantas Airways -> 366 USD
Etihad Airways -> 731 USDAir India <-> 3,288 USDJapan Airlines <-> 5,545 USDQatar Airways -> 563 USD

Croatia Airlines is the national airline in Croatia with headquarters in Buzin. It has the huge fleet and the best service quality in Croatia. The airline is currently a member of Star Alliance. Croatia Airlines currently exploits domestic flights and offers cheap flights to Europe, some countries in Asia.

The popular and low-cost airlines flying to Croatia are LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Lufthansa Regional operated by Lufthansa CityLine, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Qatar Airways, Swiss International Air Lines operated by Swiss Global Air Lines, Turkish Airlines, Vueling, Trade Air, TAP Portugal, Sun d'Or International Airlines operated by El Al, Germanwings, flydubai, Brussels Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Air Serbia, Air France operated by HOP!, Aeroflot, KLM operated by KLM Cityhopper.

Popular flights to Croatia

Poland <-> Croatia 219 USDBydgoszcz, Poznan, Warsaw
Thailand -> Croatia 393 USDChiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Ubon Ratchath, U Tapao
Vietnam -> Croatia 549 USDDa Nang, Dalat, Hanoi, Pleiku, Ho Chi Minh City, Qui Nhon
Germany <-> Croatia 333 USDDusseldorf, Muenster
Cambodia -> Croatia 579 USDSihanoukville, Siem Reap
Lao, People's Dem. Rep. -> Croatia 689 USDVientiane

Tourists can book tickets to Croatia from the popular destinations of the countries in Europe, and Asia as below:




Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Beauvais

Russian Federation










United Arab Emirates



Berlin-Tegel, Cologne/ Bonn, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich




Madrid, Barcelona








Tel Aviv–Ben Gurion




Bologna, Rome-Fiumicino







Bosniand, Herzegovina




Other useful information


- The official currency of Croatia is Kuna. Additionally, tourists can use Euro in some places but it is very rare. If tourists want to change money to Kuna, they should go to the banks. Tourists can also use credit cards of European countries and other credit cards at the ATMs across the country. When buying goods over 500 Kuna, tourists will be exempted from VAT, this is a pretty good incentive for tourists traveling to Croatia.

- If tourists want to travel to Croatia via the highway, they need to have one valid driving license, one car with license and insurance card. Yacht service and quality buses go to the Plitvice National Lakes are also quite popular.

- The north of Croatia has the temperate climate, while the midland and mountainous region is cold. Fall and spring have a cool breeze blowing lightly along the coast, in the winter, it is quite cold and snowfall in northern and central areas.

- Like some other country, people in Croatia have concepts that chamomile is for the dead, especially the white daisies Therefore tourists are advised that if you want to give flowers to someone in Croatia, they should not choose this type of flower. Besides, when giving flowers, bouquet must be odd and even numbers should be avoided. Because people in this country think that even numbers will bring bad luck to them and maybe they will give you backwards if bouquet is even.

- Tourists can go on foot or rent bicycle to visit around the central cities of Croatia. Bus is also a convenient vehicle if tourists go the further points, or the plane is the most convenient. 

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