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Safety in Vietnam

Wed, 25 Jun 2014. Last updated Thu, 25 Jun 2015 08:45

Safety in Vietnam is highly appreciated among countries in the region and in the world. Vietnamese government is stable; the level of crime is lower than that in other countries. To visitors, traveling Vietnam is relatively safe, including women.

Being one of the safest countries in Asia and probably in the world, Vietnam has a stable government, the degree of civil unrest is not significant, the criminal level is lower than that in other countries, and natural disasters seldom affect tourists when traveling here. In Vietnam, there are no rebels, riots, or terrors, which form stable safety in Vietnam. However, like other countries in the world, it is necessary to pay attention to your private properties. Overall, Vietnam is an attractive and safe destination for foreign tourists and it is unlikely you will be met with anything but warmth and friendliness.


A brave pedestrian crossing Vietnam road


Vietnam is regarded as one of the most countries having great hospitality. Tourists coming to Vietnam might be worried about Vietnam safety. Sometimes, they have misunderstanding about the stability in the country. In the past, for misunderstanding about the domination of other countries in Vietnam, especially western countries like France and the U.S, thus, they thought that Vietnam was an unfriendly place to travel. However, the perspective was changed. Tourists coming to Vietnam are welcomed warmly by the local people. No cities in Vietnam are dangerous to tourists. Tourists can enjoy their holidays from big cities to remote mountainous areas without being affected by any dangers. Local people always highly respect foreign tourists from everywhere without indifference. Vietnamese people are friendly and kind-hearted. They are willing to help tourists without hesitation.


Hanoi Bus


However, nothing is perfect. Vietnam security is still affected by a certain level of crime. Your wallets, purses, and bags might be easily targets of some snatchers and thieves, thus, it is necessary to keep them in safe by your side. During the time of staying in Vietnam, especially in big cities, tourists may be scammed by the higher rate of charging. For example, when traveling by taxi, drivers might charge tourists for higher price. In addition, crossing the road in these cities might trigger some hazardous moments. The security in Vietnam is also reflected through public transport in Vietnam. Buses in Vietnam are often crowed and might be confusing, which creates conditions for several social evils as pickpocket annoying tourists, even local people. Some things like private documents, passports, and valuable things should be placed in hotels; otherwise, you should bring copied documents when getting around. Most hotels in Vietnam are reliable. Your luggage and documents will be stay in safe with deposit boxes. Bodyguards always look after the budget of hotel and prevent the burglars or thieves. 


Tourists with Xe Om in Dalat


One of dangers in Vietnam is road travel. Riding motorbikes is seen as one of the most interesting ways to explore the beautiful countries, and getting around most cities in the countries. However, traffic in Vietnam is quite massive in big cities. Thus, if having intention to ride motorbikes, you need tuck knees in, wear helmet and ride slowly. Besides, Vietnam is known for no existing anonymous violent crime. Even though pickpockets and thieves still appear in the country, tourists can avoid by having some vigilance with valuable things. Yet, foreigners will get no trouble with crime if they do not do something wrong. Political issue in Vietnam is stable. So, do not worry about rebels, insurgencies or terrorism in this country. It is partly because the regulation on visa to Vietnam is very strict. Violent crimes happening to foreigners in Vietnam are rare. As to protect the image of Vietnam to the world, and the kindness of Vietnamese people, laws are given strictly. The police in Vietnam are relatively friendly. With a modest ability of English, they can help you in giving directions when getting lost. In conclusion, Vietnam is a safe country. Most of Vietnamese people are friendly, honest and trustworthy. Yet, you should pay attention to the travel conditions in this country.


Hawker Food


Foods in Vietnam are generally safe, but in street stalls or vendors’ ones, they are not always safe. Consuming Vietnam street food is quite adventurous. With dishes of soups like “Pho”, problems happen less except for the half-done meet. It is better to have meals in restaurants or at home. In some markets, fried or roasted pork, bird, chicken and duck are delicious, but you need take care. Many special dishes of Vietnamese people such as blood of pig or duck might cause stomach problems.  Sweets, cakes and drinks are things that you should know about food safety in Vietnam. If you wish to taste unique dishes like sweet soups, cakes or drinks, you should travel with local people or pop in reliable restaurants. Generally, food in Vietnam is safe enough to eat and have new experiences. Besides, you should take some medicine before or after enjoying Vietnamese street foods to avoid unwanted problems with your stomach.

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