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Emeraude Cruise introduction

Thu, 18 Sep 2014 . Last updated Thu, 12 Mar 2015 17:09

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Emeraude cruise has presented in Halong Bay since 2003 and has become the pride of the bay. The cruise has not only the most luxurious and modern equipments and facilities but also the high quality of service to meet the diverse needs of tourists.

Dawn is always beautiful, the dawn on the sea are more vivid and sparkling. More particularly the shape of an ancient steam cruise, Emeraude Cruise also gives me the feeling of being welcome in the dawn of the early 20th century, when the name Emeraude still owned by Roque brothers with dreams to explore the mysterious Orient that were cherished from their childhood. The journey on Emeraude cruise took tourists to visit Sung Sot Cave, one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay. When the cruise moored on the bay, tourists can visit anywhere they want by Kayaks.

When the sun set in the West, the third floor of the cruise is an ideal site to enjoy the sunset. In addition, tourists on the boat can enjoy a variety of Asian and European specialties according to buffet style. Unlike the noise and dust of the city, the air at night on the sea is so clean and quiet. The architecture is not strange things; conversely, it is familiar with the life around us. We hope that our program will give tourists unexpected things. And the unexpected thing today, it is Emerrade cruise lied on the shore of picturesque Halong Bay. Let’s experience a narrow space but full of novelty on Emeraude cruise.

In 1906, the fleet of Roque family includes Emeraude, Perle, Saphir and Rubis made the first journeys to Halong Bay, at that time mostly French tourists. Nearly 100 years later from accidentally seeing Emeraude cruise on old postcards, Eric Merlin, another French man decided to rebuild Emeraude in traditional style that takes tourists back to the old world of the colonial era while still meeting the modern standards, safety and comfort.

Emeraude was built in Hai Phong and began operations in 2003. The appearance of the cruise looks like the Emeraude ancient cruise with 3 floors including 37 cabins, two bars and a restaurant. The first thing tourists can feel about the cruise is small spaces but they are arranged quite reasonable. The regular cabin of Emeraude has the area of about 10m. This cabin is a typical example for that. The drawers and corners are used for wardrobe or put the sink. Or this mirror has a modest size, while still ensuring the necessary requirements of tourists. The beds are designed quite simply and focused on utility rather than decorative purposes making the space in the cabins of Emeraude cruise wider.

In the luxury cabins like Emeraude Suite, amenities in the room is equipped with somewhat more favorable, but the compact size of utensils or taking full advantage of corners in the room to put the sofa still show the flexibility of designers. Suite room is one of the very few rooms on the cruise using white paint in interior, although nearly all of Emeraude shell is painted white. The shell and body of Emeraude cruise were made ​​mainly from steel to ensure safety as well as to reduce the impact of the sea water, while the interior of this cruise has warmed up a lot by using the decorative materials from wood, bamboo and the most striking is the decorative bronze details. There are many decorative bronze details on Emeraude cruise. In each cabin decorative bronze details appear everywhere creating the highlights of the interior. From the lamps to the fans, the hanging hook, door-handle and tap system.

Not only present in the cabin, the bronze ornaments appear in the most interior space of Emeraude Halong cruise. Take a look at the lamps in restaurant area, probably not many tourists know that these lights were found and brought back from the distant country of India. Just to bring for Emeraude cruise of the 21st century images evoking Emeraude of the early years of the 20th century. Like decorative bronze details, pictures and postcards bearing the Vietnam’s image in the early years of the twentieth century are also a focal point in the space of the cruise. However, the most valuable thing in Emeraude space is probably the windows. Just pull up the curtains, tourists can contemplate the magical scenery of Halong Bay at anytime. And maybe that's the reason people leave the heat and noise of the city to come to the wonderful space here. Maybe that's what most visible of the cruise called "emerald".

We ended a 20-hour journey on Halong Bay with beautiful Emeraude cruise. In 10 minutes of the program we wish to share our feelings about the cruise and the interesting experience on the sea. Hopefully someday you will have the opportunity to experience as we do today.


Source: Emeraude Cruise 

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