Fly with AloTrip, get E-voucher for shopping in Japan!

Mon, 02 Apr 2018. Last updated Tue, 04 Dec 2018 16:23

All customers of AloTrip have opportunity to get the e-voucher for shopping at Don Quijote retail stores in Japan.

In order to send special thanks and big loves from AloTrip to You - all loyal customers have believed and chosen the services of AloTrip time after time, we would like to give each of you one e-voucher for shopping at Don Quijote - a chain of well-known retail stores in Japan. You can use this e-voucher when you visit Japan, or give it as a gift to your families, relatives, or friends who are about to visit, study and work in Japan.

1. What are benefits of Yosoko e-voucher?

Yosoko e-voucher is issued by the well-known convenient retail chain in Japan named Don Quijote. With Yosoko, customers can get discount for their shopping at every 400 Don Quijote stores throughout Japan.

By showing the Yosoko e-voucher, with each receipt (not including tax):

- More than 30,000 JPY, you can get discount of 2000 JPY.

- More than 10,000 JPY, you can get discount of 500 JPY.

- More than 5,000 JPY, you can get discount of 200 JPY.

Yosoko e-voucher

Moreover, when showing Yosoko e-voucher, customers can buy products with prices for Don Quijote members.

Customers also have opportunities to receive attractive gifts which are relevant with total purchase amount such as:

- More than 10,000 JPY, you can get mascot or paper fan.

- More than 5,000 JPY, you can get eco bag or notebook.

- More than 2,000 JPY, you can get document file.

Attention: Customers can only use each discount coupon (ex: 2000 JPY) in the e-voucher ONE time in ONE day. After 24 hours, all discount options (2000 JPY, 500 JPY, 200JPY) will be available in the e-voucher for customers to continue shopping.

2. Who can use Yosoko e-voucher?

- All customers who booked at least a flight ticket with AloTrip through websites: and; through metaseaches linking to and; and through the mobile application of AloTrip.

- All customers who have intention to travel, study and work in Japan in the coming time, either book or not book flight ticket with AloTrip, please contact via fanpage to get e-voucher.

3. How to use Yosoko e-voucher?

- Step 1: At the cashier counter of Don Quijote, please access to the following e-voucher link by your smartphone:

hình ảnh thẻ giảm giá (3 coupon trên 1 thẻ)

- Step 2: You can select the discount coupon that is relevant with your purchase amount:

Click vào coupon muốn sử dụng

- Step 3: You should give the discount barcode to the cashier at the counter. The cashier will help you to apply the discount in your receipt:

Mã vạch đăng ký lợi nhuận cho đối tác hiện ra

4. Terms and conditions for Yosoko e-voucher

- Just apply for foreigners (not Japanese nationality) who travel or live in Japan.

- The e-voucher could not be changed to cash or relevant gifts.

- If you intentionally use the e-voucher with wrong mission or break the Terms or Conditions of the promotion, you will be refused to use other promotions of AloTrip in the future.

- AloTrip has no responsibility of providing again the e-voucher which is interrupted or cancelled due to fraud, technical breakdown or improper use.

- AloTrip has the right to change Terms and Conditions of the promotion without prior announcement.

Popular airports in Japan

Hanamaki Airport, Morioka (HNA) - JapanHachijojima Airport , Hachijo Jima (HAC) - Japan
Kushiro Airport, Kushiro (KUH) - JapanMount Fuji Airport, Shizuoka (FSZ) - Japan
Naha Airport, Okinawa (OKA) - JapanKōchi Ryōma Airport, Kochi (KCZ) - Japan
Yamaguchi Ube Airport, Ube Jp (UBJ) - JapanOshima Airport, Oshima (OIM) - Japan
Matsumoto Airport, Matsumoto (MMJ) - JapanTokachi-Obihiro Airport, Obihiro (OBO) - Japan
Odate-Noshiro Airport, Odate Noshiro (ONJ) - JapanAll Airports, Omitama (IBR) - Japan
Amakusa Airport, Amakusa (AXJ) - JapanAll Airports, Tokyo (TYO) - Japan
Iwami Airport , Iwami (IWJ) - JapanFukue Airport , Fukue (FUJ) - Japan
Misawa Air Base, Misawa (MSJ) - JapanIwakuni Airport, Iwakuni (IWK) - Japan
Chitose International Airport, Sapporo (CTS) - JapanHiroshima Airport, Hiroshima (HIJ) - Japan

Popular cities in Japan

AsahikawaAomoriAmami O Shima
FukuokaYamagataHachijo Jima
NiigataKita KyushuMiyazaki
Miyako JimaMisawaMatsuyama
OkayamaOdate NoshiroSendai
TokushimaToyamaUbe Jp

Popular airlines in Japan and fly to Japan

Royal Brunei Airlines -> 260 USDAsiana Airlines -> 149 USDPhilippine Airlines -> 187 USDQantas Airways <-> 1,307 USD
Vietjet Air -> 139 USDSingapore Airlines -> 218 USDShandong Airlines -> 410 USDJapan Airlines <-> 356 USD
Air Canada <-> 1,960 USDTiger Air -> 266 USDHainan Airlines -> 309 USDUni Airways Corporation -> 762 USD
Sichuan Airlines -> 191 USDBeijing Capital Airlines -> 343 USDChina Eastern Airlines <-> 230 USDEthiopian Airlines <-> 171 USD
Vietnam Airlines <-> 294 USDJuneyao Airlines -> 271 USDThai Airways -> 254 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 282 USD

Popular flights to Japan

France <-> Japan 1,149 USDBordeaux
China <-> Japan 510 USDGuangzhou, Tianjin
Vietnam -> Japan 138 USDNha Trang, Da Nang, Dalat, Thanh Hoa, Quang Ninh
Thailand -> Japan 118 USDMae Hongson, Krabi, Narathiwat, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Udon Thani
Cambodia -> Japan 307 USDSihanoukville
United States <-> Japan 732 USDLos Angeles, Miami
Korea <-> Japan 279 USDPusan
Taiwan <-> Japan 557 USDTaipei
Lao, People's Dem. Rep. -> Japan 757 USDXieng Khouang, Savannakhet


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