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Wed, 28 Jan 2015. Last updated Tue, 04 Dec 2018 16:36

Con Dao Island is an ideal place for those who enjoy serenity and breathtaking landscapes to travel and to explore in Tet holiday. Let’s book flights from Saigon to Con Dao to explore the wonderful island.

The journey to Con Dao in spring will be the most interesting trip to begin a new year. Let's explore wonderful things in this island by booking cheap flights to Con Dao. Currently, there is no direct flights from Hanoi to Con Dao. There is only flights from Saigon to Con Dao. Therefore, if you want to travel Con Dao from other provinces in Vietnam, you have to buy tickets to Ho Chi Minh City, and take flight Ho Chi Minh - Con Dao to visit the island. Con Dao in Vietnam was voted as one of the most charming and mysterious islands in the world.

Now, Vietnam Airlines tickets to Con Dao are sold  with a large number. You can book Vietnam Airlines flights to Con Dao from February 24th, 2015. This is one of the most beautiful time to travel Vietnam. Vietnam Airlines airfare from Saigon to Con Dao fluctuates around 1,800,000 VND (85USD). The one-way rate includes tax and fee.  Everyday, Vietnam Airline provides from two to three flights from Ho Chi Minh to Con Dao. The duration of each flight is about one hour. Only after approximately 1-hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City, you will approach the paradise of unspoiled beaches with clear blue waters, primitive well preserved forests, fresh air and quiet and peaceful life of local people on the island.

A Vietnam Airlines ATR72-200 from Ho Chi Minh to Con Dao

Con Dao is a small island, you thus can get around by bike, motorbike, even walking to explore the wonderful island. Serene streets full of old trees, curved roads along the beach with white sand and turquoise waters, and famous Con Dao attractions as An Hai, Dam Trau, Lo Voi, Suoi Ot, and Hon Ba... will bring senses different from the bustling life in cities to tourists. Unspoiled beaches, cool and blue water, white smooth sandy beaches and fresh air of the moderate climate all create a picture of paradise on earth. Depending on travel taste, each tourist can choose to explore Con Dao in different ways.  One of the most well-known attractions in Con Dao is the island's history in the war period. To tourists who adore exploring Vietnam history, Con Dao Prison (Tiger's Cage, Phu Hai Prison, and Ma Thien Lanh Bridge...) is also the communist school training qualification and will of soldiers. At the same time, it is the place of educating struggling tradition in the "prison" battle.

Beach in Con Dao Island

You can also choose a static atmosphere for a sweet holiday, or to find a beach with low-level tide to see colorful coral reefs... On the main island, you should not miss to visit Dam Trau Beach with sparkling white sand, majestic mountain, and gentle waves. Especially, beaches in Con Dao always has a combination of green majestic mountains, white sand and rolling rocks. If you have time, you should visit poetic Bay Canh Islet. You can enjoy swimming or playing with friends on slopping sand or see turtles laying eggs. Each year, there are hundreds of turtles coming Bay Canh Islet to lay their eggs. The island has the largest number of sea turtles laying eggs in Vietnam. What you see in Con Dao seems gives you a sense of surprise when you can freely immerse yourself in cool blue clear waters, which makes you feel the sense of absolute stillness here. You can walk with your fellows along quiet and spacious shady streets, and find the famous cluster of three prisons: Phu Son, Phu Hai, and Phu Binh.

The wild beauty, blue sea and long  white sandy beaches attracts tourists to stay longer. Say goodbye to heroic martyrs, historical monuments, surely you will promise to once again return to the beautiful and peaceful pearl island.

Popular airports in Con Dao

Co Ong Airport, Con Dao (VCS) - Vietnam

Popular airlines flying from Saigon to Con Dao

Vietnam Airlines -> 53 USD

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