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Cheap flights to Laos are operated by Lao Airlines and Vietnam Airlines, along with many other international airlines. Like Vietnam and Cambodia, Laos is a country famous for tourism with world-renowned heritages recognized by UNESCO.

Laos is an only landlocked Indochina country in South East Asia, being surrounded by 5 countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and China. The country borders China to the north, Myanmar to the northwest, Thailand to the southwest, Vietnam to the east and Cambodia to the south. Laos has the longest border with Vietnam about 2,067 km. 

Tourist attractions in Laos

Lao is known as the kingdom of Lan Xang – a country with the ancient and unique culture. Lao tourism is divided into seven major areas including Vientiane, Xieng Khouang, Luang Prabang, Thakhek, Savanakhet, Pakse and Champasak. Laos attracts visitors by not only scared temples and unique festivals, but also famous scenic spots, unspoiled mountainous regions and peaceful countrysides. Let’s book flights to Laos and enjoy the following attractions.


That Luang is the well-known temple in Vientiane and is a symbol of Laos. It has been printed on the national emblem and banknotes of Laos. That Luang's architectural style bears characteristic traditional cultural identity of Laos. The solemn and sacred temple consists of a main tower and other towers gilded lacquer. Wat Phra Keo and That Luang are two most famous temples in Vientiane. Wat Phra Keo was devastated entire in 1828 and was restored in 1936 to 1942. Present-day Phra Keo is a giant museum storing many unique artworks of Lao Taoism. Many famous stone Buddha statues carved meticulously and delicately are placed everywhere in the temple. There are many objects crafted in gold, jade and silver here.

Wat Sisaket is one of the most beautiful old temples in Vientiane, Laos. Wat Sisaket stores many ancient books written with hand on palm leaf and more than 10 thousand Buddhist statues carved in detail. Visitors often take photos here because there are so many beautiful and impressive shooting corners. Meanwhile, Plain of Jars on Xieng Khouang Plateau appeals tourists, especially those adoring exploring mystery. Plain of Jars is a popular cultural historical area of Laos. Some others attractions that tourists should visit are Muong Kham, That Foun, That Ing Hang Stupa, Wat Xayaphoum, Heuan Hinh stone house, Dinosaur Museum, Wat Xieng Thong, Royal Palace Museum, Wat Wisunarat, Pakse, Wat Phu, and Khone Phapheng Fall.

Popular airports in Laos

Savannakhet Airport, Savannakhet (ZVK) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.Boun Neua Airport, Phongsaly (PCQ) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.
Oudomsay Airport, Oudomsay (ODY) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.Acadiana Regional Airport, Lafayette (ARA) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.
Bokeo Airport, Bokeo (HOE) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.Louangnamtha Airport, Louangnamtha Airport (LXG) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.
Luang Prabang International Airport, Luang Prabang (LPQ) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.Khong Airport, Khong (KOG) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.
Pakse International Airport, Pakse (PKZ) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.Wattay International Airport, Vientiane (VTE) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.
Attopeu Airport, Attopeu (AOU) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.Esler Regional Airport, Alexandria (ESF) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.
Sam Neua Airport, Sam Neua (NEU) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.Xieng Khouang Airport, Xieng Khouang (XKH) - Lao, People's Dem. Rep.

Lao Airlines

There are currently many airports serving the domestic and international flights to/ from Laos. Visitors can book flights from Laos to Vietnam and other countrues easily at the airports below:

- Wattay International Airport

- Luang Prabang International Airport

- Attapeu International Airport

- Sayaboury Airport

- Thakhek Airport

- Luang Namtha Airport

- Sam Neua Airport

Visitors can book flights from Vietnam to Laos at two major airports in Vietnam including Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) and Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi). Additionally, visitors also choose flights from Da Nang International Airport (Da Nang) and Vinh Airport (Nghe An). Vietnam Airlines and Lao Airlines, along with several popular airlines are operating direct flights from Vietnam to Laos. Fares of each airline often vary from time to time. Visitors should pay attention to conditions of fare to know it can be canceled or not. 

Popular cities in Laos

BokeoKhongLuang Prabang
Louangnamtha AirportSam NeuaOudomsay
Xieng KhouangSavannakhet

Popular airlines in Laos and fly to Laos

Dragon Airlines <-> 1,074 USDChina Southern Airlines -> 340 USDChina Airlines <-> 989 USDEthiopian Airlines <-> 2,356 USD
Malaysia Airline -> 363 USDRoyal Jordanian -> 493 USDAir China -> 826 USDAll Nippon Airways <-> 644 USD
Thai Airways -> 101 USDVietnam Airlines -> 129 USDKorean Air <-> 952 USDSichuan Airlines -> 232 USD
Bangkok Airways -> 109 USDJC International Airlines -> 328 USDShanghai Airlines -> 695 USDCathay Pacific Airways -> 421 USD
Lao Airlines -> 67 USDShandong Airlines -> 595 USDChina Eastern Airlines -> 170 USDCambodia Angkor Air -> 145 USD

Lao Airlines is the major and national airlines of Laos. The airlines are offering mainly domestic flights in Laos and international flights to Cambodia and Vietnam. The popular airlines flying to Laos mostly from Asian countries are Vietnam Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Bangkok Airways, AirAsia, Jin Air, Sky Wings Asia Airlines, Thai Airways, and T'way Airlines. Besides, there are also many popular and low-cost airlines planning to open non-stop flights to Laos in next time. 

Popular flights to Laos

Vietnam -> Lao, People's Dem. Rep. 138 USDBan Me Thuot, Da Nang, Dalat, Phu Quoc, Pleiku
Thailand -> Lao, People's Dem. Rep. 95 USDChiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Phuket, Lampang, Narathiwat, Ubon Ratchath, Surat Thani
Japan <-> Lao, People's Dem. Rep. 461 USDTokyo, Komatsu, Okayama, Kobe
Korea <-> Lao, People's Dem. Rep. 471 USDSeoul
Malaysia <-> Lao, People's Dem. Rep. 367 USDKuala Lumpur
United States -> Lao, People's Dem. Rep. 655 USDSan Francisco

Some popular routes to Laos from following destinations:




Kuala Lumpur


Bangkok, Chiang Mai


Nanning, Kunming, Guangzhou, Jinghong


Seoul, Busan




Siem Reap


Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh

Other useful information

Lao cuisine is very abundant and diverse. Visitors can try dishes with sour, spicy and sweet flavors. As those are the most popular flavors in Laos. The famous dishes as papaya salad, grilled lab dish, sour fish soup, com lam should be enjoyed while you are travelling in Laos. Visitors will find the Laotian grill foods in a variety of ways. Before grilling dishes, Laotian often put foods in the bamboo tubes to have tastier flavors and eye-catching color. 

The popular shopping places in Laos are Morning Market, Chinese Market, Samsenthai Street, Fresh Market, Setthathirat Street, Savanxay Market, Luang Prabang Night Market, Heuang Knives duty free shops, and Singapore Market. Among them, Morning Market in Vientiane is the most famous and busiest commercial center. In Xieng Khouang, visitors can buy jewelry and famous Lao silks in many markets and shops. While visitors who want to buy food should go to Vangthong Food Market, the popular food market in Laos, or want to buy the book should arrive Vientiane Bookstore.

Monk in Laos

Laos has various means of transportation. Tuk Tuk and pickup are popular vehicles in Laos. It takes so much time to catch a taxi in Laos. Visitors should not speak loudly or have vulgar words or dress immodestly when visiting temples; pay attention and read signboards and regulations in temples. Visitors should not bring high valuable items to avoid robbery or thieves on the road. 

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