Why Digital Nomads love Vietnam

Mon, 19 Mar 2018. Last updated Tue, 04 Dec 2018 16:24

Digital nomads lead an idyllic life. The fact that they can work on the go enables them to live practically anywhere. However, there are certain countries that attract more than their fair share of digital nomads.

Vietnam is certainly one of them. Dozens of people run blogs writing about their experiences of living there. Plus, there are hundreds of social media and forum comments that cover the subject of how to live as a digital nomad in Vietnam.

Tam Coc Rice Valley in Trang An Complex

So, what is it about this lovely country that makes it such an attractive destination for digital nomads? All you need to do is to read on to find out.

Relatively fast internet

Now, we are not going to tell you that the internet speed in Vietnam is blisteringly fast because it is not always. At least, not yet, the country is working on the issue, and speeds are gradually improving. Plus, as you can see here, the speed that is already available is far better than in most of the other countries in that part of the world.

According to The State of the Internet Q1 2017 Connectivity of 2017 report carried out by Akami, the average speed across Vietnam was 9.5 Mbps. Not super fast, but fast enough for the needs of most digital nomads. After all, you do not need a blisteringly fast connection to write a blog or list items for sale online.

A great internet café culture

If you are working on the hoof, you do not necessarily want to tie yourself into an internet contract, at home. Something that is not always possible to do. Fortunately, in the bigger towns and cities, there are plenty of local cafes that offer proper high-speed internet connections. It is nice to be able to blend working with eating, drinking and spending time in the company of other people.

Fantastic tasting food

The food of Vietnam is wonderful. It is a cuisine that draws on the food culture of many other parts of the world. The French influence is particularly strong, so that is great for those nomads of European descents. Those who are from Asia are also well catered for because many of the dishes that are available are fairly similar to the food they normally eat.

Noodle with fried tofu and shrimp paste in Hanoi

The fact that noodles are widely available is particularly good news. People from most parts of the world love pasta. So, noodle dishes provide a great jumping off point for those who are new to the country and its cuisine. It is a familiar enough ingredient that feels safe to eat. Unsurprisingly, most people fall in love with these Vietnamese dishes first. Plus, they are really cheap and filling.

Low-cost high-quality accommodation

Fortunately, accommodation in Vietnam is still relatively cheap. Even in the bigger cities, it is still possible to rent a reasonably nice place for under $550. In the tourist areas, this becomes more difficult, but you can usually find someone in a similar situation that is willing to share with you.

Fantastic networking opportunities

The fact that there are so many other digital nomads working in the country means that you are never far away from helpful advice. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to network and work collaboratively. Providing you with an easy way to grow your reputation and progress your online career.

Reasonable income tax rates

For those who settle in the country, the rate of income tax is reasonable, far lower than in many other countries. You are taxed progressively, up to 35%. Officially, non-residents need to pay too. For them, the rate is 20%.

The understandable and flexible visa system

The Vietnamese are very used to visitors, so the visa system is really easy to understand and fairly fast. Most people opt for a 3-month visa, but longer ones are available, including 12-month multi-entry visas.

It is easy to stay in the country for several years

If you like Vietnam, which most people do, there are several easy ways to stay longer. Everything from temporary resident cards that last up to three years, to becoming a citizen is possible and relatively easy to do.

Transport network

The local transport network in Vietnam´s cities is fairly okay. All you need to do is to catch a taxi to get from A to B. For most digital nomads this is an affordable option. In the larger cities, there are also buses and metro systems are gradually coming on stream.

Transport in Hanoi

Traveling between towns and cities is not always so easy. Some are well-connected by train or bus, others not so much. Using local buses is problematic if your Vietnamese is poor. But, that said, you can always just take a taxi instead. They really are that affordable and most drivers will take you virtually anywhere. If they cannot do so, you can usually just get another taxi to take you on the next leg.

Great work life balance

The fact that you only have to find about $750 to $800 dollars means that you do not have to work excessive hours to cover the bills. So, you will have plenty of time to relax and play. Living in Vietnam is good for the soul; it is far easier to achieve a good work-life balance there than it is in most other countries.

Finding out more

If this post has inspired you to visit or move to this wonderful country you can find out more about planning your Vietnam trip, here. That page links you to several of our other Vietnamese articles, that cover everything from booking the right flight to what to do and see while you are there. If you are a digital nomad we would love to hear more about what you look for when choosing where a country to use as a base. It would be especially good to hear from you if you are actually based in Vietnam and working online.

About the author:

Line Arias is a writer at When she is not experimenting with food, she is either planning her next trip or writing Poetry.

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Rach Gia Airport, Rach Gia (VKG) - VietnamAll Airports, Phu Vinh (PHU) - Vietnam
Tra Noc International Airport, Can Tho (VCA) - VietnamKon Tum Airport, Kon Tum (KON) - Vietnam
Chu Lai Airport, Quang Nam (VCL) - VietnamVung Tau Airport, Vung Tau (VTG) - Vietnam
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Van Don International Airport, Quang Ninh (VDO) - VietnamDien Bien Phu Airport, Dien Bien Phu (DIN) - Vietnam
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Popular airlines in Vietnam and fly to Vietnam

Etihad Airways -> 433 USDShanghai Airlines -> 407 USDBrussels Airlines <-> 4,385 USDSwiss International Airlines <-> 692 USD
Mandarin Airlines -> 179 USDTurkish Airlines -> 381 USDUkraine International Airlines -> 669 USDSichuan Airlines -> 131 USD
Cathay Pacific Airways -> 180 USDAir India -> 472 USDGulf Air -> 483 USDVietnam Airlines -> 52 USD
Air Niugini <-> 2,011 USDThai Airways -> 121 USDJapan Airlines <-> 344 USDDragon Airlines -> 180 USD
American Airlines -> 314 USDShenzhen Airlines -> 79 USDAsiana Airlines -> 192 USDQatar Airways -> 113 USD

Popular flights to Vietnam

Australia <-> Vietnam 2,113 USDAvalon
United States -> Vietnam 447 USDBar Harbor, Cape Girardeau, Daytona Beach, Washington, Key West, Sioux Falls, Grand Junction, Kansas City, Meridian
India -> Vietnam 204 USDBangalore
Switzerland <-> Vietnam 1,073 USDBasel
Japan -> Vietnam 354 USDSaga, Kobe
Russia -> Vietnam 757 USDKrasnoyarsk
United Kingdom -> Vietnam 420 USDLondon
Thailand -> Vietnam 210 USDNarathiwat
Czech Republic -> Vietnam 451 USDPrague
Canada -> Vietnam 344 USDLondon, Toronto

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