Vietnam Airlines tickets and things to know

Mon, 25 May 2015. Last updated Wed, 05 Dec 2018 14:42

To check-in at the airport and get on plane, passengers must have Vietnam Airlines tickets. The ticket is the contract between the airline and passenger. To book and travel with VNA, passengers need to pay attention to the following things.

When you buy Vietnam Airlines tickets and use the service of the airline, you need to obey Vietnam Airlines regulations and necessary travel documents required in flight. To have smooth and safe Vietnam Airlines flights, AloTrip will provide you some necessary things to know when traveling with Vietnam Airlines.

Vietnam Airlines tickets

Vietnam Airlines fares are the prerequisite for you to get on board. At present, the airline accepts two types of ticket: paper ticket and e-ticket.

- Paper ticket is very popular. You can bring tickets along to check-in at the airport.

- E-ticket can save all information about the ticket, flight, and passengers in the system of Vietnam Airlines.

Inside A330-200 of Vietnam Airlines

Passengers' travel documents

Passengers need to bring valid travel documents and airfares to implement the flight.

In many cases, some passengers forgetting to bring travel documents (personal document) are not allowed to get on board. You need to bring valid personal documents to check in at the airport.

It is necessary to bring at least one of the following documents (for Vietnamese passengers):

a. Origin of Identity Card or Passport (no copied)

b. Certificate of Police, Military

c. Card of National Assembly member

d. Card of Party member

e. Card of journalist

f. Driving license

g. Card of aviation security control

h. Children under 14 must have Certificate of Birth (origin or valid copied)

Check in area in Noi Bai International Airport

Passengers as children from 14 and above need to bring one of the following documents:

- For passengers as foreign citizens:  passport

- For passengers as Vietnamese citizens, it is necessary to present one of the following documents:

+ Passport

+ Identity card

+ Card of National Assembly member

+ Card of Party member

+ Card of journalist

+ Driving license

+ Card of aviation security control

+ Identity cards of Vietnam Airlines

+ Relatives proof certificated by local administration of place where passengers are residing.

Beside tickets, passport and visa are very important in international flights.

For Vietnam Airlines international flights:

- Passport: In international flights, passenger must have a valid passport during his journey to check-in at the airport and complete the procedure of immigration. Please note that, the passport must have the validity of at least 6 months.

- Visa: To be allowed to immigrate in Vietnam, it is necessary to get Vietnam visa before leaving your country. Yet, the regulation on Vietnam visa is different from subject.

Note: These above mentioned documents must ensure the following conditions: in valid, having pictures stamped, except Certificate of birth, card of security control, identity card of airlines... In immigration procedure, passengers have to fill in a form and present an application form at the immigration desk. In international flights to Vietnam, passengers can get Vietnam visa on arrival.

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