5 dishes make Saigon's cuisine!

Wed, 26 Jul 2017. Last updated Tue, 04 Dec 2018 16:44

Ho Chi Minh city, or Saigon, is among the biggest cities in Vietnam. Besides the great reference for potential economic development, Saigon is also well-known for lots of attractive tourist spots, beautiful landscape, nice weather, friendly citizens, and particularly delicious cuisine.

Saigon is always a big and exciting city for anyone who comes here for the first time. “Frantic, super busy and extremely hectic” is what people would say to this young city. And, whether tourists from the megacities or young Vietnamese go here for the first time, Saigon is enough to make people both interesting and anxious by its greatness and diversity. Especially the cuisine here, it is not exactly the same with the cuisine in other regions of Vietnam but presents the own special tastes and flavors. The five traditional outstanding dishes below can represent for Saigon great food that makes foreign tourists fall in love. 

1. Com Tam - Broken rice

Talking about of Saigon cuisine, people immediately think of “com tam”, a popular dish that is almost the main dish for breakfast and lunch of the people in Saigon. You may have also enjoyed some of the dishes of Saigon “com tam” in somewhere, but certainly no places the taste is as typical as here. “Com Tam” is made from broken rice - bad, cracked, broken rice. The most popular broccoli is ribs, or you can order any of your favorite rice. Phan Chu Trinh Street has much delicious and cheap rice served the entire day from early morning until late at night. Or you can also enjoy at the restaurant after Xom Chieu Market, Le Van Linh Street is open from 6 pm to 12 pm.

Broken rice (com tam)

2. Hu Tieu Nam Vang - Phnom-Penh clear rice noodle soup

Nam Vang rice noodle is a food originating from Cambodia by Khmer. That is why it is also called "multi-ethnic" food. Main ingredients are dry noodles, the broth is minced meat, puddings cooked together. In addition to creating a delicious noodle soup are indispensable spices as well as vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, salad ... There are two ways to eat the noodle: Dried noodles and wet noodles. Dried noodles are added with soy sauce, garlic and a bowl of water. There are many famous Nam Vang rice noodle shops in Saigon such as Hong Phat rice noodle (Vo Van Tan street), Ty Lum, Rice cake ... but the shop at the corner of Cao Thang - Nguyen Dinh Chieu street in District 3 is also a worthy place to try.

Phnom-penh clear rice noodle soup (Hu tieu Nam Vang)

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3. Bun mam - Vermicelli with fish sauce

Talking about the Western cuisine of Vietnam, we have to mention “Bun mam” because of its delicious and unique taste. The characteristics of this noodles are the sauce made from small fishes. Bun mam is a wild dish and processed quite simply. Bun mam is often eaten together with split spinach, banana... and to add flavor we can also add pieces of fish, shrimp, squid... In Saigon, there is a restaurant in district 6, Minh Phung - Hau Giang, where there are a variety of noodles, open from early morning to late evening with fairly uniform quality.

Vermicelli with fish sauce (Bun man Sai Gon)

4. Banh Xeo Chao - Pan-fried Vietnamese crepe 

“Banh Xeo Chao” served in Saigon is larger than the one in Hanoi, the diameter of the pancake is about the same diameter of the pan used to fry the cake. The name of the pancake comes from the fact that after the shrimp and the meat are pointed at the pan, the chef will pour a golden broth into a pan that makes a sound “Xeo”. If you eat pancakes in a large restaurant, you will not have chances to see the chef's talent when he/she makes the cake. It is so interesting and skilled. Visiting Ba Hai Banh restaurant at 119 Nguyen Van Linh Street, behind Chom Chieu market, you can watch the chef cooking and can enjoy the cake when it has been just baked.

Vietnamese crepe (Banh xeo chao)

5. Mi Vit Tiem - Noodles with stewed duck

“Mi Vit time” is known as a famous Chinese dish. People do not know when the dish has been in Saigon, they only know that the current noodles become a favorite dish of many people. The famous restaurant in Saigon is Hai Ky restaurant, at 349 Nguyen Trai. The noodles here are crispy but not tough and really delicious.

Noodles with stewed duck (Mi vit tiem)

In addition to the 5 dishes, other kinds of food in Saigon is also amazing. If you are exactly foodies, there is no reason for you to ignore Saigon cuisine. It is easy to get here from other countries in the world because there are a hundred flights coming in and out Saigon every day. Hence, it is not time to hesitate and miss that chance with lots of cheap flights to Saigon in the month here

Popular airports in Saigon

Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) - Vietnam

Popular airlines flying to Saigon

British Airways <-> 813 USDJC International Airlines -> 318 USDVietnam Airlines -> 21 USDMalindo Airways -> 52 USD
South African Airways -> 1,145 USDBiman Bangladesh Airlines -> 2,257 USDUni Airways Corporation -> 156 USDShenzhen Airlines -> 410 USD
Egypt Air <-> 1,871 USDShanghai Airlines -> 416 USDLucky Air -> 303 USDCambodia Angkor Air -> 76 USD
Juneyao Airlines -> 338 USDAmerican Airlines -> 327 USDSichuan Airlines -> 134 USDVietjet Air -> 35 USD
Air Canada -> 429 USDKorean Air -> 378 USDOman Air -> 380 USDAll Nippon Airways -> 416 USD

Popular flights to Saigon

Sweden -> Ho Chi Minh City 507 USDStockholm
China -> Ho Chi Minh City 165 USDZhengzhou, ZHANGJIAJIE, Beijing
United States -> Ho Chi Minh City 435 USDChampaign, Eagle, Grand Forks, Laredo, Meridian, Worcester, Phoenix, Santa Ana
Japan -> Ho Chi Minh City 253 USDTokyo, Odate Noshiro, Toyama
Pakistan <-> Ho Chi Minh City 701 USDLahore
Czech Republic <-> Ho Chi Minh City 801 USDPrague
France <-> Ho Chi Minh City 1,576 USDToulouse
Taiwan -> Ho Chi Minh City 116 USDTaipei
Austria -> Ho Chi Minh City 602 USDVienna

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