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Taiwan Travel SIM 4G - 10 days - 1GB unlimited - SB09

Fri, 12 Jun 2020. Last updated Sat, 04 Jul 2020 23:14

Taiwan Travel SIM 4G is a necessary item for your trip in Taiwan, to save roaming service costs and more convenient. A Taiwan Travel SIM 4G will help you to connect with family and friends to share your wonderful experiences and keep contact.

Reasons to buy a Taiwan Travel SIM 4G

- When you arrive in Taiwan, you will have the opportunity to explore the unique architecture, meet friendly people and hospitality. With the Taiwan Travel Sim 4G, you will be spoiled for discovery, take photos and check in to share with friends and relatives.

- Moreover, with Taiwan Travel Sim, you will be completely assured when traveling or working because you will always connect with your family and friends at home.

- When installing the 4G Travel Sim, you will not be confused when booking a car online, hotel reservations, ticket flight or finding your way on your journey.

- Especially, if you buy a Taiwan Travel Sim 4G in Vietnam, you will be able to buy a sim card at a much lower price than buying at an airport or Taiwan convenience stores. In addition, detailed information will be instructed clearly and the sim.

will also be delivered to your location.

Ghé thăm làng cổ Thập Phần cùng Sim du lịch

Buy Taiwan Travel SIM 4G - 10 days - 1GB unlimited - SB09 at AloTrip

To make your travel more convenient, AloTrip would like to introduce you to Taiwan Travel SIM 4G - 10 days - 1GB unlimited - SB09.

Product’s Information

- Name: Taiwan Travel SIM 4G - 10 days - 1GB unlimited - SB09.

- Capacity: 1GB high speed, unlimited 128kbps.

- Validity: 10 days since the activation date.

- Network operator: FarEastone.


- Hotspot can be shared but the device must have a roaming function.

- After installing the Sim, it can be used immediately without registering with the network.

- Sim cannot make international or internal calls or texts.

- When the Sim runs out of capacity, you cannot buy more.

 Usage Instruction

Step 1: Insert the SIM card into the mobile phone. Then turn on the mode: Cellular Data and Data Roaming. In case you cannot access the Internet, continue to Step 2 and then restart the device.

Step 2



1. Setting

2. Mobile Network

3. Access point name

4. Add:


APN: internet

1. Setting

2. Cellular

3. Cellular Data Options

4. Cellular Data Network

5. Fill internet into APN in Cellular Data and Personal Hotspot

APN: internet

Why should buy Taiwan Travel SIM 4G - 10 days - 1GB unlimited - SB09 at AloTrip

- Fast delivery across the country.

- At least 30% cheaper than buying in Taiwan (airports & convenience stores).

- Enthusiastic counselor.

- Support & accompany you throughout the journey.

- Detailed activation instructions.

- Supported after purchasing Sim if there is a problem.

To buy Taiwan Travel SIM 4G - 10 days - 1GB unlimited - SB09, please call the Hotline: 0243-868-8800 or send an email to the email address: [email protected] for assistance.

AloTrip - reputable cheap air ticket booking service will be a reliable address for tourists. We always bring the best services for you in order to help you have a great trip.

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