Boeing 747-400

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The Boeing 747- 400 is an advanced variant and the best-selling aircraft of the initial Boeing 747 passenger jet airliner. In the following article, AloTrip will share with you the most useful information about the Boeing 747 -400.

The Boeing 747- 400 is an advanced variant and the best-selling aircraft of the initial Boeing 747 passenger jet airliner with many changes in technology and structure. Its most prominent features are the small wings 1. 8 meters (6 feet) mounted on a 1.8-meter extension of the wings, except for the Japanese domestic market version. The Boeing 747- 400 can carry 660 passengers and make a non-stop flight over 14,200 km except for the Japanese market version.

May bay Boeing 747-400


In early 1984, Boeing identified five goals to improve the latest 747 including new technology, improved interior, a 1,000 nautical miles (1,852 km) range increase, more efficient engines, and a 10 percent reduction in operating cost.

In September 1984, Boeing announced its development with the newest Boeing 747-400.

On 22 October, 1985, the Boeing 747-400 was officially launched. At that time, Northwest Airlines became the first customer of 747-400, with an order for 10 aircraft.

The first seven customers - British Airways, Cathay Pacific, KLM, Lufthansa, Northwest Airlines, Qantas and Singapore Airlines formed a consultative group to advise Boeing during the design process of Boeing 747-400. The final assembly of the first Boeing 747-400 was made at the Boeing Everett Plant in September 1987.

Operational history

The first aircraft was delivered to Northwest Airlines. On February 9, Northwest Airlines was the first airline to introduce 747-400 in commercial service with flights from Minneapolis to Phoenix.

On 31 May, 1989, Singapore Airlines started its first international service with Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

After the first delivery of the 747-400, Boeing began production of additional versions of the aircraft. As of July 2018, there were 339 Boeing 747-400 airliners in service. Its variants include Boeing 747-400, 747-400ER, 747-400F, 747-400ERF.







Cockpit crew



416 (3 class), 524 (2 class), 660 (400D, 1 class)

Main deck: 30 pallets, Lower deck: 32 container LD1 
Load: 112 630  kg

Main deck : 30 pallets, Lower deck: 32 container LD1
Load: 112.760  kg


70.6  m


64.4  m

Wing area

560  m 2

Aspect ratio



19.4  m

Operating empty wright

178.800  kg

184.570  kg

165 to 107  kg

164.382  kg

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