Airbus A318

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As the smallest aircraft in the Airbus A320 family, Airbus A318 offers unbeatable fuel-efficiency, and superior passenger comfort. In the article below, AloTrip will share the most useful information about this aircraft.

Airbus A318 is the smallest aircraft in the Airbus A320 family manufactured by Airbus. The aircraft can accommodate from 107 to 132 passengers in a maximum range of 5,700 km. Currently, Air France, TAROM and British Airways are the three major operators of Airbus A318.

Máy bay Airbus A318


The Airbus A318 is a small, narrow-body commercial aircraft with a retractable landing gear and is powered by two CFM56-5 or Pratt & Whitney PW6000 engines.

Airbus A318 was certified as a modified control software enhancement to implement the steep approaches by the European Aviation Safety Agency in March 2006.

A flight was tested to demonstrate the aircraft's steep approach and short runway performance in May 2006.

In August 2009, the first Airbus A318 with steep approach capability was delivered to British Airways.

Operational history

The final assembly of the aircraft took place in Hamburg, Germany.

Airbus A318 made its first flight from Finkenwerder airport in Hamburg on January 15, 2002.

The first Airbus A318 aircraft was delivered to Frontier Airlines on July 22, 2003.

As of September 30, 2017, there have been 67 A318 aircraft in operation for five airlines.

As of January 2019, Air France is the largest operator of Airbus A318.


Cockpit crew


Exit limit


1-class max seating

132 at 29 - 30 in (7-476 cm) pitch

1-class, typical

117 at 32 in (81 cm) pitch

2-class, typical

107 (8F @ 38 in, 99Y @ 32 in)

Cargo capacity

21,2 m3 (750 cu ft)


31,44 m (103 ft 2 in)


34,10 m (111 ft 11 in)

Wing area

122,4 m 2 (1.318 sq ft) 

Wing sweepback

25 degree

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