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Singapore - Indonesia - Campuchia Travel SIM 4G - 7 days - 100GB - SB39

Thu, 28 May 2020. Last updated Sat, 04 Jul 2020 23:28

If you are visiting unfamiliar countries for the first time, troubles are mostly unavoidable. You would be mostly in need of a smartphone to contact or solve problems.

Benefits of Singapore – Indonesia – Cambodia Travel SIM 4G

- You are able to connect literally everywhere, easy to contact your family, friends, look for direction or search for required information. Your journey becomes much more convenient than ever and you may set yourself at ease. 

- The travel sim card enables you to browse with ease just like the locals.

- With a Singapore - Indonesia - Cambodia travel sim card, you will not have to worry about being restricted to wifi access in some areas, wasting money buying a sim at local shops or using expensive international roaming service when traveling for a short time.

vivu bali indonesia cung sim su lich

Buy Singapore - Indonesia – Cambodia Travel SIM 4G – 7 days  100GB - SB39 at AloTrip

To simplify your trip, AloTrip would like to introduce to you Singapore - Indonesia – Cambodia Travel SIM 4G – 7 days  100GB - SB39.

Product’s Information

- Name: Singapore - Indonesia – Cambodia Travel SIM 4G – 7 days  100GB - SB39.

- Capacity: 100 GB with 4G high speed.

- Validity: 7 days, expired at 23:59 (GMT+8) on the 7th day after the activation date.

- Operator: in Singapore: M2, In Indonesia: XL, In Cambodia: Smart.

Usage Instructions

Step 1: The SIM card has an auto activation function; all you need to do is insert it into your phone and turn on the Cellular Data and Data Roaming to be able to access the internet. In case you can not access the Internet, please do Step 2 and restart your device.

Step 2:



1. Setting

2. Mobile Network

3. Access point name

4. Add the following info:


APN: internet

Save and select the ALOTRIP point you just set

1. Setting

2. Cellular

3. Cellular Data Options

4. Cellular Data Network

5. Type internet into APN categories in Cellular Data section và Personal Hotspot section

APN: internet

Why should buy Singapore - Indonesia - Campuchia Travel SIM 4G - 7 days - 100GB - SB39 at AloTrip

-  Fast nationwide delivery.

- At least 30% cheaper than buying in Singapore – Indonesia – Cambodia (airports and convenient stores).

- Enthusiastic counselors.

- Support and accompany you throughout the journey.

- Detail activation guide.

- Compensation services after buying SIM cards if errors are detected.

To buy Singapore - Indonesia – Cambodia – 7 day – 100 GB – 4G sim cards, please contact Hotline: : 0243-868-8800 or send request email to this address: [email protected] for more information.

AloTrip – reputable cheap air ticket booking service will be a reliable address for every traveler. We aim for the best services to let you have a wonderful journey.

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