Ruou Can – Flavor of the Northwest 3751 views

Ruou Can – Flavor of the Northwest

Besides graceful dances of Muong young men and girls and gong culture, “Ruou Can” (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes) is an indispensable part of Muong people, a typical specialty of Hoa Binh province.

Cuisine of Central Region 3674 views

Cuisine of Central Region

The Central Region has its own geographic and cultural features. The cuisine of Central region is the excellent combination of ingredients, cooking and garnishing styles. These are key points in its wide variety of elaborate and tasty dishes.

Tet reminds of Chung cake 3128 views

Tet reminds of Chung cake

Chung cake associated with the national history and the history of the universe is a familiar and indispensable food in New Year feast of Vietnamese people. The food carries on it the concepts of the nature and human beings.

La Verticale – Spice museum in Hanoi 2428 views

La Verticale – Spice museum in Hanoi

Hanoi is well-known for many specialties as La Vong grilled fishes, pho, and others street foods. In addition to, the luxury restaurants serving European dishes is also famous and attract tourists coming here, especially La Verticale.

Most famous Hanoi restaurants 3003 views

Most famous Hanoi restaurants

As a city with a long history and an age-old culture rich in traditional values, Hanoi is one of the most appealing tourist destinations for tourists at home and from aboard. Also, Hanoi restaurants with exquisite cuisine make it appealing to tourists.

Com Vong special dish of autumn in Hanoi cuisine 5170 views

Com Vong special dish of autumn in Hanoi cuisine

Com of Vong village is perhaps the most special snack in Hanoi cuisine. Dishes from “com” are always loved by Vietnamese and foreign diners and contribute to diversifying Vietnamese cuisine.

Roasted dishes in Sapa 2569 views

Roasted dishes in Sapa

Visitors to Sapa find it interesting to enjoy roasted dishes in a street which specializes in serving roasted dishes here. With their special flavors, roasted dishes in Sapa are extremely attractive to diners.

Plain mussel recipes in Hue cuisine 3012 views

Plain mussel recipes in Hue cuisine

Hue cuisine is famous for both royal dishes and plain dishes. Mussel rice, rice vermicelli with mussels and stir-fried mussels served with rice cracker are among the plainest dishes of the ancient capital.

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