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Le Jarai Cruise

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

From 168 USD/day
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Being one of the best deluxe day cruises in Mekong River, Le Jarai Cruise will bring the best services to you during cruise tours to Mekong River Delta. With attractive special offers and incentives, the cruise will definitely satisfy you.

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Being one of the latest deluxe cruises in Mekong River, Le Jarai Cruise is built of wood and designed in traditional style with three decks. The Mekong cruise was officially launched in 2012. It is expected to bring a lot of attraction to passengers during cruises in Mekong River. Le Jarai is a big boat with the capacity of 30 passengers. The sundeck is a wonderful place for passengers who are fan of sunbathing. And, here is the best place to contemplate stunning view of Mekong River and many beautiful scenes along the river bank. On the main deck, there is spacious dining area and bar occupying. In the cozy dining area, passengers can easily enjoy their delicious meals in the combination with admiring striking attractions along the river bank. Meanwhile, the lower deck is the place of kitchen and place for crew. With well-trained staff and 4-star services, Le Jarai Cruise will bring relaxing and comfortable moments to passengers, along with luxury in the rustic Western area. In addition, traveling with Le Jarai Cruise, passengers have a chance to pop in ancient local handcraft villages of making brick, bamboo mats, and coconut candy… As being one of the best Mekong River cruises for day tours, Le Jarai will be a perfect choice for groups of friends, or travelers who want to discover the beauty of Mekong River.


Le Jarai is a day cruise in Mekong River. The ship does not have any cabin for overnight. It only has three decks with sundeck, main deck – dining area, and lower deck – kitchen and crew’s accommodation.



The Mekong cruise offers a 24-hour service with capacious dining area and spacious unroofed sundeck. The galley is suitable to serve refined meals and uphold the best sanitary standards. As being one of the best Mekong River deluxe cruises, Le Jarai Cruise is always willing to provide passengers with all the best services. The cruise owns a local executive chef with an experienced international culinary team. You will have many outstanding choices of semi-buffet breakfasts and semi-buffet lunches. The cruise offers complimentary tea, coffee and drinking water. Also, there is an extensive wine list with premium wines and liquors for you to enjoy during the voyage. Wine is available for purchase by the glass or by the bottle. Mixed alcoholic drinks are available for purchase at the bar.

Turndown service

Extensive wine list

All days snacks at the bar

24-hour hospitality bar

Complimentary drink

Firefighting system


Welcome cocktail

Fresh breads and bakery upon request

24-hours security

Fire alarm system

Highest standards of hygiene on-board

Bar, Restaurant

Local tour guides

English and French speaking guides



Apart from enjoying comfort in deluxe cozy dining area or soaking in the sunlight on the sundeck, you will have great moment of relaxing with a wide range of activities and recreation on board and off board. The entertaining service onboard will help you to release all stress and tiredness. You absolutely can revitalize or reenergize. You will have chances to contemplate the majestic views of the Mekong River Delta. Moreover, you will be fascinated by many famous attractions along the trip such as producing facilities of mats, bricks, and coconut candy, etc. It is the opportunity for passengers to explore more local life of people in the delta.

Tours of ships and destinations

Farewell Reception

Excursion to ashore attractions

Cooking class



Mekong River Le Jarai Day Cruise

With the Le Jarai Cruise, you will have a chance to travel into the heart of Mekong River Delta to explore the waterways. You will see small home-made factories located on the river banks such as facilities of producing coconut candy and oil from coconuts. You are also served with a feast on a three-course lunch aboard Le Jarai.

The cruise tour will last for over 8 hours. In the morning, you will depart from your hotel and drive approximately two hours to Ben Tre. Here, you will get on board Mekong Le Jarai Cruise to start your sightseeing around the waterways of the delta which is also known as the rice bowl of Vietnam. The area has also diverse activities related to aquaculture, rearing of animals, cash crops and fruit trees.

The ship will take you to meander through the canals and waterways and stop at a small homemade coconut processing plant to see how coconuts have been turned into oil, candy and woven mats that are later sold in the market. After the boat trip you will have a short walk to a local village of making mats, before travelling down the country roads to the pier by tuk tuk. After that, you will come back to the Le Jarai to continue your cruise along the river. While onboard, you also can take part in a demonstration of Vietnamese cooking before sitting down to a lavish three-course lunch with Mekong specialties on board. After lunch time, you will freely unwind on the sundeck and contemplate the river scenery on the way back to Ben Tre. In the late afternoon, when arriving Ben Tre, you will transfer back to Ho Chi Minh City. Your tour ends.

From March 01, 2014 to December 31, 2014 the rate of Mekong River day tour on Le Jarai Cruise is described as follows: (The rate will be changed seasonally, thus, you should contact the booking staff for more details)

- Price per adult $168.75
- Price per child $127.50




Cruise on board a deluxe boat with 4* service

Drinks unless specified

Return shared transfers

Tips and gratuities

English-speaking guide

Personal expenses

Fresh towels

Optional activity costs

Mineral water


Cooking class on board


Vietnamese set lunch









Late afternoon (16:30)



Not Available!



Children 2 years old and below are free of charge. Discounted prices area available for children 3 to 8 years old, please inquire.



- Visa
- American Express
- MasterCards



Safety comes first in the design and operation of the ships. Floatation devices are available for all on board and more, redundant alarm and fire detection as well as redundant firefighting means are present on the Le Jarai Cruise. The handrails all around the ship are sturdy and a mesh of rope prevents any kids from falling. Upon boarding, the passengers are informed of the areas that are open or off-limits to them, and instructed about emergencies, how to give the alarm and where to meet.



- The most popular time of year to visit the region is between November and April.
- The hot season, from March to May is very dry, but in some places. During this time, some rivers are harder to navigate, and boat journeys in remote places may not be possible.
- The rainy season, generally from June to September is for many people the best time to travel - despite the fact that it rains, it never gets that cold, and nearly all hotels and guesthouses have rooms available - often a lot cheaper than during the high season



- Light clothing: made from natural fibers is the best clothing for the region.
- Warm clothing (for month from December to January)
- Footwear: bring sandals or slip on to take off easily when entering temples. Flip flops can be bought very cheaply just about anywhere.
- A small collapsible umbrella is sensible for the rainy season.


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